This article will show you several simple methods of; how to copy text from a website that won’t let you. The copy-paste operation is very straightforward on the website, with no restrictions. Now, let’s make this copy-paste procedure simple on the website where there is a hindrance.

How to copy text

How to copy text from a website that won’t let you- do this by simple methods, disable the JavaScript option, take a screenshot, and then copy text from it with the support of various apps. If the text is prolonged, print it as a pdf, inspect it for source code and then analyze the text from it, or you can record the screen. 

We will consider all these methods, and after reading this article, you will be able to copy text from the website in an easy way. Here, you can catch sight of the discussion on numerous websites like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and on different devices like Android and iPhone. If you want to know how to copy Blu-Ray disks, check out this article.

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What Straightforward Methods Exist To Copy Text From A Website That Won’t Let You?

On some websites, you can easily copy-paste the text. Still, few websites don’t permit you to copy-paste their content, so in this scenario, we will discuss some effective ways to solve the issue of how to copy text from a website that won’t let you. Follow these techniques to get the outcome;

Hidden Key Of The Solution

In this, we will disable Javascript. This solution is hidden in your PC. Only walk on these paces to get the answer, how to copy text from a site that won’t let you;

1. Proceed by making a move to chrome, then in the uppermost corner, click on the three-dot option.

three dot on chrome

2. After clicking on the three-dot option, several options will appear to click on the settings option.


3. By progressing toward the settings option, don’t get confused merely. In the left corner, click on the Privacy and Security option and site settings in this menu.

privacy and security

4. In site settings, search for the Javascript bar. After clicking on javascript, two options will appear; sites to use javascript or don’t allow sites to use javascript, click to Don’t allow sites to use Javascript.


After following all these steps, you will effortlessly copy the text from the websites that won’t let you do so, but don’t forget to refresh your page.

In Firefox, How To Put Javascript Out Of Action?

The website won’t let me copy text and paste. If you are facing such an issue in Firefox, then try to disable javascript by following these techniques;

about config

1. In Firefox, search for this address about config, then confirm any message appearing on your screen without panic.

javascript enabled

2. Firefox preferences will appear in that hunt for javascript. Enabled, then to change it from true to false, double-tap it.

For Opera, Follow These Steps To Disable Javascript

1. This process is similar to one we have done in chrome. Proceed to Opera, then progress with the browser settings option to find the Javascript option.

settings in Opera

2. We have to do it similarly to what we had done in chrome, go to the site settings option in the javascript menu.

disable javascript

3. In site settings, disable the Javascript.

To Disable Javascript On Any Site On Edge

Follow these steps to disable Javascript on Edge to copy the text if a website doesn’t allow it;

settings in edge

1. In the settings window, in the search bar, type Javascript, click on Javascript, and tilt the blue allowed button to the left side to disallow it.  

disable javascript in edge

2. If you cannot work with the method, try to update Javascript.

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Other Ways

Some other simple ways to copy-paste from the websites which follow the policy of no copy and paste;

Ctrl-p Works Well

This is the simplest answer to how to copy text from a website that won’t let you. Go to the desired website and press Ctrl+p; a print box will pop on your screen. In the print bar, you will see the destination in it a select destination as Save as PDF.


You can also select the desired number of pages you want to include in the PDF, then lastly, after setting up, click to save option. Once your pdf is downloaded, you can easily copy text from it.

The Deep Inspection

This technique is a little bit difficult to copy text from a website. The process to do this is easy but extracting text from the source code is a time taking approach. To inspect the reader, follow these steps;

1. Select the preferred text, and do a right-click from your mouse, or else press Ctrl+U.

2. Once you right-click several options, it will appear on the screen. From it, click on to inspect option.


3. After clicking the inspect option, the whole inscribed text code will appear on your screen. No need to fear; see the desired text by pressing Ctrl+F.

Take A Screenshot

You can quickly take a screenshot of a text and then use several apps to extract the text from the image. Some amazing apps support capturing the photo on the screen. Let’s take a glimpse at these apps;

  • SnagIt- On this app, you can easily record a screencast, allowing you to take a screenshot of the screen. This app’s distinctive feature is that iPhone users can utilize it. Firstly this app gives you a free trial. Then, you have to procure a license to use it.


  • OCR(Optical Character Recognition)- This is the best as it supports capturing screenshots and helps extract text from the image.

ocr app

These methods are user-friendly and make it easy to copy text from a website, as there are no different steps for unique websites. After copying the text from the website, if you are facing any issue with pasting the text on the command prompt, read this article to learn more about easy strategies. 

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What to do if copy and paste URL not working?

Follow these simple steps if your copy-paste URL is not working; Go to settings by clicking on the three-dot option in your chrome. In the settings menu, progress by clearing the cache or else remove extensions. Finally, reload the page.

How can you highlight and copy the text on websites that prohibit copy-paste?

For highlighting a particular text from a website that doesn't allow it to do so, go to the desired web page, press Ctrl+U, the hidden code of the text will appear, and press Ctrl+F to quickly reach the preferred text. For coping with the text, follow the simple techniques mentioned in the article.

Which tactic does the website use to block text coping?

The websites generally use javascript to preserve their content from reprinting and keep it unique. They use this tactic.

How to use CSS to disable the copy-paste option?

CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is a platform for creating an attractive website. This platform helps to add font size, color, and various elements to the website. One can disable the text selection by using a command called user-select.


Summarising this article, we have seen various techniques of; how to copy text from a website that won’t let you. Take a screenshot of a website, print it as a PDF, inspecting a source code. These are user-friendly methods and can be used with any web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge). Other better tactics were disabling Javascript and keeping in mind that this method’s steps are different for specific browsers. 

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