How to Clean MacBook | Top 9 Methods (Both Air and Pro)

Everybody would like to have a faster mac, especially when they have been using the same computer for years. It is only a matter of time before your Macbook slows down or just stops. And when that happens, working on a sluggish computer becomes more or less impossible. so, you should know how to clean Macbook.

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9 Quick Ways to Clean MacBook Easily

There are ways to speed up a Macbook without spending money on a brand-new model and how to clean Macbook .And if you want to find out how to improve the performance, read the tips below.

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one bundle to make your Mac awesome! It cleans tons of garbage and makes your Mac run quicker. Much the same as it did on the very first moment. It replaces many advancement paraphernalia for Mac. It can be anything you tell it to be: a macOS cleaner, a presentation screen, a malware remover. In simple terms, a lifeline.

Each time your Mac slows down, you get a full deck of speedup instruments to depend on: opening up RAM, overseeing Login Items, and Hung Applications. These will decrease your framework burden and tune the Mac for greatest execution. You can get the software from their product page here.

CleanMyMac X
CleanMyMac X

To make your Mac life all the more precise, you get a cool team of Uninstaller and Updater. The former completely expel unneeded applications, and the latter quickly refreshes the entire software. Terrible applications leave, and new ones consistently show up on schedule. This prevents clashes and keeps your Mac perpetually youthful.

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Clean Filth Inside

Some older Macbooks have quite a lot of filth inside them. Dust and dirt accumulate over time, and if you do not clean that regularly, you are bound to experience problems later.

It is not just the overall performance that indicates whether you have a problem with filth inside the computer. When you hear that internal fans are making a loud noise or the laptop is overheating, that is usually the fault of dust and dirt.

Make sure that you clean the filth inside frequently. It will prevent potential damage to internal hardware on top of Macbook performance improvements. This is one of the most used methods for learning how to clean MacBook.

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Look at Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor tool shows which applications are consuming most memory and how to clean MacBook. You can sort processes by memory and CPU usage.

Some apps cannot be removed because they are an integral part of the computer. However, carefully looking at the list, you may discover that some applications could be replaced or even removed from the computer.

For instance, if you are using Chrome for browsing the internet, and it takes too much memory, try installing and using another browser. Chrome may be underperforming due to too many extensions and add-ons. Still, a different browser might provide you with an even better experience when surfing the internet.

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Optimize Battery Life

Short battery life also creates problems and makes it difficult to get everything out of a Macbook and how to clean Macbook with maximum output. You should look to extend Macbook’s battery life by:

  • Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them.
  • Adjusting Screen Brightness.
  • Quitting applications that are running in the background for no use.
  • Turning off the back-lit keyboard.
  • Turning off Spotlight indexing.

Scan for Malware

A virus or malware is one of the common reasons of slowing down the Macbook. Several people believe that macOS does not need anti-virus software thanks to various myths floating around the internet. It is difficult to understand why someone would believe it as Macbooks need anti-malware tools just like any other computer.

Scan for Malware On Macbook
Scan for Malware

Scan the computer and remove any threats or potentially dangerous files just to have peace of mind. Also, if you are looking to fortify your security, consider setting up a virtual private network.

Prevent Memory Leaks

After a while, applications start to misplace the memory by allocating it to improper locations. Computer restarts are the easiest method to prevent these leaks. On average, a couple of restarts should be enough unless the Macbook is turned on almost non-stop.

And in case you are not keen on frequently restarting the laptop due to startup applications that have to load every time together with the computer, there is always an option to trim the login item menu in the System Preferences. Like the first one, you may use this method as a popular choice for learning how to clean MacBook.

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Clean the Disk Space

Lack of disk space is a common occurrence. And as more time passes, you will notice that the free space is shrinking without installing new applications or adding other files.

Junk data like caches, old backups, and app plugins are invisible, but they still accumulate over time. Removing them manually is too much of a hassle. Cleanup utility software is a good option. Similar to your iOS mobiles, it is important to learn how to clean MacBook.

Free up Disk Space
Free up Disk Space

As for other methods to free up disk space, you can remove old applications that can be reinstalled at any time. Transferring files to Dropbox and iCloud is also an option. Not to mention that you can save disk space with streaming services as they will eliminate the need to keep movie and TV show files that are quite large.

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Try Updating the System

The releases of new updates for the macOS bring stability and performance improvements. Even if the updates are relatively small, they can still make a difference and fix the problem that was the main cause behind the terrible Macbook performance. This will help in answering the question of slow Macbook and how to clean Macbook. Whenever there is a new update, you should add it immediately, even if it takes a while for the system to download and install everything.

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Reinstall the OS

When other suggestions fail for helping you to know how to clean MacBook, there is still an option to reinstall the OS. It may be a rather lengthy process, but you will give the Macbook a fresh start, and it should smooth things a lot, especially if you have not reinstalled the OS before. Though remember to back up important files because they will disappear after the re-installation is complete.

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Wrapping up 

Hope by reading this article you have gain some important insights about how to clean MacBook. As you can see, it is very essential to learn how to these tips. They can help you to save your precious time.

Keep reading and visiting us !

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