How To Disable Samsung Pay I A Complete Guide For You

Want to know how to disable samsung pay? we got you. We live in an era where we rarely use cash for our transactions. Most of the time we pay online for any purchase. Especially in the era of smartphones, we usually choose online payment. Our phone is a perfect medium for e-wallets and pay
Along with Google Pay and Paytm, there is one such app called Samsung Pay. It operates on Samsung smartphones. At the time of purchase, smartphones are loaded with pre-installed apps. Samsung Pay is one of them. But there are times when we do not want to use Samsung pay or disable the app from sending constant notifications.

When it was first launched, you could not deactivate or remove Samsung Pay. After some changes and improvements in the devices, here are some easy tips and steps on how to disable Samsung Pay. Check out Top 10 Money Borrowing Apps For Emergency Situations

Samsung Pay 

Samsung Pay is a service provided by Samsung Electronics. Here Samsung users can use Samsung Pay to make online payments and digital wallets. It is easy, secure, and convenient. Samsung pay supports all bill payments like contact-free, NFC, and magnetic strips. samsung payIt works on all Samsung devices. Samsung pay is useful in malls, theatres, grocery shops, etc. speaking of grocery shops, find out if you can pay with Samsung Pay at Walmart or not.

Samsung Pay vs Google Pay

Let’s see the difference between them:

  • The Samsung pay app applies from Galaxy Note 5 to the latest gear watches.
  • Google Pay is applicable from the KitKat or higher android system.
  • To access Samsung Pay, you can use a Fingerprint and pay vs google pay
  • To access Google Pay, you will need a Fingerprint, PIN, pattern, or password.
  • If you want to share money with your friends or family like Google Pay, then both parties need to have Samsung Pay Cash. 
  • Here are some of the other alternatives to use. Also, check out our article on How To Install the Spectrum App On Samsung TV.

How to Disable Samsung Pay

Since Samsung Pay was first introduced in 2015, we have all searched for how to disable Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay comes preinstalled when you buy any Samsung phone. You cannot uninstall it, or disable it when you do not wish to use it.

As I have said previously, Samsung phones did not have the feature to uninstall or disable the app. So here are some tips on how to disable Samsung Pay on Samsung Galaxy phones.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Apps. 
  3. Select Samsung Pay.disable
  4. Click on Force Stop to disable Samsung Pay.
  5. Go to the play store and disable auto-update for any future errors. 

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How to Uninstall Samsung Pay

Here’s how you can uninstall Samsung pay:

  1. Select Samsung Pay.
  2. Long press the app.uninstall
  3. Select Uninstall.
  4. Tap ok.

How to Uninstall Samsung Pay (Older Phones)

Here’s what you can do If you want to uninstall Samsung Pay from this phone after reboot:

  1. Open Google Play Store and search Titanium Backup.
  2. Install the Titanium Backup.titanium
  3. Open the app after installation.
  4. Click on Samsung Pay in the app list.
  5. Uninstall the Samsung Pay.

How To Disable Samsung Pay From My Screen/Swipe Up

When you want to make an online payment very quickly, Samsung Swipe Up comes to help. But when you try to open the multitasking menu Samsung Pay will automatically launch. 

Here’s what you can do To stop Samsung Pay from launching itself whenever you swipe up:

  1. Open Samsung Pay.settings
  2. Go to Samsung Pay Settings.
  3. Choose “quick access” in the payment section.  quick access
  4. Deselect the Lock screen, Home screen, and Screen off to deny the swipe up to access.

How to Disable Cards From Samsung Pay

It is important to remove your card credentials from the app if you do not want to use them. 

  1. Open the Samsung Pay app.
  2. Go to the menu from the corner of the
  3. Open the Cards symbol.
  4. Select the Card you no longer want to use.delete cards
  5. Click the Delete card.

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How to Manage Permissions for Samsung Pay

To manage permissions for your Samsung Pay follow these steps.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to Apps/Application manager.
  3. Find Samsung Pay, press the app and select Force permissions
  4. Go back to Apps and find Samsung Pay Stub and repeat the steps.
  5. Possible that Samsung Pay Stub may not be available.
  6. Choose Permissions for Samsung Pay and Stub. Revoke all of them.
  7. Open Google Play Store and disable Samsung Pay for auto-update.

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Why Disable Samsung Pay?

Like all the glitter is not gold, Samsung Pay is not as good as it may seem. When you are remotely making any transaction or payment, you are putting all your private data at risk. Hackers can easily access all your funds and data and track them. 

When enabled, it will give you constant notifications and reminders, which can be annoying sometimes. You should disable Samsung Pay if you do not use it. Here are some major risks when you do not disable the app.

  1. It is a Bloat app that will fill up the app drawer.
  2. They take up a large amount of storage space.why disable app
  3. When enabled, Samsung Pay runs in the background and uses battery and data.
  4. While running in the background, it will slow down the android device.

Install Appblocker App to get rid of Samsung pay:-

If Samsung pay is getting installed on your phone automatically, then to get rid of Samsung pay, here is a unique idea here you won’t need to disable Samsung pay or uninstall Samsung pay rather than install an app blocker app. These app blocker apps are super beneficial. Not just Samsung pay apps, these apps help block any unwanted app that is eating up your space or is a default app. Multiple ad blocker apps are there, whether paid or unpaid. Choose what you like because both paid and unpaid apps work the same. appblocker

All you have to do is install any app-blocker app, then open the app-blocker, choose the app you want to block, and you are done. These app blockers help block the app you do not want on your phone. Not only do they disable the app, but with these apps, you can even control your distraction by choosing any time period for any app you wish not to see or get any notification from them but installing the app-blocker can help the previous default app to show up again.


Can I disable Samsung Pay from Samsung Watch?

No, you can not disable or uninstall Samsung Pay from your gear watch. It is best to ignore it for now until further updates in the device.

How to disable Samsung Pay for a lost phone?

First, go to the Find My phone site and log in to your Samsung account. Then choose your device and Lock it or erase all the data from your phone.

Why use Samsung Pay?

It is fast and accepted in 29 countries. It is safe and easy to use.

How to remove Samsung Pay from the lock screen?

Open Samsung Pay. Go to settings and quick access in the payment section. Disable Samsung Pay from quick access to the Lock Screen.

What is Samsung Swipe up?

With the swipe-up feature, you can access Samsung Pay from Home Screen and Lock Screen. All You have to do is Swipe the Home or Lock screen, select your card to configure, and make your payment. Samsung swipe is useful for quick access and transactions.

Can I turn off my Samsung Pay?

Yes to turn off the app just open the app. Got to the Menu on the left corner. Tap the gear icon and go to Quick access. Turn off the toggle bar for the Home screen, Lock screen, and Screen off. Now it will only operate when you manually use it.

How to turn off Samsung Pay notifications?

Open the settings and go to Samsung Pay. in the privacy section, go to notifications. Turn off the toggle bar of screens to never receive any notifications from the app. It will not bother you now.

How to make payments with Samsung Pay?

Choose a card for your payment. Configure with a 4-digit PIN, iris scan, or fingerprint scan. To confirm the transaction, place or gently tap the back of your phone near the card machine and enter the PIN(if you use a Debit card for Samsung Pay). You should receive an email with all the information about your transaction.


By now, you know what Samsung Pay is, how and why to use Samsung Pay, how to disable it, how to turn off the notification, and why it is important to do so. Here are some of the best alternatives to use instead of Samsung pay.

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