To ensure users’ security and comfort, Instagram, a widely popular social networking platform, has suitably added the blocking tool. It is difficult to block someone who has already blocked you due to a weakness in this feature.instagram

There are a few ways to block someone who has blocked you on Instagram. One way is finding a mutual friend and asking them to help you block the person. Another way is to use a third-party blocking service. Finally, you can report the person to Instagram and hope they take action.

If you want to prevent someone from seeing your material immediately, keep reading to discover several possible ways to block someone who blocked you on Instagram.  

Read this article until the end to learn more about  How to block someone who blocked you on Instagram and ways to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram. You may also like to learn how to change your region on Instagram.

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How can you tell if someone on Instagram has blocked you?

  • The first thing you’ll notice is a decline in your followers.followers
  • If someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their published content.
  • Try to find the username of anyone who you think is obstructing you. If you can’t locate them, there’s a strong possibility they’ve blocked you on Instagram.private
  • Visit their profile to see if you can see any of their postings. If it’s hidden, the owner of that profile has blocked you.
  • You can still view their public comments if you can’t locate their profile. You can access their profile page from there.comment
  • To find out more about a particular person, try following their profile. You cannot follow a user if it displays “User not found,” which means they have blocked your Instagram account.user not found

While you can utilize the methods already mentioned to track out that person, you cannot access the profile of the person who blocked you even if you know their identity. It is more difficult to stop that person in such a situation.

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How to block on Instagram?

Only those with public profiles can block others; blocking someone is simple. You locate their account, after which you set a block. If you create new friends, you can remove this restriction anytime, so the change is not permanent.

Block Instagram account by:

  1. Enter your account information.
  2. In the app, look up the person’s profile.three dots
  3. The three-dot menu icon is located in the top right corner of their profile.
  4. Go to Block User.block
  5. Verify the block.blocked
  6. If you choose Block User, the option switches to Unblock User, so you know how to reverse it if you two decide to patch things up and become friends. Sharing with friends will keep them from viewing your profile or messaging you, but it won’t stop them from viewing your posts.

How to block someone who blocked you on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to block someone who blocked you on Instagram, is it possible to do that? If you’re in luck, you might still be able to access the person’s profile after a few hours of them blocking you. You may access their profile, as we previously indicated, either by using the search bar to look for it or by using direct messages you have already sent to them.

Aim to approach their profile in step one

  1. Direct message them or use the Instagram search box to find their accounts immediately (if you had a conversation).dm
  2. On the top right, a three-dot icon would be visible. On it, tap.
  3. Tap “Block” and then enter your confirmation of available alternatives on the block list on Instagram.blocked dm
  4. If the “Unblock” button is present, you can surely tell that you have successfully blocked the person. Then, you’d be informed that you won’t get notifications from that person. Tap “Dismiss.”

Before disappearing, use the Instagram direct message to block, learn how to block someone on Instagram

If you have exchanged direct messages with someone on Instagram, you can block them. The steps listed below can help you accomplish this:

  • Make use of the Instagram direct search box to find their profile.
  • Right at the top, there is an exclamation point. Tap on box
  • “Block” is a choice that is present there. Tap on it as you continue.
  • After blocking a user, Instagram will inform you that you can no longer receive notifications from them. To dismiss, click it.block before disappearing
  • Look for the “Unblock” button when you’re finished to make sure you block the person. If you want to know how to unblock on Instagram, just click on Unblock. In this way, you can try to unblock on Instagram.

Other tools are accessible

It may be that a follower of yours has blocked you if you find that they haven’t been responding to your posts recently. To track down the individual who blocked you on Instagram, use the Socinator automation tool. If the previous steps were hard to understand on how to block someone who blocked you on Instagram, then this step is much easier for you to understand.socinator

Users who haven’t commented on recent content you’ve posted can be found using Socinator’s filtration feature. Utilizing the Socinator automation tool, you may locate users who haven’t left a recent remark on one of your posts. You can find Instagram individuals who might have blocked you using this method.socinator

Remember to look for the indicators in their profile above to confirm if they have blocked you. There also are possibilities that they might not have blocked you, which could be another reason. You don’t want to retaliate against them for that, even though you believe they have blocked you.

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Utilize group chats to block them

Suppose you are wondering how to block someone who blocked you on Instagram since it’s been a couple of days. You need not be concerned if someone blocked you more than two days ago. You only have to get a hold of a friend’s account or ask them to do the following for you. Make a group chat with the account of the person who blocked you and your original chat

Through your friend’s account, type a message. After that, log into your account right away. Afterward, go to your direct message and select remain in the group when you enter the group chat. You can then quit the chat and block the individual who blocked you on their account.


Can the person who blocked you access your content?

The person you blocked from Instagram won't be able to see your photographs, followers, following, or direct messages. Your profile might, be seen via a shared direct message or search history.

How does blocking someone on Instagram affect things?

Anyone you've blocked immediately stops liking and commenting on your Instagram videos and posts. The message won't be sent, but the person who blocked you can still DM you. In other words, the person you banned won't contact you again and won't be able to access your Instagram images or profile.

How do you go to someone who blocked you on Instagram?

If someone blocks you on Instagram, you cannot view their profile, send them a direct message, or see any content they've shared. And If you try to view a blocked Instagram account, you will see a message saying, 'Sorry, this profile is private.' If you've been blocked on Instagram, you can still try contacting the person who blocked you by other means, such as through a mutual friend or using a different platform, such as Facebook. It's also possible to view a limited amount of public information about a blocked Instagram account using a web browser.

Can the person who blocked me on Instagram still see my profile?

The answer is no. When you're blocked, the person who blocked you won't be able to see your profile, posts, or stories.


In conclusion, blocking someone who has blocked you on Instagram is a simple process that can be done in a few short steps. Whether you’re blocking someone because you don’t want to see their content or because they’ve blocked you first, Instagram makes it easy to remove them from your account. Remember, though, that blocking someone on Instagram does not always mean that you are no longer connected to them, so be sure to consider the implications of your decision. What is the best way to handle a blocked user on Instagram? 

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