One can access millions of ebooks and audiobooks through the digital library subscription service Scribd. You can cancel your Scribd account subscription. Accessing your account settings is a straightforward process. What must you do to discontinue your Scribd membership? Read in detail here to know how to cancel Scribd.scribd

To revoke your subscription to Scribd:

  1. Go to the Scribd website and sign in.
  2. Go to the Your Account page by clicking.
  3. Click “End My Subscription” (which, for some users, may appear as “Cancel Subscription”) in the Subscription & Payment Details section of Your Account.

Scribd functions as an all-in-one service. The fact that Scribd offers both audiobooks and eBooks in one location is one of its incredible benefits. You can easily cancel Scribd following the methods discussed below. Keep Reading to know how to cancel Scribd.

4 Ways To cancel Scribd

Depending on when you signed up, you might have received a free trial from Scribd free account. You will begin to be charged after the trial period is complete. You need to figure out how you initially signed up for your membership to cancel it. How to cancel Scribd?read on scribd The method for canceling your membership varies depending on the platform. Choose a way from the list below and follow the on-screen directions to cancel your subscription. The plans consist of the following:

Cancel Scribd from the App Store

Follow these steps to cancel Scribd membership on iphone from the App Store.

  1. Navigate to your Apple device’s settings.settings
  2. Navigate to the App Store in the iTunes id
  3. Use your Apple ID to log id
  4. Choose the subscriptions tab.subscriptions
  5. Locate Scribd.scribd membership
  6. You can cancel your subscription by clicking the button.cancel subs
  7. Await the email confirmation.scribd confi

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Cancel Scribd On Android

Follow these steps to cancel the subscription to Scribd on Android.

  1. To cancel Scribd on your Android smartphone, open the Google Play store
  2. Tap the profile icon after that.profile
  3. Go to the section for payments and subscriptions.manage subs
  4. Toggle through the subscriptions.subs
  5. Discover the Scribd membership.scribd membership
  6. Choose the cancel subscription cancel
  7. A confirmation email must be received first.scribd confirm

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Cancel Scribd On Scribd Website

Follow these steps to unsubscribe from Scribd on Scribd Website.

  1. You must directly access the Scribd account on the sign in
  2. The account settings page.accounts
  3. To review your membership and payment details, choose this option.account settings
  4. To “end my membership,” select it.end my membership
  5. The cancellation confirms when a few steps appear.continue cancellation
  6. A confirmation email must be received first.scribd conf

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Cancel Scribd On Email 

By sending an email to the customer support email address, you can also cancel Scribd. Use this approach only if you need more than the other solutions above to succeed because it could take a few days for the customer service team to respond. Also, click here to learn how To Download Scribd Documentscancel scirbd

How to cancel Scribd? Put a “stop payment” on your method once you cancel Scribd by email to instruct the payment processor to stop paying Scribd so that they know that you have withdrawn and want to cease paying for the service, including a copy of the cancellation email.

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How To Confirm Scribd Cancellation?

Waiting for a confirmation email to arrive is the best approach to validate the canceling procedure. You can log back into your Scribd account if it doesn’t work. how to

The canceled Scribd subscription shouldn’t be shown there. Alternatively, check your credit card statement to see whether Scribd has made recurring purchases. If not, you already know it was postponed.

Pros and Cons Of Scribd

At its core, Scribd functions precisely like every other online library. But Scribd has certain particular advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Of Scribd

  • Ebooks can be downloaded to read offline or read online.pros
  • You can set a sleep timer between five and two hours.
  • You can add bookmarks and highlights to keep track of your progress.

Cons Of Scribd

  • Unrestricted access does not always imply unlimited usage. 
  •  When the throttle cap is reached, high-demand books are frequently prohibited.membership details
  • Scribd needs to catch up regarding customer support and book progression across various devices.
  • It has been noted that unsubscribing from Scribd has grown to be a significant problem. This could be a deal-breaker.

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Top Causes For People To Cancel Scribd

There are a few reasons to cancel a Scribd membership. They consist of the following:

  • You could no longer be able to afford the cost. You may close the account if your bank balance is low.
  • Customer service may need to be more attentive to your needs adequately. Terminating your Scribd account is entirely acceptable due to poor customer support.
  • You might need to be a better fit for the digital library. You may choose another choice despite the library’s size if the right books aren’t unavailable.ipad book
  • The monthly subscription cost may have increased, and you may not feel the premium membership is worthwhile.
  • Instead of reading books on Scribd, you might listen to them on your iPad.
  • However, after canceling your account, consider listening to audiobooks instead.


How do I stop using Scribd on Android?

Open the Google Play app on your Android device if you wish to cancel Scribd. Tap the profile icon after that—toggle subscriptions. Discover the Scribd membership. Choose the cancel subscription option. A confirmation email must be received.

How do I manage my subscription to Scribd?

Get in touch with Scribd support to get help. You might manage your Scribd subscription anytime by logging in to Scribd and clicking on Your Account if you used one of the following payment methods.

How can I delete my Scribd account?

The Account Settings page's bottom can reach by scrolling down. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting 'Delete Your Account' in the lower-left corner of the page.

How long can my Scribd subscription be paused?

Your membership with Scribd can be paused for up to 12 weeks. Americans pay about $237 per month for subscription services, according to a 2018 survey. They spend some money on services they didn't remember to cancel. Allow DoNotPay to keep an eye on your subscriptions to avoid experiencing this.

Is there a refund for cancellations on Scribd?

Yes. Within 30 days of the final credit card charge, you must contact Scribd to request a refund for the unused premium subscription. If you utilize your membership during these 30 days, you won't be eligible for a subscription refund, either in full or in part. Scribd cannot refund charges that are more than 30 days old.

How should I use Scribd?

Use any web browser, Android, or iOS device to access Scribd. You may always access your reading material on a plane or on the beach by downloading it into the applications for offline access. Even without a subscription, you can preview the service using our apps. Install to give it a try.

Is there a free trial for Scribd?

Yes. A 30-day free trial is offered when you join up for a premium subscription. Your trial subscription will automatically renew as a paid membership if you don't cancel it before it expires. Scribd's cancellation might not proceed as planned. Even after they stopped using the service, users claimed costs.


This was all about how to cancel Scribd. Deleting your Scribd account is a relatively simple procedure when you know what to do. The method for canceling your membership varies depending on the platform. If you have a subscription, you must cancel it before you may deactivate your account. You now have all the information necessary to close your Scribd account. 

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