How to Disassemble Xbox One Controller Easily? [2023]

The Xbox has been in high demand for the past decade. Microsoft had introduced this game back in 2001, and since then, it has become the dream of every child to own the Xbox. After the lockdown, especially, it has been one of the highly purchased online gaming platforms. In this article, we will discuss how to disassemble the xbox one controller

There are five versions of Xbox. Each has unique features that make it stand out.

You might sometimes face some issues when it comes to taking care of your Xbox. If you use it excessively, there is a chance that it will get spoilt. Apart from that, there is a shell-life of electronics, so if you are facing issues even when you use the controller properly, you do not have to worry.

This issue is always solvable, provided you follow the procedure. This article will help you to comprehend how to disassemble the xbox one controller straightforwardly. Make sure that you spend enough time understanding the technique. This will help you to perform it in a better way.

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How To Disassemble Xbox One Control Without Tools?

It is advisable that you do not invest any money to purchase expensive tools that claim to help you resolve how to disassemble xbox one controller within minutes. First, you should try the methods that will help you resolve this without any investment needed. This article will present some easy steps that you should follow as they have been set out. It is advised that you understand the steps and then perform them.

The first step to solve how to disassemble the xbox one controller is to take out the console’s battery. This will be at the back of the controller; make sure that you keep the battery properly. After that is done, you will have to proceed then to remove the sides of the controller.

remove sides
Remove sides

It is vital that you do this first, or else you cannot gain control of the Torx screws. Even a small trim tool will work if you want to do this – or any other tool will work just fine. This will not spoil the plastic of the console. Next, you should remove the sides very easily and swiftly. Some time will have to be spent in finding the perfect edge. After that, you can slowly open the game console. Know about the best xbox one emulator for pc from this article!

You are already closer to resolving how to disassemble the xbox one controller without any technical expertise.

The next thing will be to remove the Torx screw. As mentioned earlier, it will be at the back of the console. At the exact middle, you will see a screw. You must note one thing that if you have touched this screw, you will not find Microsoft helping you out with how to disassemble xbox one controller at any cost.

remove screws
Remove screws

After the screw at the center has been removed, you can remove the rest of the screws. There will be adding four screws that are removable, which will be at the corner. Unless you remove these screws, you will not be able to resolve how to disassemble the xbox one controller straightforwardly. The tool you use must be a sturdy little one, or else you might damage the console.

Apart from that, you will find it very challenging to put back the controller. So, here you might want to invest in a cheap screwdriver that will not cost more than $10. This will help you to resolve how to disassemble the xbox one controller without any worry. So, get the screwdriver and then start turning around the screws. Within minutes, you will see your console being disassembled in front of your eyes! Just turn the screws slowly so that the chances of damage are low. To know how to remove Credit Card from xbox one console, click here.

How can it ever get easier than this?

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Here you now have the option to disassemble Xbox One controller in a very simple way. All that you need to do is follow the steps in the given order. This will help you to avoid any problems that can occur. For example, if you see that your joystick gives you a problem, you can resolve it easily by following the techniques here. To know about the best xbox one mystery games, click here

If it is a small problem, you might not want to run to the store to resolve it. You have to spend just less than $10 to rectify the issue. The advantage is that you will have this tool for life. So if you encounter this issue ever again, you already know how to disassemble xbox one controller!

It is advisable that you do not go on buying any tool. The method here will work out in most cases; only when you see that it does not work, you must buy the tool. Or rather than that, take the help of an expert so that you do not cause any damage to your console. It is an implication that if there is irreparable damage, you might have to purchase a new one. So always be careful when you are outperforming this. Also, you do know how to disassemble xbox one controller, but once you do this, your free warranty claim is over. The only solution would be to pay them, or else you might have to give up the console and buy a new one for yourself. 

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