How To Create Facebook Ads In Power Editor | The Complete Guide

If you’re new to social ads, here’s a complete guide to Facebook’s Power Editor, perfect for beginners. Facebook has recently updated its Power Editor with a clean and modern interface that makes it simple and easy to create your own Facebook ads. If you are interested to know who checked your profile on Facebook, read this article!

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Before I knew about Facebook Ads, setting up ad campaigns was a process that took hours upon hours of hard work, and even then, doing so turned in mediocre results, if not downright failures. Check out these free websites to post your ads for free in India.

And now it’s often possible with just one click! I’ll show you how to create Facebook Ads in Power editor in this article.

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Creating Facebook Ads in Power Editor

Here is the step by step guide to create Facebook ads in power editor:

  1. It’s quite an obvious first step, but install Power editor on your device. facbook power editor
  2. Go to the dashboard of your profile and click on the Ads tab. ads tab
  3. Click on Edit in the right panel of the screen. 
  4. Now you can see this screen has been divided into two parts, Ad Set and Ad Group. If you don’t see these options, just hover your cursor over different tabs and check out all the tabs that appear on your set and ad group
  5.  On the left are Tools, Insights, Navigation, and Publishing options. If you click on an ad, a popup window will appear. If you click on the Insights option, you can see a list of all ads and different targeted audiences.
  6. After this step, the main part of the editor will be shown as a grid where you can add basic information about your ad.

Basic Information of Your Ads

The fields under this are self-explanatory, but I’ll explain each one just in case: 

  • Title – The headline or title of your ad will be the first thing people see when they visit your ad’s inbox. You can use these to grab attention and stand out from other ads so have some interesting words.
  • Message – The message for your ad. The best example of using a long message is to make it a bit catchy or dramatic so people will remember it and remember your offer.
  • Headline – This is the first thing people see when they visit your ads inbox, and it is the main message that grabs their attention. Click on the pencil icon to change the font of your headline. headline word lengthYou can post many offers in different headlines, but make sure you keep this one short since your ad inbox only shows 25 characters in each line, and if you try to put more, the space will start getting small and, in some cases, even disappear by its own.
  • Description – This is used as a description for your ad, which will appear at the bottom of your ad’s inbox. You can use this for catchy offers or questions you ask people to answer before buying the product you are selling. I suggest using short sentences since people can’t read short sentences.description
  • Budget – This is how much money you want to spend on this ad, so make sure it’s enough to cover the ad’s costs. 
  • Keywords – These are the keywords that Google uses to match it with your ads when someone clicks on them, which will help Google keep your ad around longer and increase your click-through rate. You can add as many keywords as you want and make sure that it is connected to your ad.

Go to the next step; if you have added all the details.

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Publish Your Facebook Ads

Follow these steps-

  1. After setting the basic information, it’s time to add URL to make your ads go public. So, go to the next step and click on Next at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The next step will show up on this page, where you can add the URLs you want to run ads for on your Facebook page. Click on Add link in the right panel and choose between website URL, Add URL, and Landing Page on ad ad
  3.  Select which website or niche you want to cover your ad campaign in the Website URL section. For example, you can add your main website and sites like a blog or a different product. For the Ad URL section, select the ad you want to promote. If you don’t have an ad created, it won’t show here. 
  4. The next step will show what you are targeting with your ad campaign. The option is really wide since Facebook offers more than 5000 audience interests like Business & Industry, Home & Family, Travel & Leisure, Health & Fitness, and hundreds more. 
  5. You can also check out which section is the most popular by clicking on the “Popular” button and clicking on Create Ad Set. You can do this step in two ways. If you want your ad to run in all the ad sets you have created, select them and click on Create Ad Set. There is another way is if you’re going to target a particular ad set. Select them all at once and then click on Create Ad Set again. ad set
  6. The coming page will show whether or not Facebook rejected your ad. If your ad was rejected, you could use this page to select the reason why it was denied, if you have any. If you want to re-submit, just click on the Re-Submit button at the bottom of the screen. Once it is approved, Facebook will show up with all your ads and also offer some additional information that you can take a look at by clicking on Edit.
  7. To add another ad, click on the Blank box and select Add Ad. Again, choose between website URL, Add URL, and Landing Page URL. Click on the Blank box and choose Edit Order if you want to arrange your ads.
  8. For Facebook Advertising, the Frequency option is important. You have to make sure you don’t over-advertise in your ads, or else people will get annoyed. You can choose between Daily, Weekly, Custom, or ten days for frequency. Custom means that you can select when people are most likely to click on your ad.
  9. Finally, after arranging them the way you want, just click on “Save Changes.”

In the headline and text areas, use more characters

The ability to utilize more content in the advertising for site visits or website conversions is one of the major advantages of generating ads with Power Editor. You are typically restricted to a headline of 25 characters and text of 90 characters for those types of advertising in the Ads Manager. Boosted posts are the only advertisement that permits longer text (also known as promoted posts).

Here’s how to make those identical ads in Power Editor without using the text restrictions that Ads Manager imposes.

  1. You may begin setting the ad in Power Editor once you launch your campaign and give the ad set and ad a name. You’ll see that the text restrictions aren’t visible.setting ad power editor

2. The ad text can now be used toad textad textad text convey a fuller tale about your subject.

Create a Custom Display URL Area

Your Display URL section is customizable in Power Editor. Consider using this space for a second SMS message; think outside the box. Perhaps include a statement about your goods or indicate when a promotion will conclude.

Whenever your URL is lengthy and difficult to type, this Display URL box is a useful function. You can provide the actual web address in the Display URL field, for instance, if you utilize additional surveillance in the website URL and want to ensure that users know where they are going.display url

Use it to display the primary URL instead of additional tracking information to direct clicks on your Facebook advertisement.

In order to further your call to action, You can highlight the Sign Up button using the Display URL section.

Access More Types of Ads

The dynamic product ad and the carousel ad are two ad formats that are only accessible in Power Editor. The two categories differ in a few ways from one another.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product advertising displays more complex adverts by using your entire product catalog and information about their browsing habits.dynamic product ads facebook

As a.csv file, you upload your catalog using the Business Manager. Facebook then uses the conversion pixel and a simple template to display several products (or even numerous products with carousel advertisements) to each Facebook user.

Carousel Ads

Carousel advertisements can showcase a maximum of five products and are set up instantly in Power Editor. Since each advertisement might direct you to a different website where the product is shown, this takes more than just picking out several photos for your advertisement. Each advertisement also has a unique title and explanation.carousel ads

Use 600 x 600-pixel images for carousel advertisements because the standard Facebook ad size of the file (1200 x 628) gets chopped off and looks bad.

Given that the image is larger, there is a significant chance that dynamic product advertising will generate more revenue for companies who sell many products (the same size as regular ads). Carousel advertising, though, can garner a lot of interest if they have the correct assortment of images.

ad textad textad textad text

Benefits of Creating Facebook Ads in Power Editor

Facebook ads can benefits you and your business in many ways. Here are some benefits you will get if you know to create Facebook ads:

benefit of fb ads

  1. Facebook Power Editor is a tool that allows users to create ads inside of Facebook without having to leave Facebook. Creating a new campaign and making it easy for users to make modifications to existing campaigns without having to log out from the Facebook platform and start over again from scratch.
  2. It is easy for agencies to use Power Editor because it allows them to create ads without leaving the Facebook advertising platform, which is greatly beneficial. After all, if any problems arise, they can be resolved easily from the same site where they were created.
  3. This is especially handy if you’re working with an ad manager who may not be available at all times.

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Can I create Facebook Ads as an editor?

Yes, you certainly can. Just go to your Power Editor and start creating your campaign.

Where is the power editor on Facebook ads?

Directly visit this link or open your Ads Manager and choose 'Power Editor' from the section on the left side.

How much does a Facebook Ad cost?

Frankly, that depends on what kind of business you are running. The cost can be a minimum of $200 per month, or it can go as high as $800 per month.


Finally, I hope this article made it easy for you to learn how to create Facebook Ads in Power Editor. It is a really helpful platform for all business owners to boost their promotions on social media. 

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