PlayStation is a famous term amongst gamers and refers to a gaming console developed by Sony. Owning a PlayStation is every gamer’s dream. You are in the right place to know everything about it! This article will help you to learn how to check playtime on PS4.

the playstation 4
The Playstation 4

Although it’s pervasive now, an interesting fact is the first PlayStation was released in 1994 and then PS2 in 2000, and then fast forward to today wherein PS5 was recently released. Sony Interactive Entertainment owns the PlayStation brand and family of products and services.

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What Is A PlayStation?

Playstation is a lineup of gaming consoles from Sony. You can connect them to any display and load your favorite game in it and play with a controller. PlayStation is a cloud-based service, and you have to create an account to play there, which is available on a subscription basis now. 

Fun Fact about PS4: Gaming can be fun with music and add many effects. So now you can listen to music on Spotify while playing on it! How amazing is that!

How To Check Playtime On PS4?

There is no definite way to know exactly how many hours you played PS4, but we have found you the most commonly used one. 

Step 1: Visit Sony’s official website.

Step 2: There, you will find a menu bar. Click on the option Family management.

family management under settings
Family Management under settings

Step 3: You will find the “Time Spent” under the account name.

time spent
Time spent

Unfortunately, this data is only about that particular day and would not tell how to check playtime on PS4 for a specific month or year.

Another way you might get to know how to see hours played on PS4 is by signing up for the PSN newsletter. They send you personalized information, so you may sometimes be sent about your gaming time data. Again, this is not a reliable way, but it may work.

Try making this a trend for fun wherein you tell everyone to see how many hours played on PS4 were by the end of the day or week and compare your stats.

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How To Check Playtime On PS4 For A Particular Game?

You may want to learn to check how many hours played on PS4 for your particular favorite game and not just for your whole day? It can intrigue you or even help you identify which your go-to game is! You can also show this and know how devoted you are to a certain game.

You can know how many hours you spent on a particular game in the following way:

Step 1: Locate and click on your Playstation profile icon on PS4.

playstation profile
Playstation profile

Step 2: Click on the ‘games’ option present there.

time spent under games
Time spent under Games

Step 3: You can see PS4 hours played for that particular game under the name of games.

How cool is that?

Why is PlayStation so popular?

Everyone has at least heard about PlayStation. Especially if you play any games. Sony is at the storefront of this technological innovation, and PlayStation’s evolution has been impressive since its first model. It has been an enormous hit, and they are just getting better with time. Another reason is the game’s exclusiveness. Though there are some other equally great gaming consoles in the market, PlayStation wins over them because of their game library. They have some fantastic platform-only exclusive games that compel the fans to use PlayStation to play their favorite game. Due to these perks, many players switched to PlayStation, and so did their friends because gaming is more fun with your friends.

 A lot of people adapted to this, which just piqued their popularity. Gamers slowly began to be recognized by their in-game names, which was a crazy phase, and gaming gradually gained respect and importance. Gaming became a profession, and people started doing live streams to earn money. Game levels and ranks became a matter of prestige, and players began to showcase their profiles and in-game achievements.

ps4 gaming console
PS4 gaming console

 All of this just boomed the gaming culture and brought so much attention to it. This brings us to an essential question in the PS community: How to check playtime on PS4?

One might want to have their PlayStation hours played for various reasons. Maybe you want to share it with your friends or keep a check on hours played PS4. Nonetheless, these statistics are enjoyable. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions how to check playtime on ps4?

Where is the safe mode in PS4?

Press and hold the power button before starting it, and you will hear a beep sound a few seconds later. This is how you will know it is in safe mode.

Are digital PS4 games tied to the account?

They are tied to the PSN account and not your physical system.

Can I get to play my downloaded PS4 games on PS5?

Sony has confirmed that you can get to play your PS5 games on PS4.

What happens to my games if I get a new PS4?

You won't lose your previous games even if you get a new device since it is stored in your account, and you can get them back by logging in to your PSN account.

Can Windows PC owners download PlayStation games?

It is restricted only to PS devices, and Windows PC owners cannot download them. But it allows those users to stream the games.

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You can share this with your gaming buddies so that they know how to check playtime on PS4, too, and it can be fun to compare! This method to keep track of time can also be used to control your gaming time and set a timer for yourself. We hope looking at these stats is helpful for you and adds fun to your gaming.

Happy gaming!

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