We all deal with a problem: the Apple Watch doesn’t register your standing time. Staying up for extended periods can be challenging when you’re at work. But when you want to get in a healthy amount of exercise while also getting reasonable amounts of work done, the Apple Watch must recognize the minutes you take for yourself!

You must try: Activity app>Move progress >view your Exercise and Stand progress><Tap in the bottom right>select activity goal>Tap to increase or decrease the number for your daily goal, then tap Set.

Here are some more tips to fix this problem with a simple guide. Find out how to change your stand goal on Apple Watch.

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What Causes the Apple Watch Not to Register Your Standing Time?

Sometimes, the Apple Watch doesn’t register to stand. Let’s get the issue straight: standing up doesn’t mean you’re doing a workout; you’re actively standing and not sitting down for an extended period. To track your active minutes, your watch must have been on your wrist for an hour without being still or lying down for more than 15 minutes. Let’s say you’re working on a project and take a break only to sit at your desk again. This will cause your watch to think you’ve been still for more than 15 minutes and won’t track the standing time as active minutes.

Some other reasons for the Apple Watch not tracking standing time include:

Bad positioning on your wrist (tilt your arm slightly forward or adjust it so that it is over your forearm, rather than just sticking out at weird angles)

position wrist

A low battery (plug into the charger!)

charge your apple watch

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How to Get the Apple Watch to Recognize Standing Time

Try these tips:

  • Position your wrist in a way that the watch registers more movement. Resting it over your forearm will register moves like typing or moving with greater ease than just resting on your hand.
  • Keep a closer eye on your active minutes. You can check by going to the Activity app or the Watch App.change standing goals
  • Charge your watch! Those who have low batteries sometimes experience this problem.

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How to Change the Stand Goal on Apple Watch?

A standing goal is how many minutes you have to stand up daily. Most people change it to be more than the default of 30 minutes.

The Apple Watch makes it easier for you because you need to change your minimum movement goal to 25%. This way, you are being healthy by getting up every single hour.

The Common Ways People Change their Stand Goal on the Apple Watch.

  • Change your watch face, and on the screen that comes up when you change it, change your goal.
  • Change settings: go to locations in the Apple Watch app, then choose the activity. From there, you can change your stand goal.change goal on app
  • Change the health app: go to the health app on your phone >> summary and change your goal.change settings on health app
  • Change in a watch: change it on the Apple watch. Just go back to change your screen and then change your move goal. Then change the value from 25% to 50%. You also want to change other values while you’re at it.change settings on watch

Steps to Change Your Stand Goal on Your Apple Watch

  • Step 1: Go to Setting on your watch
  • Step 2: Go to General, then go to Workout. If you change it, change it back within 24 hours. It will change your average calories burned for the day.settings
  • Moving onto Step 3: Swipe up, then tap Change Goals
  • Step 4: Tap to increase or decrease the number of minutes for your daily Exercise goal, then tap Next.change stand goa;
  • Lastly, Step 6: Tap to increase or decrease the number of hours for your daily Stand goal, then tap OK.


What is Stand Goal on Apple Watch? How does apple watch know i am standing?

Stand goal is the number of minutes you are supposed to stand up in a day. This changes between 20 and 60, but it depends on how much activity you have in your day. This varies with every person because their lifestyle change from person to person.

What will show in my stand time stats if I stand for half an hour?

Your watch will count that as one minute of standing time. If you change your stand goal to 30 minutes, your watch will change your average standing time for the day.

What are Active Calories?

It’s a new metric on Apple Watch when it counts calories burned in addition to steps. It records calorie burning when your heart rate is above 120 bpm, which means you are active or exercising. Changing your stand goal to 20 minutes will change your average Active Calories for the day.

Is it reasonable to change your Stand Goal?

It also depends on how much activity you have in your life. If you do not change your stand goal within 24 hours, it will affect other data like steps and calories burned for the day.

Is it change your Health Goal on Apple Watch?

Health goals change every day based on steps you have taken, active calorie burned, and calories burned for the day. If you change your stand goal to 50 minutes, but you do not change back within 24 hours, it will automatically change your health data on the watch. It counts to change it back if you change it because the health data on Apple Watch changes every day.


The Apple Watch is a remarkable gadget with an intuitive interface. We hope this article has been helpful. The Apple watch sometimes disconnects and doesn’t record all the data, but you can always sync it back quickly. You will find a lot of utility from the watch when you customize it. Stay tuned for more helpful articles on TechWhoop.

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