Since Dark and Darker is a PvPvE game set in a dungeon, the majority of your time will be spent dungeon wandering. The majority of people, nevertheless, overlook that they should also be surviving and that the requirement to crawl also includes crawling out of the dungeon. The article discusses how to extract in Dark and Darker as soon as possible so you can return to safety with your delectable loot.

Get in front of Portal, point the crosshair at the scroll, and hit F (the critical bind settings allow you to adjust this). A portal can be started quickly, but it can take time to operate thoroughly. Following this, one can easily extract from this game. Here is a guide on fixing Nintendo Switch controller lag.

Your only means of extraction, whether you arrive first or last, is to locate portals. Unlike previous games, you can leave the dungeon or go further into the shadows for higher rewards. It would be advisable to extract and Buy dark and dark gold rather than go deeper unless you want to try your luck or have good equipment. How to extract in Dark and Darker? Read below to learn about pulling Dark and Darker in detail.

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What Is Extract In Dark And Darker?

In Dark And Darker, “Extract” refers to the final game stage before you are eliminated. It is the last level before the next game session begins. Finding an extraction location, which happens randomly throughout the game, is the first step toward extracting. You can finish the assignment once you locate the extraction point for how to pull in Dark and Darker.


The extraction places are marked by a blue headstone visible on the ground. When a Blue Headstone spawns nearby, you may readily hear rumbling rock-like noises. Additionally, when it generates, a notification will appear on your screen. The Headstones typically arrive in the middle of the game session, so your team must locate them swiftly to remove them safely.

The best action would be to remember that Red Headstones also lead to lower floor levels. The enemies in those stages are many. However, you will also receive far better benefits. How to extract in Dark and Darker? The steps for it are below. Click here to learn about the Best Chat Room Games Online.

Extracting In Dark And Darker

How to extract in Dark and Darker? Other high-stakes games typically need you to physically get to the extraction location to bring back your prize. Here is how to pull in Dark and Darker:

  1. It would help to turn on a blue headstone in this dungeon in Dark and Darker to exit with all your loot. dark-and-darker-two-escape-portals-side-by-side
  2. Press “F” to interact with it when you locate one. dark-and-darker-campfire-feature
  3. Enter the blue Portal after activating the blue Headstone to go. 


The issue is that these blue portals are not accessible at the beginning of the game, and these extraction spots’ locations are frequently arbitrary. The initial Portal will not spawn in the dungeon for a few minutes. Keep yourself alive while you wait and collect as much stuff as possible. That’s how to extract in Dark and Darker.

Information About Blue Headstones

Players have gathered general information about Blue Headstones and Escape Portals. Still, the details and mechanics of Dark and Darker are subject to change in its early development stage.

  • The Blue Headstones audio cue is an old stone gate opening or rocks rumbling. It is the sound of the tombstone emerging from the earth for how to extract in Dark and Darker
  • Exit Portals/Headstones almost always spawn inside the circle’s perimeter, and even when they do so, they do so highly nearby.


  • Although the precise spawn timer for Blue Headstones is still unknown, they begin to appear very early. Exit Portals start spawning in the top right corner of the Event Feed after around 8 minutes or so, though it’s not immediately apparent.
  • Once the Portal appears, it remains open until used, allowing players to enter. You can take advantage of the opportunity for some last-minute looting and exit without having to bother dealing with the Headstone again.

blue headstone

  • Blue Headstones typically spawn in clusters near one another, as least as of the second alpha. So instead of fighting over who gets to exfil first, if a team of three only finds one Headstone, it might be wiser to check the nearby chambers.
  • As with almost every mechanism in Dark and Darker, sound is crucial. Players searching for Blue Headstones must watch for its aural clues. It includes footfall mingled with the Headstone’s rumbling.

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Reasons To Secure An Exit Portal With Tactic

This strategy is the most effective for the following reasons:

  • Even though the zone deals relatively forgiving steady damage, players rarely run into it. As a result, players with keen eyes who notice a Blue Headstone in the area can just run in, chug a Health Potion, and tank the damage while they spawn an easy Extract. 


  • Sticking to the outside of the circle allows you to dodge all the players that rushed to the center when they spawned, leaving just other players using this tactic or fleeing the area. It is with low health or their guards down as how to extract in Dark and Darker.
  • Players can loot and explore while watching for potential enemies because the player base doesn’t seem to stay out in the zone very often. If the area covers two of a room’s three exits, anyone who emerges will likely do so by the unprotected exit.


How do I extract in group Dark and Darker?

The only trustworthy extraction method is to locate a portal and engage with it. Regular portals spawn as vertical stones with fissures illuminated by blue light. Press the interact key when approaching them, then interact with it again.

How do you escape the dark zone?

It would help if you transported the loot to a specific place to retrieve it from the Dark Zone. You'll have a bright yellow pouch on your back that other players can see while you're carrying the loot. You'll call for a helicopter once you reach the extraction place, and a timer will start counting down until it shows up.

What is the best weapon for a fighter in Dark and Darker?

The best weapon is Spear. You may easily avoid Barbarians with this weapon and even duck past a Fighter's shield because it deals tremendous damage from a medium range.

What is the best dual wield in Dark and Darker?

The Rogue and the Fighter are two classes proficient in dual wielding. Due to the inherently athletic build of rogues, avoiding the enemy's strikes and moving around them will be more straightforward.

Is mining in Darker and Darker worth it?

Yes, mining is there in Dark and Darker, and it is significant. In Dark and Darker, you must locate some ore of either kind inside a dungeon and mine it to earn Rubysilver and Cobalt.


It was all about how to extract in Dark and Darker. In Dark and Darker, extracting is limited to just that. There is very little to no waiting involved in the process. All you need to do to go as quickly as possible is locate that crucial blue Headstone! To know about more such games, check this out.

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