How to Create a Dating App like Tinder: A Step-by-Step Guide

We have come far from meeting people in malls, campuses, and cafes with changing times. Our idea of meeting new people, making new friends, hanging out, and dating, all have evolved. In today’s times, meeting a new person is as easy as tapping on your mobile screen. Ever since COVID-19 hit the screen of our globe, we have been locked down in our spaces confined to the social media world. In such a scenario, dating apps turn out to be a great place to find and meet new people. Keeping this current scenario in mind, many companies and firms are looking to create a dating app like Tinder. They are finding a way to leverage their business by exploring the dating app market. With our step-by-step guide, you too can learn how to create a dating app like Tinder and hit the market right away.

how to create a dating app
how to create a dating app

Dating apps have been a part of our generation for a long time now. However, its prevalence found its way not until recently. With COVID-19 running errands in the air, our social existence has now found a place in these dating places. A prevalent one has to be Tinder out of all these dating apps. Joining Tinder is as easy as installing it on your device and signing up for it.

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Tinder’s Standing in the Dating App Market

Before we learn how to create a dating app, let us have a quick look at how Tinder has been doing in the market. Being used in around 200 countries and 30 different languages, every user of Tinder spends an average of 45 minutes per day. About 11 times is how much a user logs in every day. Tinder passes over a million dates every single week. Around 1.6 billion swipes take place each day, resulting in 20 billion matches all around the world every day. It is the highest-grosser among the dating apps available in the app market. A mere glance at the share market is enough testament to the success of Tinder. 

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Features of Dating Apps

Let us now have a look at the features of Tinder and other dating apps like Tinder:

Options and Authorization

Creating the user profile forms the base of all the features in any dating app. The authorization option can be through any user’s social media accounts, and the user can thus access without having to memorize and recall the credentials.

sign in options on dating apps
sign in options on dating apps

User Profile

The user profile consists of several features. You can see the users’ bio here. You can also look at their dating preferences, food, and travel choices. Get an idea of their lifestyle and habits from all this. This feature can thus help the users to find a match for themselves.

user profile on dating apps
user profile on dating apps

Instagram integration

This feature allows the users to visit other users’ Instagram profiles. It can help the users to understand their prospective partners’ lifestyles in a better way.

Geolocation and Communication

The whole idea behind the working of a dating app is to find those app users near you. 

Discovery Settings

This feature allows or disallows other users based on specific filters. These filters could be location or distance.

discovery settings
discovery settings

You can opt to filter your search based on preferences like age or gender. 

The Swiping and Match-Making Feature

The swiping feature allows making or not making a match. When both users swipe right, it’s a match, and there is no match if either of the two users swipes left. Several apps monetize this feature, limiting the number of swipes made per day.

match making feature on dating apps
match making feature on dating apps

Tinder Passport

A premium feature allows users to change their location and find prospective matches worldwide. Since most users wouldn’t meet each other in person, this feature would help them connect virtually.

tinder passport
tinder passport

There are many other features. One feature is where the users can have a private chat between two users. You can also have push notifications and options for blocking users in your dating app. Lastly, monetizing the app is also an option to keep in mind.

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How To Create a Dating App

Tinder has been a tried-and-tested growth plan. Thus, learning to create such an app would be the go-to plan for any dating app business.

Now that you know how well Tinder grosses and works, let us help you create a dating app like Tinder here:


You might have had the notion of wanting to create a dating app like Tinder because of some insight. This insight can make your dating app stand out from all the other dating apps. This is what finding a niche is all about.

finding a theme
finding a theme

There have been dating apps with different themes. Some dating app themes are about preferences in food (such as Gluten Free singles), some in choices in lifestyles (such as Equestrian Cupid), and some are about favorite pets (such as Purrsonals). You can decide on a theme for your dating app and find your niche.


Now, you must have figured out the central theme for your dating app. After this, the next important step is choosing a business model. Generally, dating apps use several different business models.

business model for dating app
business model for dating app

The essential features of any app are priced free for the users. However, a premium version of the same app can have advanced features. These advanced features can be priced for a certain amount. The advanced features in your dating app could be distinct. You can boost the user profile to be noticed in the top results. You can have an advanced swipe feature, which will allow the user to have increased chances of getting a match. 

As we all know, apart from these, in-app purchases and ads are two widespread monetization strategies of the business model of any app.


We now have to look for ways to power up our app. For this, we have to choose certain technologies that power up your dating app. Here, there is one crucial thing that you should keep in mind. Scaling.

choose a tech stack
choose a tech stack

For example, let us consider Tinder. Earlier, MongoDB was used to match people. MongoDB is the NoSQL database. However, as its popularity increased, there was an increase in users. The developers decided to move to Amazon Web Services, a more robust hosting.


Now, it’s time to build up a team for app development. You need to consider critical parameters while choosing an app development team. Some of them are the portfolios of the team members, their rates per hour, and the size of the team.

app development team
app development team

All of this depends on your requirement. You can also ask the development team to provide you with a list of their earlier or recent clients. You can understand how able, reliable, and committed this particular development team is by contacting these clients. 

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Now, the most crucial work starts. Developing and launching the MVP marks the inception phase of your dating app. In this stage, you work on the project’s requirements, and you will also figure out your business goals and project prototyping.

dating app launch
dating app launch

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Following these easy steps will help you create a dating app like Tinder effortlessly and effectively. Once you are done with this, the next most important thing is developing a dating app.

We hope you’ve understood how to create a dating app like Tinder with our step-by-step guide. The only thing left then would be learning how to develop a dating app. With an experienced and able development team, you are all set to bring your dating app out to the market!

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