How To Edit Pdf On Mac | Top 3 Ways Tested For 2023

We can’t avoid them – PDFs are ubiquitous, particularly in the office. Although PDFs are easy to read, they might be difficult to work with if you just want to make minor changes to the text, sign a form, or transfer a file through a size-restricted platform. Learn how to edit pdf on mac.

Finding a specific word in a PDF is tough using a normal PDF viewer like Preview on the Mac, and altering a document is nearly impossible. It will be quite difficult to make changes to a PDF document if you do not know which tools to utilize. Fortunately, several PDF tools are available to assist you with the editing process.

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Ways On How To Edit PDF On Mac

Fortunately, filling out a PDF on your Mac is straightforward. This article will show you how to edit pdf on mac.

Using QuickLook

Here’s how by using Quicklook, we can edit Pdf on Mac.

To Edit PDF

Apple added the ability to edit PDFs with Quick Look when it upgraded MacOS to Mojave in 2018.

QuickLook is a fantastic tool for viewing anything on your Mac without launching the relevant app. You may preview any document by locating it in the Finder (or accessing it from your desktop). Simply choose the file by clicking on it and pressing the spacebar.

Here’s how to utilize Quick Look’s edit tools to fill up a PDF on a Mac:

  1. Locate the PDF that you wish to change.
  2. Press the spacebar to select it.
  3. A file preview will show on your desktop if you press the spacebar.
  4. Look for the pencil symbol in the top right corner of the preview. Right-click on it.
  5. You will now see the editing tools.  The tools provide a drawing tool, shapes, and a text tool – a T in a frame – in the third spot. Hit on it.To Edit PDF
  6. After you select the text tool, a box with the term Text within will emerge. You may drag this to a different location on your screen and put whatever you wish to include in the PDF. You may move it around by clicking inside the box until a hand symbol appears and transforms into a fist.
  7. The text may be red by default; select the drop-down box beside the A to alter the text’s color, font, and size.
  8. Some forms are meant to be easier to fill out, and text fields may display automatically where you need to input. It’s possible that you can add a tick just by clicking on a box.
  9. When you’re finished, click Done to save your changes.
  10. You may now export the finished PDF.

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To Add Signature

You may also add your signature directly from the Quick Look preview. To do the same, perform the following actions:

  1. In the menu, select the Signature icon.
  2. Select Create Signature from the menu.To add Signature
  3. Use your trackpad for adding your sign, or write your signature on paper and hold it up to the camera. A thick black pen will produce a better outcome.
  4. Simply click on your signature to add it to the paper.
  5. Drag it into position.

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Using Preview

Even if you haven’t upgraded to Mojave or Catalina, you can still edit PDFs on your Mac for free by using the Preview program with the Mac operating system. Read below to know how to edit a pdf on mac using Preview.

  1. If you click on the PDF, it should open in Preview unless you have another PDF viewer installed. To guarantee that the PDF opens in Preview, right-click on it and select Open with > Preview.Using Preview
  2. Click on the pencil in a circle symbol to launch the Markup tools: a text selection tool, a rectangle selection tool, sketch and drawing tools, shapes, text, and sign, note, shape style, and border, fill color, and text style.
  3. You may add text, underline, highlight, draw on, and more to the PDF using the different tools in Preview. We’ll go through how to utilize these tools in more detail below, but the process for simply adding text to a PDF is the same as for Quick Look.

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Adding Text In PDF

Try clicking in the section where the PDF says you should add some data after you have the PDF document open in Preview (or Quick Look). You might be able to type there if the PDF is set up in such a manner that Preview can detect where text should be inserted. In such instances, inserting text is as simple as clicking in the appropriate spot and entering.

You’ll need to build your own if the text boxes aren’t correctly configured. Here’s how:

  1. Either click on the symbol that looks like a T with a box around it or go to the Preview menu and pick Tools > Annotate > Text.
  2. In the center of the page, a little box with the word Text will appear. This may be moved about the page by dragging and dropping it. You may also adjust it to fit the PDF’s layout. Simply begin typing after you’re satisfied with the placement.Adding text in PDF
  3. To alter your text’s font, size, or color, click the slanted A symbol at the far right of the toolbar choices. This will bring up the primary formatting option, where you may change the text and the justification, for example, if it’s centered and you’d want it to be justified left.
  4. Simply click and drag word boxes to shift them around.

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Adding Notes and Comments in PDF

Notes are another handy element in Preview’s toolbar. This allows you to highlight a part of the document – for example, text with problems – to inform your colleagues or leave a note for yourself.

  1. To open Notes, click the square with three lines within. This will result in a yellow box in the highlighted region.Adding notes and comments in PDF
  2. Now fill in whatever thoughts you have, then click on another portion of the paper to shut the box into a yellow square.
  3. To view what’s in a note, click on it, and it will enlarge.

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Using Third Party Software

A preview is a beautiful tool for swiftly making changes to PDFs, but if you want to take things to the next level, you should look into a specialized package. We’ve explored a few PDF editing tools here. Read below to know how to edit a pdf on mac using third-party software.

PDFelement for Mac, for instance, was explicitly designed to produce, edit, and modify PDFs. It can dynamically reflow text and utilize OCR to convert paper documents or digital scans into editable PDFs; it can also construct interactive forms from Microsoft Word documents, among other things.Using Third Party Software

Another such tool is PdfCandy. You can use this tool to edit pdf in several ways. You can split the pdf or add a password to the document. It has cloud storage and allows you to save in it. It is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars proving its effectiveness.

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How do I edit a PDF without Adobe on a Mac?

First, upload the PDF you intend to alter to Google Drive and open it in a Google doc file. Google Drive will convert the PDF to an editable document and remove the pictures for you. Then, when the built-in OCR retrieves text from photos, you may begin modifying the text.

What is the ideal Mac PDF Editor?

Adobe Acrobat is everywhere; there is PDF. When we talk about PDF, we have to bring up Acrobat. It is one of the finest free PDF editors for Mac.

How to edit a pdf on mac the Without of Adobe Acrobat?

On the Google Docs page, click New and upload your work to the drive. Once the file has been uploaded, right-click on it in the main window and choose Open with, then Google Docs. In your browser, a new tab with editable text will appear.

How can I convert a PDF to an editable PDF for free?

Browse the PDFSimpli website. Choose 'Select a PDF to Edit,' then your PDF file. Make the necessary modifications in the editor window. Once you've completed it, press 'Convert.' Finally, save the file in the desired format. You might, for example, download it as a Word document.


PDFs enable you to share a read-only form of your content on mac, displaying the same formatting and layout on any device and in any program that opens it. While PDF documents are intended to be final, you can make adjustments such as flagging mistakes, adding signatures, or redacting text.

You can make significant modifications to your PDF documents within moments with editors like Preview and QuickLook, as well as third-party editors like PDF element and Pdfcandy. We hope this article helped you understand how to edit a pdf on mac.

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