Over the years, photography has advanced significantly, with smartphones now being able to produce images of a caliber comparable to that of high-end cameras. Particularly the iPhone has a reputation for taking beautiful pictures that rival those from DSLRs. How to change shutter speed on iPhone? It’s crucial to comprehend the various settings available, including shutter speed, to get the most out of your iPhone camera.

The time the screen is kept open so that light may reach the sensor and shape a picture is alluded to as the screen speed of a camera. To alter the screen speed on your iPhone, open the Camera app and select the photo mode. The introduction slider is available by tapping the screen button. You physically alter the shutter speed after you see the yellow sun logo on the introduction slider. Swipe the slider cleared out or right to urge there. The shutter speed may be balanced by squeezing the also and short buttons to the right esteem. See how the changing shade speed influences the picture by taking a photo.

This article will explain How to change shutter speed on iPhone and offer a comprehensive tutorial on how to use this parameter to advance your photographic abilities. Everything about shutter speed will be covered, from its fundamentals to more complex methods like employing it for night photography. You’ll better understand how to creatively manage shutter speed by the conclusion of this article to take amazing images on your iPhone. Here is a guide on fixing iPhone making high-pitched noise during phone calls.

How to change shutter speed on iPhone?

Changing the iPhone shutter speed is a beautiful place to start if you want more control over your iPhone camera and to develop your photography skills. 

Step 1: Open the Camera app

Swipe right on the lock screen or home screen to open the camera app on an iPhone. Once the camera app has opened, you can begin taking pictures.open camera

Step 2: Change the mode to manual

The iPhone camera app’s automated mode is the default setting, which means the camera will automatically change settings like shutter speed and ISO based on the illumination. However, you must switch to manual mode in order to manually adjust the shutter speed.camera shutter

To achieve this, check the upper left corner of the screen for the “Pro” or “Manual” button. This button might have the letters “P” or “M” or resemble a gear icon. Pressing this button will enter manual mode.

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Step 3: Access the shutter speed control

How to change the shutter speed? When you enter manual mode, you’ll see several manual controls on the screen. Swipe left on the screen until you see the shutter speed symbol to access the shutter speed control.manual camera

This symbol resembles a circle with a fractional value inside of it, like 1/60 or 1/125.

Step 4: Modify the shutter speed

Swipe up or down on the shutter speed icon to change the shutter speed. Swiping up or down can adjust the shutter speed; sliding down will slow the shutter on iPhone. The exposure number on the LCD will change as you change the shutter speed, showing how bright or dark the final image will be.change shutter speed

It’s significant to remember that changing the shutter speed will also affect the ISO and aperture settings. For instance, if you speed up the shutter, the camera will probably change the ISO or aperture to keep the proper exposure.

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Step 5: Take the picture

You’re prepared to take the photo once you’ve chosen the perfect iPhone camera shutter speed. Position the camera so it is confronting your subject; at that point, press the shutter button—which may be an on-screen or physical button on the phone’s side. take pictureThe photo will be taken utilizing the camera settings you’ve chosen. If you’ve recently switched from an Android device to an iPhone. However, you might be wondering how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone; if that’s the case, this guide might help you. 

Tips for Utilizing the Screen Speed on an iPhone

Now that you know How to change the shutter speed on iPhone, let’s talk about a few tips for doing so:

Stabilize with a tripod or other means

The camera must be stabilized to avoid movement blur while utilizing a slow shutter speed on iPhone, such as 1/30 or 1/15. You’ll accomplish this by placing the phone against a firm surface or employing a tripod. iphone tripodIf you do not have a tripod, you will utilize your body to stabilize the camera by holding the phone in both hands and tucking your elbows in. 

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Play Around with Different Shutter Speeds

Changing the shutter speed on iPhone is the best way to understand how shutter speed influences your pictures. Compare the results of images taken at various shutter speeds. Take a picture of a moving question for occurrence, and utilize a quick shutter speed to solidify the activity.iphone camera focus

At that point, utilize a slower screen speed to obscure the movement. This will enable you to employ shutter speed creatively and will aid in your understanding of how it impacts your photographs. If you are a big-time iPhone enthusiast and want to get one finally, this guide could help you get a cheap, refurbished one quickly and safely!

Utilize shutter speed when taking nighttime photos

A slower shutter speed can be helpful when capturing pictures in dim lighting. With a slower shutter speed, a brighter image can be produced. dim lighitng iphoneAn extended exposure lets more light enter the camera and hit the sensor. You must stabilize the camera or use a tripod because slower shutter speeds can also cause more motion blur. Some third-party apps can also help you click better pictures with your iPhone.  

Take Lighting Conditions into Account

Take the scene’s lighting into account when adjusting the shutter speed. You’ll need a faster shutter speed to prevent overexposure in bright, sunny settings. However, a slower shutter speed would be required to capture enough light in dim lighting. iphone lightingTo maintain the proper exposure, appropriately adjust other settings like ISO and aperture.


Why is shutter speed significant? What does it mean?

The shutter speed of a camera refers to how long the shutter is left open, enabling light to enter and hit the sensor. Because it has an impact on exposure and motion blur in an image, it is a crucial component of photography. Adjusting the shutter speed, you can get breathtaking effects like motion blur or clear, detailed shots of moving objects.

On all iPhone models, is it possible to alter the shutter speed?

No, not all iPhone models give you the option to manually adjust the shutter speed. Only iPhone models that enable manual mode have a manual shutter speed adjustment option.

How do I determine the appropriate shutter speed?

The scene's illumination and the effect you wish to achieve will determine the shutter speed you should employ. Use a quicker shutter speed to freeze the action and a slower shutter speed to produce motion blur as a general guideline. Try several shutter speeds to determine which makes the intended effect the best.

When adjusting shutter speed, what other settings should I change?

You might also need to change other parameters like ISO and aperture to retain the proper exposure when altering the shutter speed. For instance, if you raise the shutter speed, the camera may change the aperture or ISO to maintain the correct exposure. In order to get the desired result, make sure you alter these settings appropriately.


How to change shutter speed on iPhone? Although changing the shutter speed on an iPhone can initially seem difficult, doing so is a straightforward process that can significantly improve your photography abilities. You may have more control over your photographs and produce beautiful effects like motion blur or freeze movement by manually altering the shutter speed. Try various shutter speeds to get the best results and consider the scene’s lighting circumstances. With some experience, you can creatively manipulate shutter speed and advance your iPhone photography.

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