Have you ever experienced this situation where you have stored several games in your PC that you want to add more to your collection, but the internet does not allow you to do so? Are you tired of looking for highly compressed PC games of 50 MB but never finding any? Then you have reached your final destination.

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From the old school Road Rush to stick Hero, classic Subway surfers to the Angry Birds space, we will cover all such trendy, highly compressed PC games 50 MB that will have you feeling nostalgic for the old days

This article will cover the 8 best PC games under 50 MB that are completely authentic and functioning. Not only that, but the games are trendy and super fun to play in your free time. Keep reading!

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Start Your Nostalgic Gaming Journey

Let’s start the gaming journey with amazing, highly compressed PC games under 50 MB.

Angry Birds Space

A classic masterpiece of the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Space tops our list of highly compressed PC games 50 MB. The game was launched in March 2012, and Rovio Entertainment was the mastermind behind its development. The game is situated in space, as implied by its name, where the King Pig and his supporters are the targets of the Angry Birds. The resting eggs on Piggy Island are protected by the Angry Birds and their entrusting Blues. 

angrybird space

However, we see the blues in defeat as they do not accomplish their tasks; instead, they make noises to irritate the bomb. On the other hand, Red and Chuck get enraged due to the failure of the Blues but still celebrate their safety.

Different levels give us more adventurous events with additions in the characters and conditions. Overall the graphics of the game are unreal, even with a 50 MB internet requirement. The performance it gives makes you entrapped by it, wanting to play more and more.

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Tekken 3 

A fighting game with incredibly intense graphics, Tekken 3 ranks second on our list of highly compressed PC games 50 MB, which will make you go crazily intrigued with the adventurous events and quality performance. Tekken has several characters sewn together, forming the competency of the game. Jin Kazama and Bryan Fury are two of the main characters. The game has a home version that allows players to play in the Tekken Force beat-em-up mode. 


The game maintains its pace as a core fighting game with its distinct strengths and weaknesses. The graphics and customizations are truly bounding and exceptional, even in compressed PC games of 50 MB

Rodent’s Revenge

If you’re looking for something easygoing, a puzzle game is the best option to relax your mind from the stressful events of your daily routine. Rodent’s Revenge is the game for you. It is a cute little PC puzzle game that has cats and mice. It is a highly compressed PC games 50 MB and can be downloaded under 1 MB. 

rodents revenge

You must find a way for the cats to trap the mouse using movable blocks. With 50 competitive levels, the game perfectly tests your problem-solving skills and patience. This highly compressed game with exciting graphics can also be good for toddlers.

Road Rash 

A racing and vehicle combat video game, road rush, was developed in 1991 by Electronic Arts. One of the greatest options is highly compressed PC games, 50 MB, that can bring you the satisfaction of a heavy-functioning game with intensive graphics and sleek performance. After 1991 the game was ported to various modern systems to increase its compatibility. Therefore, it is still in the market and ranks among the favorites of classic gamers. 

rash hour

The game is about a series of motorbike races a player must win to level up the challenges and progress. As the name Road Rash, the riders are armed or unarmed and can slow down the other riders through road rage.


The following lineup in our list of highly compressed PC games 50 MB is a maze-based video game, Bomberman. Crafted and developed by Husson soft, the game is currently under Konami’s ownership. The game has two modes that allow players to switch as per suitability. The first mode is a single-player mode, whereas the second mode allows the game to function in the setting of multiplayer. 



The game revolves around a setting where players have to place bombs, and the last to life turns out to be the winner of the game. With increasing stages, the power of the players increases, giving you more control in certain operations. The game functions in windows as well as on iPod.

Subway Surfers 

A classic that you can never get bored of, Subway surfers is a highly compressed PC games 50 MB, an endless runner game developed by Kiloo. From the beginning of its launch, the game has gained wide popularity all over the internet, making 2 billion download hits in recent years. The game has a vast number of characters who are running for world tours. The characters have to run and avoid obstacles that come along the way while simultaneously collecting gold coins and mystery boxes. 

subway surfers

Every game variant comes with a different country theme, making it more exciting for the players to look out for. Subway surfers offer versatility as you can play it on phones and windows, so check it out today only.

Stick Hero 

If a game could be sweet and simple, it would be Stick Hero. It falls perfectly in the category of highly compressed PC games 50 MB, as it has a minimalistic interface with quite basic yet unique graphics that can keep you entertained for the different levels. 

stick hero

The game is developed by Arcade Games and challenges you with different situations and scenarios where you must play the stick hero and win to reach higher levels. The gameplay is intriguing and pretty addictive simultaneously, and it serves simplicity in graphics. 

Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty 

The last game on our list is our bomb. You heard it right; commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty is free to download under 50 MB. That will have you in utter shock when you will know that it is available under 50 MB. 

commandos return of call of duty

Pyro Studios is credited for developing this intensive graphics game, whose highly compressed PC game 50 MB version seems too good to be true. To complete the 8 missions of the game requires strategies, control, patience, and an intellectual skill set.


Beyond The Call Of Duty serves intensive graphics with performance and control, allowing users a satisfactory experience. The action game is based on the theme of commandos corps, where you have been selected as one. 


This game tests your tactical abilities through the challenges and missions you encounter in your game journey.

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Which is the best game under 50 MB?

NOVA Legacy, Death Moto 4, Asphalt Nitro, Iron Blade: Medieval Legends, Modern Sniper, Ramboat, and Stack.

What is the processor of IGI 2: Covert Strike

Intel Pentium III / AMD Duron 2.0GHz


The most well-known games that are less than 50 MB are in this article. These games are extremely small and do not require a large installation space. You can easily download and play on any PC. These games are very popular in the market and have the best features. They are available in both the single and multiplayer modes.

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