How to Change Link Color In WordPress Quickly | Top 7 Ways

In these today’s world where one just has to google about their doubt, and it is right in front of them. But behind the picture, there are many people working for our convenience and posting useful articles.

Tons of distinct styles and settings are needed for the same. And now, in this article, we will discuss in detail “How to Change Link Color in WordPress” for all the editors out there.

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7 Best Ways On How to Change Link Color in WordPress

WordPress got weird long before they changed over to the far superior Gutenberg setting. Even now, they don’t make it easy to underline stuff for fear. It looks like a link. Getting the links, you add to change color is another tricky issue since web etiquette says they should be blue and then a different shade of blue or red after they have been clicked. Still, there are times when blue text simply isn’t suitable for a website’s overall aesthetic and design, so here are seven ways to change link color in WordPress.

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Get A Paid Professional Company To Do It For You

If we are looking for quick and easy ways to change your link colors, then get in touch with WP Masters and have them do it for you. They can do it so that every link color on your website changes, or you can have specific links change into different colors, and you can control what color the links are after they have been pressed. Having different colored links is not as crazy as it sounds. For example, when people are selling different levels/tiers of a subscription, they often have bronze, silver, and gold-colored links.


People also have red, amber, and green links to simulate traffic lights. You can have a paid professional designer come in and fix up all your link colors, along with adding more customization to make your website more attractive, useful, interesting, or dynamic.

Add The HTML Code Yourself

Are you able to slide in a little HTML code within your text? You can edit the code quite easily, thanks to the way WordPress is built. You change the view so that you can see the code. And perhaps add the coding required to change the color of your link. Ideally, you want to write the same type of code that WordPress Gutenberg uses.


And if you can find it online and add it, then that is good too. Doing things this way will mean having to manually alter the code of all your links in your text, which may be a problem, but it is still a solution. This is an easy fix to the link color problem unless you want to change the link color in menus and on-page elements. In that case, you may have to use one of the more global (website-wide) solutions on this list.

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Customize Your Current Template

Go to the WordPress platform for your website. Click on the “Appearance” button and choose Customize to change the text color. You will see a section that says, “Colors.” There may be a function for the colors of your links. Take a look to see what you’re allowed to adjust on your website. Some WordPress templates will only let you change the text color or the background color.


And some may allow you to change the header colors, though some will allow you to change your link’s colors. Hopefully, they will not try to charge you the premium price for a function as simple as changing your link colors.

Use A Plugin

The old “Use a plugin” argument. Is it really justified that you use a plugin for something as simple as link text color? Well, in truth, it is probably worth the hassle if you really like your WordPress template. But are unable to change the color of your links. The hassle of plugins is that they present yet another security risk, and many plugins will slow down your website. On the plus side, a color-changing plugin probably won’t slow down your website, but that isn’t the issue in real life.


In real life, the plugin that changes that link colors will have thirty or forty other functions. And it is those functions that will slow down your website. The sole way to avoid this problem is to have somebody write you a custom plugin, which is a fine solution. But it may be expensive, and you may have to re-hire the developer if a WordPress template update stops your plugin from working.

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Use The Page Builder

Every template is different, and the mods and plugins you have added to your WordPress system will make things a little difficult. But you may be able to use your page builder to change the color of your links. Click on “Edit Section” and then choose the “Style” tab. Go to “Typography” and change the link colors.


Save or publish them, and hopefully, it will have changed throughout the website. As mentioned, different templates and different WordPress setups may offer different solutions, in which case you need to save a copy of your current settings and then experiment a little to see what you can change and what not. Check out some free calling apps to discuss about your wordpress website.

Use The Custom CSS Function

The problem with this piece of advice is that each template is different. You can add custom CSS into the section namely “Custom CSS,” and nothing happens. Then you discover that either it isn’t connected to any sort of coding changes. Or you need to subscribe to the premium version to activate it. Else, the coding is so messy that it doesn’t insert your commands correctly.


Otherwise, you actually added incorrect CSS, and that is why your links are not changing color. Yet, if all of these problems do not befall you. Then you may change your link color with the custom CSS function.

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Change Your WordPress Template

You can simply go get a different WordPress template. There are hundreds of WordPress templates out them, and a fair number of them are free. You can keep trying different ones to see if the links are the right color.


Added to this, you can see if the templates have functions that allow you to change your link colors. Changing templates just so you can change the color of your links is a bit of a bold move. But these days your content converts so well from one template to another that flipping things. And flipping them back has never been easier.


So, to make your audience satisfied with your website, your website needs to be more attractive and appealing. Changing link color in wordpress is super easy with these steps. It’s just a little technical and requires your attention. We hope now all the doubts regarding how to Change Link Color in WordPress no longer exists. 

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