Venmo is a well-known online payment platform for quick and secure money transfers. However, to ensure the safety of its users, Venmo requires a phone number verification step before activating an account. While this step is crucial to prevent fraudulent activities, some users may find it inconvenient or want to bypass it. This article provides a complete guide about how to bypass Venmo phone verification step, including tips and tricks that can help you activate your account without any hassle. Whether you’re trying to avoid giving out your personal information or need to access Venmo for urgent transactions, this guide is for you.

venmoVenmo has grown significantly in popularity as a peer-to-peer payment platform over the years. The platform’s security measures, including phone verification, have become more stringent. It can be annoying for people who want to register for an account or access their existing one but cannot verify their phone numbers, even though this step is essential to safeguard users’ funds and stop fraud. One can bypass venom verification by purchasing a burner, fake phone, or even virtual numbers.

Even though this is a crucial security measure, those who want to keep their phone number private may find it annoying. Fortunately, there are a few ways to avoid Venmo’s phone verification. We’ll give you some pointers and tricks in this article, so you get to know how to bypass Venmo phone verification.

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What Is the Importance Of Venmo Phone Verification?

One of the benefits of verify phone Venmo account is that it helps the company reduce the number and rate of spam accounts. Additionally, it enables you to protect your account from hackers by using 2-factor authentication and your phone number.

fast paymentsAdditionally, customers are informed of fraudulent activity and can easily track it, thanks to Venmo phone verification.

Moreover, it is crucial because, with Venmo phone verification, you can send and receive money or transfer it to your bank account.

Why Is My Venmo Phone Verification Failing?

One of the reasons why users may want to bypass Venmo Phone verification is because they need help in Venmo verify phone numbers.venmo verification

Here are some reasons why your Venmo phone verification fails.

Incorrect Phone Number

A phone verification failure will occur if you enter an incorrect phone number during the Venmo phone verification process. Double-check the phone number you entered to make sure it is accurate.

invalid phone numberIncorrect phone numbers will result in your Venmo phone verification failing. It’s also critical to ensure your phone number is valid, active, and capable of receiving SMS messages.

Before verifying it, you should update your Venmo account with your new phone number if you recently changed it.

Unrecognized Phone Number

Venmo wouldn’t have access to the phone numbers of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) users. This is due to Venmo’s inability to support VOIP lines. Thus, switching to non-VIOP lines may help to resolve the problem and simplify the verification process.

voip numberIf your phone is set to DO NOT DISTURB or Airplane mode, you will likely experience Venmo Phone Verification failure.

These are a few causes of Venmo phone verification that you may encounter. Let’s see if there is a way to get around the Venmo phone verification.

Despite making these adjustments, you can still not observe any changes or believe it is unsafe to disclose your phone number for such a purpose.

Can I Bypass Venmo Phone Verification?

Bypassing the Venmo Phone Verification is what this is commonly known as. You must use the application’s features to get around Venmo’s phone verification process.

phone verificatonHowever, if you believe it is risky to put out your phone for verification, here is how you can get around it.

Bypass Venmo Phone Verification: Receive SMS Method

Here is how you can use Receive Venmo sms verification.

venmo verificationAnd bypass Venmo phone verification:

  1. Go to the Receive SMS website.


2. Locate a number that belongs to the nation you prefer by scrolling down.

select number

3. Then select “Open” from the menu.

open numberA temporary number for opening a new Venmo account will then be given to you. However, getting the phone number is only half the battle because Venmo will verify the number you enter.

To do this, you must enter a verification code. The given phone number will receive the code accessible on the official Receive SMS website.

Try refreshing the page once Venmo verifies the phone number that highlights the code. You can also watch for the code to appear by waiting for a short while.

Also, ensure that the same smartphone you’re using isn’t in airplane mode, as this will limit all incoming SMSs.

Here, it is important to remember that other users who use the same phone number as you may also be able to see the messages you receive.

4 Ways To Bypass Venmo Phone Verification

As previously stated, there are several ways to avoid Venmo phone verification if you are not comfortable using your direct phone number or are experiencing failure.

venmo mobile viewIn the following paragraphs, you will learn how to bypass Venmo Phone verification.

By Purchasing A Burner Phone Number 

This is one method for verifying Venmo without a phone number, avoiding Venmo phone verification with your line.

To do this, you must purchase a burner phone number from one of the businesses that offer customers temporary phone numbers for uses like this. Burner phone numbers are what those numbers are known as.

burnerBefore that, you have to get sms activation to buy a new burner phone number.  

One company where you can buy Burner phone numbers is DoNotPay. Visit their website or DoNotPay on your browser to accomplish this. Enter Venmo as the name of the demanding company in the Burner phone number tab and click Create Temporary Number.

The number will be given to you for about 10 to 15 minutes when you must have completed the Venmo phone verification. The number will be available to you after that.

This is a simple way to avoid Venmo’s phone verification, but keep in mind that you must pay for the number; it is not given to you for free.

Making Use of a Virtual Phone Number

Utilizing a virtual phone number is among the simplest and most efficient ways to get around Venmo’s phone verification.

add numberYou can receive calls and SMS messages using virtual phone numbers instead of your actual phone number because they are temporary.

Several websites, including Google Voice and TextNow, offer virtual phone numbers.

Use A Fake Phone Number

You can obtain and use the fake phone number for Venmo phone verification.

Even though Venmo made it impossible for users to register without a working phone number and email address, you can still get around this rule.

fake number

To verify your Venmo account, you can use any of the many websites that provide fake phone numbers. You may have to pay to obtain a fake phone number. If you use this number to access it, you will receive an SMS with a verification code.

You can now use Venmo without providing your real phone number once the confirmation process is complete.

Use Someone Else’s Phone Number

You can also avoid using your number for Venmo phone verification by using another person’s phone number. This is only possible if that person has never used that phone number to sign up for Venmo or other services.

phone number on dial padAlso, ask if they are willing to share personal information.

These are some of the possible ways to Venmo phone number bypass verification. However, I would like to answer one of the frequently asked questions before I conclude this piece. 

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What Is Venmo Phone Verification?

In its most basic form, Venmo verification provides evidence that the account is yours in the first place. This protects the safety of your money.

Can You Use A Fake Number For Venmo?

The answer is YES. It’s not impossible to use a fake phone number to get your Venmo verification code. You can use a fake number if you don’t want to use your valid phone number to register for a Venmo account. Hence, this blog post will show you how to get a free fake phone number for Venmo account registration and verification. By using a fake phone number to obtain the verification code, you can easily avoid Venmo human verification with the help of this guide.

Can you register for Venmo without phone number?

Yes, registering for Venmo only requires an email address. An app account and an email address are all you need. However, it would be ineffective because any transaction, whether sending or receiving money, would necessitate phone number verification.

Is it ethical to avoid Venmo phone verification?

No, to put it simply. Users can only complete transactions using Venmo after completing a phone number verification step, which requires registering an email address and a phone number. Venmo has yet to develop any other strategies to get around phone number verification.


In conclusion, even though Venmo phone verification can be inconvenient, it is an important security measure to guard your money against fraudulent activities.

There are several ways to avoid Venmo phone verification, including using a virtual phone number, having a friend or family member verify your account, contacting Venmo support, or using a different payment platform.

It’s crucial to check your actions before using these techniques to ensure you aren’t breaking Venmo’s terms of service or committing fraud.

By following the guidelines and using these methods correctly, you can easily understand how to bypass Venmo phone verification.

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