3 Best Most Innovative Health Gadgets in 2019


In today’s world, it’s very important to prioritize your health and take the necessary steps to maintain it. With the advancing world, many different aspects have been introduced to our lifestyles which constantly compromise our commitment to being healthy and put us at risk to harm our well-being. In such a situation and in accordance with today’s busy lifestyles, what can we do to maintain our physical fitness and keep up with our schedules? The answer is simple. We can acquire the help of health gadgets said by one of the expert’s from Dental Dorks. Let’s take a glance at a few of the best ones.

Top 3 Health Gadgets of 2019

Here are the finest gadgets to monitor your health. Do reach about each of these health gadgets and choose the best ones for yourself!

Omron’s Heart Guide Blood Pressure Watch

Long gone is the time when medical wearables just served fitness purposes; many companies these days have moved on to helping people with serious health problems too. A great example would be this spectacular watch by Omron which allows blood pressure tests which are the same level as those of a topnotch clinic and that too with accurate results, in under half a minute! What’s more, is that it comes at a very affordable price as well.

Omron’s Heart Guide Blood Pressure Watch
Omron’s Heart Guide Blood Pressure Watch

Conditions such as heart and kidney diseases can no longer stay hidden with its state of the art pressure sensors. It enables users to efficiently grasp record of their steps, calories and much more. The exceptional characteristic about it is that it shares all this information with a doctor who can analyze it further.

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Lululabs AI-Enabled Skincare Diagnostic Device

Korean skincare has taken things to a whole new level but developing this amazing device which is as easy as taking a picture! This award-winning device is the answer to all your skincare needs and used face detection techniques and correction technology to prepare a proper skin diagnosis which determines your skin condition.

Lululabs Skincare Diagnostic Device
Lululabs Skincare Diagnostic Device

This is the first one of the Health Gadgets of it’s kind and is expected to be a massive breakthrough in the market.

New Health Community’s Medical Robot Charlie

A discovery in every thought of the word, this medical robot or “Charlie” as he’s been named, is a huge help for all of humanity when it comes to medical care. We live in a world where only some people can afford 24/7 hours of care at the hands of a physician.

Medical Robot Charlie
Medical Robot Charlie

However, that’s where Charlie comes in. Not only is he super easy to control through an app on your smart devices. But he allows patients to stay connected to their doctors. It has features such as video calling and adapts to the need of each specific client easily, such as people with hearing or speech disabilities, etc.

Charlie is one of those Health Gadgets that also comes with “Sophrology applications” which is common in many European countries. This entails different kinds of relaxation techniques. That’s not all! The greatest thing regarding this robot is that it also provides a good time for its patients as it comes equipped with many different forms of entertainment such as movies, games, and more. It also has interactive features and guidance videos to help the patients get better.


Hope our list of top innovative health gadgets was of help to you. Not only these but many other gadgets are quite useful too.  Let us know about your favorite gadget in the comments. We will make sure to add it to our list!


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