How To Change Gamertag On Xbox App | Four Methods

If you are an online gamer, you already know about Xbox. As an effect of this lockdown, many people have started playing games online. People have therefore started buying the Xbox. One of the most well-known gaming brands that have been launched by Microsoft is the Xbox. A subscription is mandatory to be taken up if you want to play this game. 

Various membership options have been presented by Microsoft for this gaming service. Each membership plan has different types of gaming facilities.

You can choose to play the games on the Xbox application. When you are doing so, you might encounter the term ‘Gamertag.’ When put in simple terms. The Gamertag is a representation of who you are on Xbox. As the time comes, you might want to alter this description. Also, when a new update pops out, you might want to change your Gamertag. 

If you do not know how to create your Gamertag, here is what you can do. Go to the Xbox app from the all application list present on your Microsoft device. Once you sign in, your Gamertag is already created. 

So, how to change Gamertag on Xbox app in an unchallenging manner? 

This article will outline the methods that can facilitate you to change Xbox live name. 

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How To Change Gamertag On Xbox App – Four Ways

You can adopt various ways to perform this task. You should note that only after reading the article should you perform the Xbox Gamertag change. The possession of a Gamertag is a must. These methods will only be of some use then!

One question that might ponder over your mind is that does this process to change Xbox Gamertag charge you any money? Well, there no need will arise for you to pay anything extra if you wish to change your Gamertag! Moreover, this change can be done numerous times at no additional costs!

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Using Xbox Application

The first method that is of use to you is one of the easiest ones. Head on to launching the Xbox application on your Microsoft device. Under Menu, there will be an option that says Customise. Here, you will get the solution to how to change Gamertag on Xbox app. 

using xbob app
Using xbob app

Online Method

There is an option to change your Gamertag online using Xbox. You should log into your Microsoft account first. Do this on the Xbox page only. After you enter the Gamertag, you will get a message if it is available or not.

change online
Change online

In case it is, all you need to do is proceed. In case it is not, you might have to look for alternatives. Once that is done, you know that you are all set!

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Using Console

In addition to this, you can choose to change the Gamertag on the console. The first thing to ensure is that your Xbox should be updated to the latest version. Quickly update if you have not done it already. Then, you can go to the Overlay Menu. Move towards the left until you reach something that says My Profile. Here, you will have to make alternations to your Gamertag. You will get a choice to customize your profile. The option will be of the same name. There will be a requirement for you to click on your Gamertag – on your left. Instantly, you will be taken to a new page where you can hunt for the perfect Gamertag for you.

Final Alternative

Finally, if nothing works for you, you might want to reach out to the Customer Care service. It is vital that you consider this as your last option. If nothing works, go on to emailing the Customer Service. They might take time to respond to you, so if you are patient enough, only then should you try this out. 

xbox customer support
Xbox customer support

After you make the changes to your Gamertag, you will see the changes on all of your devices where you logged in. No need will arise for you to enter this separately later on.

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How to change Gamertag has been solved once you follow the steps in this article. Skipping a step will lead to the failure of the change. As a result, you might have to perform it all over again. This becomes frustrating because doing the procedure again takes time. So, it is necessary that you first understand the process as to how to change Gamertag on Xbox app.

There might be an instance where you might have to pay for the Xbox change Gamertag. If there has been a new update where you had changed your Gamertag previously, you might have to pay now. Also, there are people who create bot accounts to spam you out with emails. Since Microsoft wants to avoid that, they might ask you to pay some amount of money. 

Additionally, if the desired Gamertag has been snatched, you will find it difficult to resolve the issue of how to change Gamertag on Xbox app. Furthermore, you need to make sure that you own the latest version of the console. If you do not have that, you will not be able to change the Gamertag. 

It is advised that you do not indulge in the process of change Xbox name very frequently. Once you make the alternation, do not change it immediately after a day or two. This will put you in the category of a bot. 

You can also connect to Customer Care if you are categorized as a bot. They will then help you out with sorting this issue.

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