How To Add Music To Reels After Recording | Top 6 Ways

Instagram reel music is a great way to grow your audience and spread your brand to many people. Using the right music for reels can provide a dramatic effect and increase your user engagement. Through this guide, you can explore how to add music to reels after recording and optimize your social presence. 

Follow these steps to easily add music to reels: 

  • Open Instagram through the app or website on your browser. 
  • Click on the + sign you might see in the middle and select reels. 
  •  Following this, scroll down and select a former reel or record a new one. 
  •  Click on the edit reel option, and tap the music icon. 
  •  You can access Instagram’s music library and add your preferred tunes. 

But figuring out what music works best for your reel or how to use sound without violating copyright laws can be challenging. Read on to discover how you can optimize your reels with these techniques and find out what works best for you. 

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Top 6 Ways: How To Add Music To Reels After Recording

You can edit or add music by numerous ways using software like audio and video editors.instagram Some platforms like Microsoft Clipchamp come loaded with Instagram reel prototypes to make content easier for you. To help you choose the right music, the following are the top 6 ways to make your reels rhythmic. 

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Select Songs from Your Audio tunes or iTunes Library 

To add music to an Instagram reel, click the + icon, then select reels. After recording the reel or selecting an old one, click on the music icon at the left center. itunes

According to Instagram’s guidelines, music meant for monetization purposes will probably not be considered fair use. Other instances of fair use violation are using a significant part of the work or replacing the original work’s purpose.

Instagram reels are usually 15 seconds short and can prevent any copyright infringement. They also contain visuals that lower this possibility.

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Use Instagram’s Tunes or Other Royalty Free Tunes 

When you want to add music from Instagram using the music icon on reels, you will likely get a limited selection of music. Usually, the music consists of background noise, ambient tunes, and instrumental music rather than trending songs. instagram logo

So how to add music to reels after recording if you want to access music from outside Instagram?

In this case, you can use sites like Premium Beat and Audio Jungle’s 1$ tracks to add your preferred song on Instagram reels. Use any simple video editor to add audio to your created reel and upload the best content online. 

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Convert Your Account to an Entrepreneur or Creator Account

Switching to a business or entrepreneur account was considered the best way to access more music from Instagram’s library. But because of copyright law violations, the Instagram policy replaced a large variety of trending music with royalty-free background tunes. instagram creator account

Another danger in using an entrepreneur account is the content you upload is less likely to be considered fair use. Because the purpose of such accounts is monetization. On the other hand, you can also switch to a creator account, but some essential features like auto-posting will be disabled. 

However, with creator accounts, you can access features like analytics(trends and searches on Instagram) and branded content(earning or getting compensated for your content creation). Not only that, but you can also use the music you like freely(keeping in mind fair use policies).

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Save Music from Other Reels

If looking at reels, stories, and posts on Instagram takes up much of your time, saving original music is the best option. Credits to the creator are given at the bottom of any reel. Just click on this option to save the music and add it to your desired reel whenever you want. instagram reels

Original music is the best way to make your reels stand out and, at the same time, reach out to more people without any worry. However, don’t forget to give the original artist the credit they deserve. 

Wondering how to add music to reels after recording if you don’t scroll a lot but still want to increase engagement? Don’t worry. Check out the trending reels on Instagram and save your preferred tunes from there. 

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Create Your Own Music

Many audio editors and Instagram’s own audio system can help you mix audio clips and create original music. For creatives in search of unique sounds, this is the best option. music

Play your original audio while recording a reel, and you will be ready to post with minimal editing afterward. 

So, how to add music to reels after recording? If you want to add music after recording, go to the reels by clicking the plus sign, as mentioned above. Then select the reel edit option and click on mix audio. Further, insert your desired tunes and enjoy the picture-perfect reel. 

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Repurpose The Videos You Have Used Elsewhere

Depending on your Instagram version, reels can be made up to 60 seconds and, in some versions 90 seconds. Reels created, captured, and posted through Instagram enjoy the most traffic and searchability.kapwing

Instagram and Tiktok are competitors. Hence, reels containing the Tiktok logo or other competitor brands can get reduced outreach and search visibility. So, how to get the music for reels from your Tiktok videos?

If you just want to upload audio, head over to and download the audio to add to your reel. In case you want to upload the whole Tiktok, make sure you remove the watermark through any video editor/watermark remover platform first. 

Visit: Kapwing

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Why can’t I add music to my reel?

Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram and update it regularly through the App Store or Google Play Store. Some of the advanced features for making music reels are only available to some. You may get access to these features in updated versions.

Can you add music to a reel after posting?

Yes, you can. For adding music to a posted reel, go to your reels section. Then select the edit reel option in your preferred reel. Click on the music(or audio) sign and easily add the music you like.

How do you add original audio to reels on Instagram?

For adding original audio, you can play the audio while recording. To add the music into reels after recording, edit it into your video by selecting edit reel, followed by the audio option.

How to trim music on Instagram reels?

After clicking on the edit reel option, use the scissors icon(likely on the bottom left) to trim the whole reel. To edit only the reel audio, see the preview after recording or editing a reel. Then adjust the audio bars or settings according to your needs.

How to add music to an Instagram reel without copyright?

For adding music to reels without a copyright violation, you can try to maintain fair use of the audio. Such use includes making sure you aren’t monetizing the content, replacing the original music’s need, or including a large portion of the audio in your reel.

How to add music to only part of your Reel?

First, open the reel and access the reel editor option. Use the sliding feature in the reel editor to select the portion you want to edit. Following, insert the audio you want to and enjoy your updated reel.


Music can help you make personal, engaging, and appealing content for viewers. Reels are no exception. But you must ensure your reels are fair use and adhere to the platform’s policies before posting them on Instagram. Adding the right music is one part of making your reels post-ready. But how to add music to reels after recording? Select songs from your iTunes library, repurpose your account, use Instagram’s royalty-free tunes, save original music from others or use your own music to create the best reels. Click here to know How To Add Music To Snap Story | Step-By-Step Guide

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