How To Add Music To Snap Story | Step-By-Step Guide

 Adding a unique soundtrack to your Snapchat stories is a great way to make them memorable. Until recently, users had to play a tune from another app while filming their Snaps if they wanted to include music in their stories. At the end of 2020, though, Snapchat finally implemented a function that lets content makers utilize legally licensed music without leaving the app. This article will cover three methods to answer the question, “How to add music to snap story?”

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There are multiple ways you can do it. We will cover the default way of using the Snapchat application. This is the simplest way to add preloaded licensed music. If you wish to add your own, there are ways to do that. We will also discuss ways to add your soundtrack in snap stories.

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How To Add Music To Snap Story | Easy Steps

Snapchat’s sound function lets users add professionally recorded music or user-created sounds to their videos. 

  1. You should launch Snapchat first.launch snapchat
  2. To capture a picture or video, you may tap or hold the circular shutter symbol in the bottom center of the screen. 
  3. Take notice of the music note icon in the list of choices on the right side of your icon snapchat
  4. This step will help you answer the question, “how to add music to snap story. ” Playlists are organized in several ways: mood, new artists, viral, love, hip-hop, and the latest trends. A pull-down menu with Featured, My Favorites, and My Sounds appear when you tap the music note. You can choose from a few well-known tunes in the first Featured list. featured snapchat
  5. You can discover more suggestions on the recommended tab or use the search bar to hunt for the specific band or song in the app’s internal database
  6. Click the play button next to a track to hear a preview and add it to your Snap. 
  7. A slider for choosing the song’s section to highlight will be displayed at the very bottom. If you’d like to change songs, use the “X” button next to the player and select anything else from the list of musical options that appears.

x button for making video

And if you change your mind and want to listen to something else, you don’t have to throw away your Snap. Now that you are a step closer to ” how to add music to snap story,” let us know how to make videos on Snapchat more appealing.

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How To Add Music To Snap Story | Easy Ways To Make Snapchat Videos Appealing

  • There is a 10-second limit on how long music may play with a photo. Conversely, a video has a time limit of 60 seconds, during which the selected music will play continuously.

time limit snapchat

  • The song title and artist’s name are displayed on the sound, along with a graphic sticker. Move the sticker around until you find a good spot for it. To keep the music and get rid of the sticker, drag the sticker outside the frame. However, to delete the track, you must drag the sticker down to the dustbin at the bottom of the display.

sticker in snapchat

  • After getting your Snap’s sound effects and music exactly right, you may proceed to personalize it with other features like stickers and text. Then, on the bottom right, click the Send To icon to share it with your contacts or make it your story. This is the simplest answer: “how to add music to a snap story?”
  • Keep in mind that for the time being, the Snapchat sound function only offers music that has been licensed through partnerships with major record companies.

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How To Add Music To Snap Story/ Snap Videos

The My Sounds section sits alongside Featured and My Favorites. If you’d want to add your sound to a Snap, you may easily do so by recording directly in the app.

  1. Tap the circular shutter button to take a picture and return to the music icon.
  2. Your custom audio recordings may now be made and stored.
  3. Hit the “+” button to make a new video. Tap the record button once to start recording and again to stop.step 3 snapchat
  4. Alternately, pressing and holding the key may get the same effect.

In non-silent settings, however, this function will also pick up environmental and background noise.

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To Use Your Newly Created Audio In A Snap:

Below are steps that will help you personalize your video and answer “how to add music to a snap story”

  1. Give your newly created audio a name and save it to My Sounds.step 2 snapchat
  2. The option to share your music with other Snapchat users is available if you make this information public.
  3. The next step is to utilize the preview window to cut out any unwanted parts of the clip.step 4 snapchat
  4. This step will allow you to save only the parts you want on your snap.

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Can You Post Music On Snapchat Videos Using Your Music As The Soundtrack

Unfortunately, Snapchat only allows you to use songs from the app’s internal collection or to create an audio clip within the app itself when adding music.

step 6 add music

As a result, the situation becomes more complex. You can’t import songs from services like Spotify or Apple Music because that capability isn’t built in. In addition, it becomes extremely inconvenient to edit the video to match the song’s hook.

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An Alternative Way To Add Music To Your Snapchat Videos

Here’s when a web-based video editor like InVideo is used. Adding original or stock music made specifically for branded content can take your Snapchat stories to the next level.

Here’s how to use the free online video editor InVideo to spruce up your Snapchat stories and add music.

  1. Create a free InVideo account. To begin, click on Blank Canvas to start editing your video. When creating a Snapchat story, ensure the aspect ratio is set to 9:16. Now select the “Create a Video” tab.invideo step 1
  2. The InVideo editor will load up immediately. To add your video to the editor, click the “Upload Media” button or drag and drop your files into the editor’s window.step 2 invideo
  3. After the video has been uploaded, move it into the middle of the editing window. Feel free to make any changes or use it as is.
  4. Now that the filming is complete, your Snapchat clip needs sound effects and music. Find the perfect track to fit your mood, style, and more with InVideo’s built-in music library. To listen to music, tap the button marked “Sound” on the left side of the display.
  5. The Upload music button to the right of the search bar allows you to add music from your computer to the project.step 3 invedio
  6. You may alter the music’s timing by dragging and dropping it to match the action in your film.
  7. When satisfied with your modifications, select Download & Share and then Export.step 4 invedio

Your personalized Snapchat video is complete after rendering.

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After recording a video, how to add music to the snap story?

After you've filmed a video on Snapchat, you may add music to it. The music note symbol may be seen on the right side of the preview window before you click Send. Select the option to access the app's music library and add a song of your choosing.

Does Snapchat have a music database?

Snapchat has finally included a search function. Before, you had to play a song from another app while recording on Snapchat if you wanted to add music to the backdrop. You need to launch the app, tap the music note on the right, and then search for the specific artist or song you wish to use.

How to add a song to Snapchat?

Whether or not you want to add music to your Snapchat videos is determined by the type of music you want to play in the background. If the song you want to listen to is one that Snapchat has in its internal collection, you may find it by searching for the artist or the song's name. However, if you want to use your music on Snapchat, you won't be able to upload the song. Instead, you may use a service like InVideo to edit videos online and add your music as a soundtrack to your finished product.

My Snapchat videos have no sound; why is that?

If you've already determined that the problem isn't related to your phone's hardware, it may be because you haven't upgraded the app to use the new Sound function. If you're using an Android or iOS device, you can head to your app's respective store and hit the Update button.


We have discussed every option for adding music to your Snapchat videos, including selecting songs from the app’s built-in collection, recording your audio within the app, and making your original background audio. We hope this article has completely answered your question, “how to add music to the snap story?” Visit the page, Whoops! There was a problem playing this video (Fixes) to play videos without interruption.

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