How Technology Changed the World of Events – Experience It First-hand at Restart 2021

There’s no denying that technology has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the world and leading it in a new direction. Over the years, modern technology has reshaped our personal and professional lives, including the how we communicate, consume information, or even shop. Such is the impact of technology that its foray into the event industry has fostered numerous changes and advancements. And it didn’t stop at that. With the world reeling under the effects of Covid-19, technology paved the way for the event industry to jump back on track.

Technological advancements redefined events and how they were being organized across the world. The aim was to make sure that the purpose of holding an event isn’t defeated. So, online events started taking the place of physical ones. This ensured that physical distance among the participants didn’t hinder the event’s success. Rather, technology added to the benefits of holding virtual events.

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Before the pandemic, holding a top-class event used to be an expensive affair. But the financial uncertainty brought about by Covid-19 has led to cost-cutting in almost every industry, and the event industry is no exception. This is where online events aced a point. Holding events virtually can lead to a significant reduction in the overall expense of organizing such meets. Virtual events also harbored in an era where the meets turned into open market affairs. In other words, such meets opened up the opportunity for more participation across borders. Now, anyone interested in attending an online event can do it without having to worry about where it’s being held.

The advantages of holding virtual events aren’t limited to just these. For instance, marketing events held virtually can provide for fully transparent and accurate metrics, such as where traffic is coming from, conversion details, etc. For marketers, virtual events can mean a better ROI.

But that is not to say that organizing virtual events do not pose technical challenges. They do exist on several fronts, and the success of online events depends on how well such challenges are addressed. This is where Hubilo comes into the picture.

An online platform for virtual events, Hubilo stands up to the need for organizing virtual events that can connect millions of participants from around the world. With an experience of hosting 4,000+ virtual events of various scales and types, Hubilo serves to organize, create, and set up feature-rich events. Needless to say, Hubilo isn’t like the normal video-conferencing platforms that have limited features and are not suited to host events involving a large number of attendees.

What sets Hubilo apart from other event organizing platforms are its technically advanced and dynamic features that have been designed to hold virtual meets at any level – local, national, or global. Be it a corporate, marketing, educational, promotional, or medical event, Hubilo offers the tools and the technology to ensure its success. It is also an ideal platform to organize hybrid events that combine the physical and virtual models.

Restart 2021

Online events are the future, and there are no two ways about it. Restart 2021 is a virtual event designed for digital marketers and professionals from the marketing domain to gain unique insights into the industry’s future and where technology is leading it. It is slated to be an eye-opener for participants. They will be part of a virtual conglomeration where 40+ CMOs and VP/Heads of Marketing of established B2B and Consumer SaaS companies will share their knowledge and experience regarding the power of experiential digital events.

4000+ marketing professionals from across the globe will attend this virtual event to learn how to create immersive digital experiences, discover emerging trends, and learn about technology drivers transforming the event industry like never before.

The landscape of future events has zoomed into a new era where technology holds the key to leverage the massive potential of digital events. The possibilities are endless, and Restart 2021 enables you to learn how to create experiences that will take your marketing game a step above. Join and be a part of this exclusive event. Registrations are open!

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