How Do Smart Bulbs Work Exactly? [Complete Guide]

Home automation is the future as it makes our lives so much more convenient. If you haven’t joined the smart home revolution yet, or you’ve been hesitant for some reason, one great way to start would be with light bulbs. Installing them is very simple, and there are many affordable options available now. Smart bulbs have tons of benefits, such as turning all the lights on/off in the house with one voice command or activating lights from a distance. This could be a way to deter intruders if you’re not present, for instance. Let’s take a closer look at “How Do Smart Bulbs Work” and why they’re such a great idea for your house.        

How Do Smart Bulbs Work?

Smart bulbs are like your average light bulb. The unique thing is that you can control them wirelessly. This could be through an app, sound, or Bluetooth. Some will also have additional features like motion sensors, for instance, whereas others will change colors.

how do smart bulbs work
How do smart bulbs work

In addition, you can control the lights from wherever you are on the planet with an internet connection from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. If you want to know a little more about how these bulbs work, we suggest you check out this article by BAZZ Smart Home. Hope this answered your doubts on “How Do Smart Bulbs Work”, now let’s take a look at its benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Bulbs?

After describing “How Do Smart Bulbs Work”, let’s look at the benefits of having a smart bulb. There are tons of reasons why you should consider adding smart bulbs to your home. The first benefit is convenience. You’ll know you won’t have to worry about your kids leaving lights on before going to bed. You can also connect smart bulbs to other smart devices and have them turn on based on a schedule or a specific trigger.

Then comes the energy savings. You could save energy by picking smart bulbs with a dimmer. We often don’t realize it, but we don’t need to use lights at their full intensity most of the time. Having a dimmer could allow you to cut your energy costs significantly. Lights can also automatically turn on and off when you leave or enter a room. Another reason why they could save you money because a large portion is made with LEDs which is the most economical form of lighting you can find.

benefits of smart bulb
Benefits of smart bulb

You could even use smart bulbs for signaling. For instance, maybe you’re having a loud party, or you want to use your earphones but want to hear the door ringing for a delivery. In this case, you could set the lights to signal you if someone is at the door. These are just some of the ways smart bulbs are so much better than your average light bulb.

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Are They Difficult To Install?

Not at all! All you have to do is take your current light bulbs out and put the smart bulbs in. You can always refer to this article if you want to know “How Do Smart Bulbs Work”. They will start working just like your regular lights, but you will have to set up a wireless connection to use them to their full capacity. The easiest way is to connect them to your home Wi-Fi network. Many will not require a hub or a bridge to connect them; you need to download an app. 

We hope we were able to enlighten you on what smart bulbs are exactly and “How Do Smart Bulbs Work”. If you’re interested, we strongly suggest you look at the different options available on the market.

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