In today’s article, let’s examine our topic: How to hook up a CB Linear Amp. Later, till the end of the write-up, you will get an idea about CB Linear Amp, what are its types and finally, how to hook up a CB Linear Amp. Firstly, we have to get an idea about this CB Linear Amp. Let’s check that out!

What Do You Mean By A Linear Amplifier?

At the power levels, the word linear in linear amplifiers refers to its ability to produce signals that are exact and accurate copies of the input. The amplifier’s efficiency depends upon the input base current’s capabilities, supply voltage, power output and load impedance. What Do You Mean By A Linear Amplifier?In simple words, the output is directly dependent on the input signal in a linear amplifier. That means if the input signal possesses some noise or characteristic, the output signal must have the exact copy of the input signal. Now that you know what linear amplifiers are let’s see what are the classes of Amplifiers.

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Classes Of Linear Amplifiers

These classes of amplifiers are classified and distinguished based on their implementation cost and the efficiency they provide.

Class-A Amplifiers

The Class-A amplifiers have a significantly less efficiency of 50%, and no part of the signal is cut-off in class-A amplifiers.

Class-B Amplifiers

The Class-B amplifiers can have 60-65% efficiency. This is a moderate level.Classes Of Linear Amplifiers

Class-AB Amplifiers

This class of amplifiers possesses the characteristics of both Class-A and Class-B amplifiers. When it comes to Linearity and the efficiency of Class-AB amplifiers, they have an efficiency of 50-60%.

Class-C Amplifiers

The Class-C amplifiers have the poorest linearity among all classes of amplifiers. However, this amplifier class is the most efficient, with 80% efficiency.

Class B mentioned above, Class A, Class AB and Class C are Linear Amplifiers. 

There is a Class-D amplifier along with the Class-A, Class B, Class AB and Class C Amplifiers, but the class D amplifier is not a linear amplifier. Now that you know the linear amplifiers and their classes let’s see why we need to use CB Linear Amp.

Need To Use CB Linear Amp

If you are using a CB Radio, you must know that a CB Radio is used for a short range of communication. The communication can be bi-directional, which means both the users using CB Radio can communicate simultaneously. Hence, the communication is limited to a shorter radius in order to catch the signal. Need To Use CB Linear Amp

However, the CB Radios work on a shallow frequency, and in order for them to run, you will need a quiet place. If you are in a city with too many frequencies, you cannot use it. So, you have got only 2 options left. One is going out of the city, and the other option is using CB Linear Amp. 

The CB Amplifier will amplify the input signals from the CB Radio. It generally works with a power of 10 to 12 Watts, but with CB Amplifier, the CB Radio can work with 16 to 18 watts of power. However, CB Linear Amp is an astonishing device. So, you also might check the CB Linear Amplifier if you are willing to hook up a CB Linear Amp after knowing its pros. Well, let’s see some of the different types of CB Amplifiers. 

 Types Of CB Amplifiers

Below are the types of CB Amplifiers listed in a tabular form for your knowledge.

Sr. No. Types Of CB Amplifiers
1 CB Linear Amplifier
2 Tube RF Amplifier
3 Common Emitter Amplifier

Here, you know about CB Linear Amplifier. Tube RF amplifier and Common Emitter amplifier are just the other two types of CB Amplifiers. Now, let us move forward to know how to hook up a CB Linear Amp. 

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Methods On How To Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

These steps will tell you exactly how to hook up a CB Linear Amp. Follow these tips and steps properly.

  1. Connecting the CB as a base to a car.
    First, you have to connect your CB antenna by making sure you have an accurate standing wave. Ensure that you have an excellent Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). You should not connect the CB if you don’t have a good Standing Wave Ratio (SWR). 
  2. Putting the CB amplifier near the unit.
    If your car is static, you should not directly put it on the ground. Put the amplifier on the table nearer to the unit. Then, proceed to step 3.Hook Up a CB Linear Amp
  3. After putting the CB Amplifier near the unit, you have to proceed forward by disconnecting the coaxial cable CB Antenna. Putting the amplifier closer to the radio, make sure you connect the coaxial cable to the radio’s output.
  4. This is the final step where you must hook up a CB Linear amplifier to the power supply. Make sure that you connect the SWR metre to the amplifier.

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Can I make my CB more powerful?

Yes, you can make your CB powerful by eliminating the resistance.

What is the radius of a CB radio?

A CB radio in a radio base station can reach upto 32km of range.

Is tuning a linear amplifier possible?

Yes, you can tune a linear amplifier.

Are CB Amplifiers really illegal?

Yes they are in some places.


This article was about Linear amplifiers and knowing how to hook up a CB Linear Amplifier. If the input signal possesses some noise or characteristic, the output signal must have the exact copy of the input signal. This is how linear amplifiers work, and we hope by following the steps mentioned in the article, you will be able to know how to hook up a CB Linear Amplifier. Thank you for reading, and we wish that we were able to help you throughout this write-up.

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