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Horoscope is a person’s future prediction that portrays the circumstances he could go through on that particular day, week or month. This prediction is based upon zodiac signs and the relative positions of the planets and stars at their birth time. Zodiac signs have existed for thousands of years, and people have put their belief into it obeying the hypothesis made by their ancestors. Thus, you must know about the best Horoscope Apps out there.

Astrologers intensely study the movement of planets and stars and their influence on human affairs. Most people throw this concept as rubbish believing their intuitions. But astrology and horoscopes do affect human lives just like movements of the moon can affect the tides.

You find daily horoscopes in newspapers, television, spam emails, etc. But how far can you believe them to be true? It is not difficult even for a nescient to write horoscope and publish. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best astrologer to put your trust in the right hands. To find such an astrologer, you need not go in search of them. We provide you with the right astrologer right from your mobile.

There are specific apps available that give you the best predictions from the best astrologers. Here are the top 10 horoscope apps trusted by thousands of users that predict your future and give you the right forecast.

10 Best Horoscope Apps

Daily Horoscope by Comitic

Daily Horoscope app is ranked as the best horoscope app for Android and IOS. It gives regular horoscope for all the 12 zodiac signs as well as Chinese horoscope from the Chinese signs. You get notifications for the daily horoscope so that you don’t miss a day. You can scroll back to a week to check your past and forward till tomorrow to check your future. It gives you an entire prediction of career, family, love, and friendship in your life.

Daily Horoscope

Best Horoscope Apps – Daily Horoscope

Millions of users trust it for its accuracy and simple user interface. Try the app and know yourself.

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iHoroscope is a unique one of the Horoscope Apps that gives you a glance into your future. You can read your horoscope for the next day, week, month or even a year. It also provides you Chinese horoscope as per Chinese signs. Just register yourself with your zodiac sign and enjoy free horoscope in your mobile. It has a love compatibility feature that enables you to check your love meter with other zodiac signs. This app gives you a seasonal horoscope too. It has an exceptional live chatting capability which allows you to chat with the astrologers online and clarify your doubts and ask advice.

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Horoscope by Mail.Ru

Horoscope by Mail.Ru is a trusted horoscope app by millions of users. Predictions are made from the best astrologers giving you a real horoscope that would help you throughout the day, week, month and the year. Zodiac compatibility enables you to find your real mates who would stand by your stand at all times.

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Love Horoscope by Daily Horoscope

Do you want to know how your love life is going to be? Want to solve your love problems? Want to check your zodiac compatibility with your partner? Then love horoscope to your rescue. In this app, you can read your horoscopes for the next three days in advance. You can check your love, career and health aspects all in one app. This app works appropriately for all the zodiac signs giving you the best predictions from the best astrologers.

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Yodha Astrology

Yodha Astrology is a Vedic astrological prediction app where predictions are made directly by the authentic astrologers of Nepal. You can have a personal astrologer who answers all your questions analysing your zodiac sign and birth dates. Whatever your questions are, love, career, health or any other, they are going to be answered here. A dedicated astrologer for you remains as your guru to guide you through your decisions and circumstances.

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Horoscope of Birth

Horoscope of Birth has a quick and easy interface to check your horoscope daily. Online services are updated daily to enhance your satisfaction levels. Love compatibility, career, health and general horoscope are at your fingertips. It has 9 different themes to choose upon, each of it giving a lively look to the app. Numerology helps you in making decisions and getting advice.

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The True Horoscope

True Horoscope as the name indicates is a real working horoscope that gives you an accurate prediction. You can run through your predictions in the past week and next week, past month and next month, past day, today and the next day. Love affinity and zodiac compatibility will give you the meter levels for your relations and friendship.

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Horoscope and Tarot

Horoscope and Tarot reading is a daily horoscope app that gives you predictions of your day based on your zodiac signs. The Horoscope for all 12 signs is available here. Tarot reading and predictions based on that could help you face obstacles and know your future. Live astrologers would assist you in answering your questions and guiding through your way.

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Astro Guru

Astro Guru is a free horoscope and palmistry app. It has horoscope for all the 12 signs. Register with your date of birth and get a daily horoscope for free from the best astrologers. Its unique palmistry technology will read your hand and tell what you are. Just scan your hand and leave the rest to the app. Every sign has some unique qualities that remain to be hidden in their lifetime. To extract those qualities, Astro Guru portrays those qualities of a particular sign to make the users realize their inner talent and enhance their growth.

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Horoscope by Daily Innovation

Horoscope by Daily Innovation never lets you start your day without reading your horoscope for your respective day. Its push notifications will always remind of your horoscope. Zodiac compatibility will help you choose your partner with ease with excellent clarity in your mind. This app would remain as a source of happiness in your mobile.

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