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Mobile phones are an immense part of our routine lives, along with every feature possible. Technological advancements are bringing more things to our palms. Moreover, it has no boundaries, and everyone is quite hyped about the same. However, sometimes we neglect smaller things related to the phones. The main purpose of mobile phones is to place a call or attend it. There are many ways in which we can call a person and connect with them virtually. The only thing that we need is a stable network and a phone number on which we are trying to call. Also, the one thing that most people skip is the use of number extensions. Further, these extensions play a crucial role in connecting to a specific firm or a business. In this article, we will discuss how to dial an extension.

Thus, if you are not aware of it, we will help you. This simple guide contains all the information that you need to know for the same. Also, we will be covering the methods that will tell you how to dial an extension properly from different phones. Therefore, make sure to read the following sections to get an overview of it.

What is a Phone Extension?

Many of you might not even have heard this term before coming to this page. Thus, the first section will contain some common definitions of it. An extension is a simple set of digits that refer to a particular employee or team of a company. This helps in mentioning a specific person rather than accounting for the whole organization. The basic extension number is derived from the main business contact number.

Moreover, it assists as it can further extend to several parts according to the requirement. Hence, it is quite beneficial to make contact with every member of the company. Thus, you should be aware of the ways how to call an extension.

The trend of phone extension first came into existence during the time of landlines. The caller has to call the main number, and the operator will ask for an extension. This process took quite a while and did not serve its purpose. Hence, the new generation of smartphones provides a much faster way to do the same.

How To Dial An Extension On Android?

As mentioned earlier, phone extensions play an important role in dialing a specific person in a building. Moreover, you should know the exact extension as a mistake would lead to bouncing the call to the wrong place. This section will contain information about the methods of how to dial an extension using your phone. Every mobile system has a different approach to dialing a number with an extension. However, the basic concept remains the same.

Android phones are the most common devices in the world right now. You can easily dial an extension on Android phones by two different methods. Follow these two methods if you want to know how to call an extension on android.

Wait Method

First, we will discuss the Wait Method for this process.

  1. The first step involves accessing the contacts list of your phone. You will have a separate icon for the same. However, you can also open the dialing pad on your Android device. wait method
  2. Next, find the contact with which you want to place a phone extension. Once you locate the name of the person, click on it.
  3. Further, you will see an icon with a pencil shape that determines the option to Edit the contract. Thus, click on the Edit button to start making changes in the number.
  4. There are several details that you have already added with the contact while saving it. Next, tap on the field that contains the mobile number.
  5. Here starts the most important part, where you will add the phone extension with the existing mobile number. After the end of the number, you have to put a semicolon (;) that will separate both the values.
  6. Next, make sure to add the phone extension after the semicolon. For instance, the phone number is 1122334455, and the extension is 987. The final number will be 1122334455;987
  7. Save the contact, and finally, you can use the number to dial the extension from your phone directly.

This is how to call a number with an extension using Wait Method

Pause Method

The second method is known as the Pause method of how to dial an extension properly. The steps for the same are,

  1. The first step remains the same in which we have to locate and find the desired contact number on our phone. pause method
  2. Once you open the Edit section of the contact number and put the primary phone number.
  3. Unlike the wait method, you have to put a comma (,) followed by the extension number. For instance, the number is 1122334455, along with the extension 987. The final number to save will be 1122334455,987
  4. Moreover, you can add several commas in the place of a single character. Each comma stands for a 2-second pause to dial the extension. Thus if you add four commas in the number, it will add 8 seconds pause.troubleshooting pause method

This is how to dial extension using the Pause Method.


That is all that you need to know about how to dial an extension from your phone. Apart from saving the contact, you can also directly call it from the dial pad. Moreover, make sure to use the extension along with the number correctly.

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