How to Delete a Profile on PS4 | Simple Guide

The current generation is too much dependent on technology and other similar aspects of the digital world. Moreover, everyone is quite enthusiastic about spending time while having fun. There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Also, this lockdown period is hectic for many people as they are in their homes. Further, users are constantly looking for the best alternatives to avoid getting bored in their free time. Thus, digital games are at the peak, and players are keen to play online games. Gaming consoles are the most effective method to play some digital games with an amazing story. Users are switching rapidly from PS4 to PS5 but they are struggling to delete the account. So this tutorial will show you how to delete a profile on PS4.

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Recently, Play Station 5 came into the market by the leading gaming consoles producer, Sony. The entire market burst into joy along with the players who were looking for something similar. It is the reason that stocks of PS5 are rapidly selling in the community along with compatible games. Thus, players are switching from PS4 to the newer version of the console. However, many of the players cannot find a way to remove their accounts from the older console. Hence, we are here to tell you how to delete a profile on PS4. Also, we will discuss some of the major aspects of the process that you need to keep in mind. Therefore, makes sure to follow the steps in an orderly fashion and delete the Playstation account. 

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What is a PlayStation Account?

First, you have to understand the basic concept of your account and other information related to the same. PSN or Play Station Network is a digital web launched by Sony for gamers are over the globe. The job of PSN is to provide a sustainable gaming environment for downloading and playing console games.

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It first came out in 2006 and is growing ever since. Moreover, it is available on all Sony gaming consoles after the PlayStation 3. Hence, the players need to create a user account on PSN to access their consoles. Further, this account will save their information related to the player database. Therefore, you have to log into the account every time you play.

How to Delete PlayStation Account?

It is one of the most asked questions in recent times due to the onset of Playstation 5. Many players often ask how to delete a PSN account and other similar details about the same. Therefore, we have compiled a couple of methods to show you how to delete ps4 account. Also, you can choose any single set of the procedure or try all of them. We assure you that you will be able to successfully delete the PlayStation account successfully.

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Method #1 Using Primary Account

Every Playstation user will be aware that you have to log into the console before playing. Also, there is an option to activate the primary account in the settings menu. Hence, this method comprises similar steps. Thus, if you wonder how to delete a profile on ps4, follow these steps,

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Step 1

First, turn on the Playstation 4 and connect the controller with it. Make sure that there is an internet connection during this method.

Step 2

Further, you have to log in using your credentials of the account normally. Also, this should be the account that you wish to delete.

Step 3

You have to open the Settings panel that you can find on the home screen. Users can also get this option by turning the left joystick up from their controller.

login setting
login setting

Navigate the options and click X once you reach the tools menu.

Step 4

Next, scroll down to the bottom until you reach the Login Settings option in the menu.

user setting
user setting

Step 5

You will go to a new page that will say something like Delete User. Click on the tab.

delete user
delete user

Step 6

Finally, the system will ask for confirmation for deleting the primary PS4 account from the device.

Final confirmation
Final confirmation

Moreover, It will automatically remove any unsaved data.

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Method #2- Manual Reset

This method will not only delete your account but also erase all the internal data of the console. Hence, you have to save the important files either in the USB or Cloud. Also, this method is helpful if you want to reset the PlayStation for better performance. The steps for the same are,

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Step 1

The first step is to push the power button present on the console itself manually. Make sure that the device is turn on.

ps4 setting
PS4 setting

You have to keep pressing the button until you hear a beep.

Step 2

Leave the button and press it again for at least 10 seconds. This time you will hear two sounds with a gap of a few seconds.

ps4 setting manually
PS4 setting manually

It will activate the Safe Mode of the device.

Step 3

Once the screen turns on, please navigate the option that says Restore Default Settings and click on it. This process can take some time as the device will get back to its original settings. Hence, any data present on the console will no longer be available for the user.


We hope that this guide on how to delete a profile on ps4 will help you resolve any potential issue. Make sure to remove the account completely before logging into another device. It will prevent any data loss during the transfer. Moreover, you can contact the Customer Support of Sony for more details on how to delete a PSN account.

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