Printing, signing, and scanning are part of signing a PDF. But, current technologies have made electronic signatures faster and easier to use. They are allowing businesses to go paperless. It would help if you had a digital signature solution that allows you to sign, send, and track documents from one place to sign PDF documents. This article explains how to add a signature to a PDF without printing.
Send an email to you with a document that needs to be signed and returned. Different ways of signing it are using Foxit PDF editor, Cocosign, available modular templates, or Adobe. But there is a more practical approach.
It can complete on any platform you choose, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux. Check our article for more information on how to sign a PDF without printing it.

Ways To Add A Signature Without Printing

There are different ways how to add a signature to a pdf without printing are:


CocoSign is one of the most promising electronic signature applications currently available. It makes signing documents more accessible, faster, and safer. Most G2 customers give it five stars, and it has received many awards for its high performance. Using CocoSign, you may upload your handwritten signature to PDF documents. And create your electronic signature by drawing, typing, or doing both.
You can use this platform to send signing requests to coworkers and sign documents yourself. Users can download your PDF file via Google Docs and Microsoft 365 due to CocoSign’s excellent integration with these programs. Alternatively, you may use these shortcuts to access the eSign service and learn how to add a signature to a pdf without printing it. To make file management easier, users can create folders. You can also see the status of a document, such as draft, completed, canceled, etc., and get live updates on how the signing is going
As a young startup, CocoSign still needs a mobile app and integrations. However, it does have simple and easy-to-understand signing steps. Reduces turnaround time by a third and increases paperwork handling by 80%. It complies with signature laws, has a legally-valid free trial, and is 40% cheaper than competitors.
Despite some limitations, CocoSign is still an excellent option for professionals. And SMBs as it is a significant signature generator for users. You can sign a PDF electronically with CocoSign on any gadget if you have a Web association—step-by-step instructions to Sign a PDF Online with CocoSign.

Sign A PDF Online With CocoSign

You may add your signature to a PDF document using a CocoSign account without leaving a mark on your web interface. Just follow the steps provided:

  1. Sign In Yourself first.cocosign
  2. Then choose a file from any of these- Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account and remove the sign from the PDF selected.upload files
  3. Drag the Signature field into the appropriate spot in your PDF file using the editor bar on the right.drag sign
  4. Create a signature in three ways: 
    1. Uploading,
    2. Drawing, or sign styles
    3. Typing our signature changes in size and style.draw sign cocosign
  5. Click Total and your PDF is effectively marked. Choose Email to send your signature PDF to anyone else,send pdf

or click Download to save it to your computer and keep it private.

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Modular Templates

If you need to complete all these tasks in the future, you can make a template by adding the necessary fields to a PDF. It might be helpful for real estate agents, HR professionals, and salespeople. It is significant evidence of the entire marking action.
Businesses can make their brand distinctive to showcase and dazzle clients by placing their logo. And other tastefully designed touches on the paperwork that needs to be signed. The digital log can verify the authenticity of signed data and identify the signer.


 Adobe is the best Windows application for electronically signing PDFs. While Preview makes it easier to sign PDFs on Mac, Windows systems lack a built-in application. However, Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of many third-party Windows applications that can assist you in signing with the same ease. The finest eSign program for Windows users is Adobe Acrobat Viewer, the most popular PDF reader. This powerful tool is unrivaled in editing and signing PDF documents; despite its other drawbacks, there its other disadvantages, such as taking up too much space. This pe and has a lot of valuable features. The steps of how to add a signature to a pdf without printing are as follows:
  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader must first install on your computer.install adobe
  2. Open a document from Record – Open at the top menu, then, at that point, track down Fill and Sign from the right sidebar. Alternatively, you can upload your PDF file for signing directly to Tools and select Fill & Sign.pdf sign
  3. After that, you can add fields to your PDF forms and sign them with a pen or paper.sign field
  4. Then, store the verified file on a local PC or a cloud account.


Is electronic signature legal to use?

Yes, absolutely. E-signature is legal in many countries and regions thanks to several important laws and regulations. It is legally equal to your sterile, pen-on-paper signatures.

Do digital signatures and electronic signatures differ in any way?

Despite the widespread confusion between these two names, there is a crucial difference that you should be aware of. One type of electronic signature is the digital signature, which relies on a more stringent verification system. And encryption standards to verify the signer's identity.

What applications are there for electronic signatures?

People from all walks of life can authenticate documents using electronic signatures. Electronic signatures speed up hiring new employees for personnel in human resources. With esign tools, salespeople can quickly sign contracts, bills, and invoices. Electronic signatures, for example, make it simple for real estate agents to sign PDF documents. Electronic signatures can be useful because almost all industries deal with paperwork.

How safe are electronic signatures?

Can e-signatures be utilized on any document?

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It is entirely possible to sign PDF documents without printing them. Using electronic signatures is good for both companies and the environment. It increases productivity and flexibility while also reducing expenses and energy consumption. Strong electronic signature programs that can quickly verify PDF documents include Adobe Acrobat Reader and CocoSign. 

Thus we hope this article helped you learn how to add a signature to a pdf without printing it quickly and at a faster rate.

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