LinkedIn though a social media platform, has a very professional approach, focusing on networking and building a career. Whether you are a working professional exploring career change, a college graduate on a job hunt. Or even an individual trying to establish a job-focused base, LinkedIn is probably the first social networking site you reach.linkedin However, there come situations when you have to remove your existence from the platform to delete your LinkedIn Account. Maybe you want a career to reset or aim to go low-key for a while. Unlike most social networking sites. Whatever the reason, this article will discuss a step-by-step guide on How To Delete a LinkedIn Account. 

LinkedIn makes delete user accounts very easy. In addition, you can remove your account from the desktop website and the LinkedIn app on your smartphone. You must, however, be clear on a little point: If you want to remove certain information from your account, you can do so without deleting your LinkedIn account. If you want to erase the entire data from your LinkedIn account, then permanent deletion is your only option.  You will also learn about the other associated elements of this process. 

What Happens When You Permanently Close A LinkedIn Account?

Once you close a LinkedIn Account, you lose access to all the data on your budget. And your profile disappears from the website. However, it will take some time for your account to disappear from search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc., due to how they crawl their results. Any active plan, offer, etc., is invalid. You will lose any endorsement or recommendation affiliated with your account. In addition, you have to delete or merge any duplicate account associated.

merging account

Nevertheless, LinkedIn allows you to download your account data on your device. This way, you can save important data for future reference without worrying about your account deactivation.

Ways to Delete Your LinkedIn Account:

There are many ways to delete your LinkedIn Account. Continue reading to the following ways to do so:

Deleting LinkedIn Account Using Website (Desktop)

To delete your LinkedIn account by accessing the website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the LinkedIn website and log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. Click on Your Profile (the ‘Me’ option) and go to ‘Privacy & Settings.’view profile
  3. From the drop-down, choose ‘Account Preference and select ‘Account Management.
  4. Scroll down the Account page and locate the ‘Closing Your Account’ option.closing your account
  5. Click on ‘Change’ next to the Close account option.
  6. You now have to confirm your decision to delete your account with a reason. Fill these queries and press ‘Next.’
  7. Now re-enter your password. Finally, click on ‘Close Account.

reason to close

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Deleting LinkedIn Account Using App (Smartphone)

The process of How to Delete a LinkedIn Account using your smartphone app is almost similar to the one in the desktop version:

    1. Go to your profile picture – then ‘Me’ option.
    2. Scroll down and choose ‘Settings.
    3. Now, select ‘Account Preferences.’ In ‘Account Preferences,’ scroll down to the very end.
    4. Click on ‘Close Account’ in Account Management. You can see a Goodbye and recap message from LinkedIn. Press ‘Continue.’closing your account
    5. You will now have to choose a reason for deleting your account. Click on ‘Next.
    6. Re-enter your account password and press ‘Done.’ Your account will soon close permanently.
    7. For smartphones and desktops, directly close your account by going to the Close Account link. Check out how to copy and paste GIFs.

The Temporary Deactivation Feature

If you want to lay low for some time or for reasons that are not long-term, you may not want to delete your LinkedIn account permanently. In this case, you will be glad to know that LinkedIn also provides a temporary deactivation feature. This feature is the Hibernate your account feature. There is no deadline for keeping your account sleeping. It just states that you can reactivate your account after 24 hours.

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Hibernating the Account

Account hibernation prohibits your account visibility, even to your connections. All endorsements, recommendations, posts, comments, and messages affiliated with you will remain visible only as ‘A LinkedIn Member.’ This move will also remove your LinkedIn profile from the searches. Follow these steps to Hibernate Your Account:

  1. Go to the ‘Me‘ icon, i.e., your profile photo.
  2. Choose ‘Settings & Privacy.’settings and privacy
  3. Now, choose ‘Account Preference‘ and scroll to ‘Account Management.’
  4. In ‘Account Management,’ you will find the ‘Hibernate Account‘ option.
  5. When selecting it, you must enter why you are hibernating your account. Re-enter your password and click on ‘Hibernate Account.’hibernate account

To bring your account out of hibernation, you must log in.

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The Backup Feature

LinkedIn is an important marketing and professional tool for its users. So, you may be unsure How To Delete a LinkedIn Account permanently. The downloading your account data feature is available only for website versions of LinkedIn and not for smartphones. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Me‘ icon – viz., your profile picture
  2. Choose the ‘Settings & Privacy’ optionsettings
  3. Now, choose the ‘Data Privacy‘ option.
  4. Now, click the option ‘How LinkedIn chooses to use your data.’
  5. Then, select the ‘Get a copy of your data‘ option.
  6. get a copy of dataThe new dialog box has options for data to store. Click and select the ones you want to save. Consequently, choose the ‘Request Archive‘ option.

An email with a link containing the data will reach you within 24 hours. Henceforth, you have to download the data in 72-hours before the access expires.


How can I get my account back after hibernation?

If you want to bring your LinkedIn account back from hibernation, log in back to your account. Your account will be automatically reactivated.

Is it possible to reactivate a deleted account?

In case it has not yet been 14 days since your account deletion, you can very much get your profile back. However, data like followings, endorsements, recommendations, group memberships, and pending invitations will be lost. There is no way to recover your account if it has been more than 14 days.

How to delete my LinkedIn account?

To know how to delete a LinkedIn account, you need to open your profile icon. Now choose the 'Settings & Privacy option. Go to Account Preferences then Account Management then Close Account. Now fill in the reason for permanent deactivation, re-enter your password and select 'Close Account.'

Does my account data of LinkedIn remain after I delete my account?

No, permanent account deletion deletes all data related to your account. However, LinkedIn provides a data backup feature that you can use to save your data before deleting that LinkedIn account.


LinkedIn probably has the easiest answer if you are wondering How To Delete a LinkedIn Account. It does not just provide permanent solutions to closing your account from a desktop and a smartphone. Not just that, it allows you a complete deactivation. There will not be any of your data or reference stored if you are deleting your account. 

Therefore, it also lets you temporarily deactivate your account by hibernating it. Another great addition is providing data backups for your account that you can access even after your LinkedIn profile is no more. Since, this article has dealt with all these topics in detail. I hope you have solved all your doubts.

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