How To Automate Social Media Posts In 2022 [Simple Guide]

Today, we will discuss “How to automate social media posts”. We know, Work can often be quite a chore. Especially when it comes to the same type of action. However, modern technologies and services can give a lot of free time and get rid of routine and annoying actions.

automate social media posts

Nowadays, social networks are not just a place for communication between people and posting funny pictures but also a good way to earn money. However, when you’re trying to set up any big online business, you’ll often need a team of specialists to run your account more efficiently.

However, these specialists require not only money but also your time. To solve this problem, you can use various special services. For example, consider Toolzu. Using it, you can eliminate the need to hire specialists and manage your account using a bot.

This will be a great solution to increase the number of subscribers and improve the quality of interaction with the audience. Some of the most useful services will be automated social media posts and a hashtag generator. These features will save you from routine work and give you more free time, which will affect the quality of your business account.

How To Automate Work In Social Networks Effectively (How To Automate Social Media Posts)

Social media automation is a question that, sooner or later, any successful Internet business owner or SMM specialist who works with numerous profiles on different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram asks himself.

First, you need to understand that processes that can be programmed and tasks that only a living person can solve are closely intertwined. To improve their interaction, use the following plan:

  1. Understand what you can and cannot automate
  2. Set up optimization tools
  3. Make an optimal work schedulesocial media routine
  4. Stay up to date on what’s happening

Automate Content Creation 

Proper content marketing is one of the most powerful tools for a brand to communicate with its consumers. In this case, automation performs two important functions at once: it allows you to publish on a specific schedule that brings the best results and frees up time to do other important tasks.

content strategy

How to optimize the process of creating and publishing content? You probably already know which posts your audience likes and performs best. But if you’re ready to go further, here’s an interesting method for structuring your content:

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Automate Social Media Posts

This is perhaps the easiest and, at the same time, most effective way to automate your work because posts make up the bulk of the content generated by your account.

social media illustration

Using the automated social media posts feature (whether it’s an online app or a service like Toolzu), you can quickly increase the activity on your account and attract followers.

Automate Small Routine Actions

Following the example of how you used to automate social media posts, you can also optimize small routines. Large businesses successfully manage a huge amount of information coming from many sources: mentions, support calls, social media posts, forums, etc.

automate social media

You can manage all the flows from one interface and quickly and efficiently handle many small tasks. For example, favoring a tweet that mentions your name/brand can immediately give you a new potential client with no apparent effort. Read more about automation tools below.

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What Should Not Be Automated?

Even if you want to finish your work without having to give it much time and effort through automation. There are some things you should not do in automation because they can be risky for your online business.

Don’t Automate Your Consumer Communication

If you don’t need to directly interact with customers when using automated social media posts, private messages need to take a completely different approach. Automation of communication can lead to sad consequences. You can standardize polite words like “Thank you” but nothing more.

socia media messages

Remember: the human factor and individual approach are the most important components of communication in social networks. Many of your fans and future clients come here for personal connections. Your customers will appreciate it if your presentation is human and individual.

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Do Not Automate Situations In Social Media Business

If your client has a problem with your product or service, an automatic, all the more inappropriate response will exacerbate the situation.

woman working on computer illustration

Of course, you can group together some typical problems and prepare templates for them for faster response, but solving problems through social networks should be personal.

Customize Tools And Applications

You can also use third-party services like IFTTT or Zapier. These services are similar to Toolzu, an automation service for your social media.

zapier dashboard

They link completely different applications together and build a series of sequential processes that they perform without the need for your participation. For example, you can link a special service to your social media accounts, and every time you post something, it will automatically appear on your accounts. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both services provide features that can be useful for you to automate social networks and work. For example, they can be favorite tweets and send them to Buffer, upload photos you’ve been tagged into Facebook on Dropbox, save snooze-read content directly from your social media feed, etc.

Make The Best Work Schedule

When you use “automate social media posts,” you need to set up a specific schedule that can best post your posts. On weekends, for example, audience engagement in brand posts is 23% higher than on weekdays.

schedule social media

Users access Twitter 181% more often while on the road than at other times of the day. Most retweets occur at 5 pm. Knowing all this, you can smartly distribute your resources on social media and attract even more audiences!

Every Network Has Its Own Format

When scheduling automated posts, always consider the platform they will appear on. Twitter, for example, is meant to be short, while Instagram is meant to have long descriptions.

instagram post illustration

One template for all social networks will give the impression of an indifferent conveyor. If you adapt messages for different sources, they will look natural and interesting.

Conclusion (How To Automate Social Media Posts)

Successful use of automated social media posts in social networks requires complete order. Find a balance between what you can and cannot automate. Choose the right tools. Work according to a plan, but remain flexible and curious, sometimes even spontaneous. Feel where the technology is needed and where – your efforts.

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