Top 10 Homework Planner Apps to Use in 2022

We all know how difficult it is to be a student. Every day students are getting more and more information, which is difficult to remember. At the same time, it is very challenging to plan your time so that it is enough to complete all the homework. And it’s also essential not to forget anything. Fortunately, today, there are many applications for smartphones that will take care of you and help you plan studies and free time correctly. This article will suggest you some of the best homework planner apps to help you out. College students can also use these apps to make some more free time for them. Download these apps without any virus.

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Best homework planner apps to use

We have chosen 10 top homework planner apps that will be useful to students.

My Study Life 

My Study Life is the best cross-platform planner for students and teachers, which helps to manage the educational process quickly and conveniently. It allows storing timetables for your classes, exams, and homework in one place, which you can access from any device. Unlike paper notebooks, the My Study Life integrates all your academic life to a convenient and easy in use application.

My Study Life
My Study Life

It is possible to add tasks right on the go, and they will automatically become available from a web application. Also, you will get all notifications about unfinished homework or upcoming tests. So, you can contact an essay writer with a request to write my homework for me in advance. Try this amazing app by downloading it from the link given below. Also, if you did not like this app try out other homework planner apps mentioned below.

Download: My Study Life

MyHomework Student Planner 

MyHomework Student Planner is one of the best homework planner app that is well-designed, cross-platform, and free application for students, which comes with a planner, calendar, and a kind of student diary. It stores information about classes, teachers, and classmates.

MyHomework Student Planner 
MyHomework Student Planner

As one more benefit, there is excellent social interaction between different users with various OS. Developers allow a real-time exchange of information with friends, reminding you which chapters to read, and how many tasks to complete. Even teachers can be involved in discussions! Interesting right? Try it out, download it from the link given below. Also try out these sites for free to get e-books.

Download : MyHomework Student Planner 

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This is one more indispensable assistant for all students of colleges and universities, as well as for people who to have to do a large number of exams. It turns to be very useful when you plan not only the schedule for passing tests but also work out the preparation stages in detail.


So, this application will teach you how to use your time rationally and will help to develop the habit and learning skills. Also, it is necessary to mention several additional functions. For example, there is a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm clock.

Download : Todait

Power Planner

This planner app not only helps you just to organize your homework, but it also helps in keeping up with your assignments, calculating your marks and GPAs, taking care and organizing your schedule, etc.

power planner
Power Planner

Power planner, as its name suggests, it’s a powerful planner. It has so many different options and features which will help you to stay particular and punctual in all your school-related activities and will help you to bring yourself towards the top. 

The app gets constant updates from its developer’s team and has an extremely simple user interface. Anyone can easily grab how to make use of and organize this app to their needs and schedules. It is a great app to work with if you are currently working on projects and are preparing for some kind of exam.

Download: Power Planner

iStudies Pro Legendary Planner

iStudies Pro is another considered to be amongst the best mobile homework planner apps that deserves attention. If you need to plan your studies successfully, have control over homework, then you should install it. The application will help you to plan your homework correctly so that you complete everything on time and get success.

iStudies Pro Legendary Planner
iStudies Pro Legendary Planner

Moreover, you can follow your past and upcoming assignments, so it is a life-saver for students.

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B4Grad (Homework planner)

This homework planning tool is one of the best homework apps for those who love an interactive and beautiful user interface. You can get all your schedules planned, organized and execute them punctually on time using this tool. You can also keep up with all kinds of exams and projects. 


The app will constantly remind you of your work and won’t let you rest until you finally get done with your work. That means not a lot of procrastination for you if you do end up getting this one. You can get this one for free, or you may also like to have the premium version thanks to the additional benefits the premium plan will provide you with. So this is definitely one of the best homework planner for you to go for if you are suffering from an extreme case of procrastination and putting off work. 


Calendly is a platform where you can organize and schedule all your schoolwork not just for yourself but also together as a group. These days most of the tasks in class are given out in groups rather than individually, which is intended to make students learn the importance of teamwork and how it works. 


You will be able to make group schedules and well as calls, both video calls for face to face interactions and audio calls for other kinds of works.

You can set up this app pretty easily along with your teammates. You can then make all kinds of collaborative works using the extremely useful collaborative features provided by this tool.  It is extremely simple for everyone to understand and can help you a lot with team interactions and decisions. You can get the free version of this tool which has a lot of amazing features, or if you want, you can switch over to the pro and premium versions as well if you require the need.

Download: Calendly

School Planner

School Planner is one of the best assignment planner app for students. It will help to organize the educational process in such a way that you will have all the necessary information at your fingertips. You will be able to keep a record of homework.

School Planner
School Planner

Also, make the materials needed for exams, and receive notifications so as not to lose sight of anything. The calendar will help you to manage all your scheduled masks as efficiently as possible. Download this app from the link provided below.

Download : School Planner 

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This tool is not just student-centric but is for anyone who likes to maintain and be punctual to their schedules and works on projects. You can customize most of the features according to your own preferences in this platform so that it does not bug you more than it should. 


You can prioritize your work list, make different kinds of targets and work accordingly to them. Todoist is a great platform to set your schedules and reminders in modular priority and works well with most people. For a student, the free version is enough as it has enough features for one to organize and set up their work.

Download: Todoist

Pocket Schedule Planner

Pocket Schedule Planner is another handy application, which helps students to keep everything together. Like previously discussed homework planner apps, this app tracks assignments and exams with the help of a calendar.

Pocket Scheduler Planner
Pocket Scheduler Planner

It allows setting up various alert settings depending on a task and its type.

Download : Pocket Scheduler Planner 

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If you use our rating and install a planning application from the mentioned homework planner apps, you will stop forgetting about your tasks and will easily control your academic workload! Being a student who can organize the process of education properly is an absolute way to success. 

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