Facebook has become part of our lives. We can now connect with friends and family on a global level. But what if someone logs in with your Facebook account to upload/download pictures without consent? Or what if they request a banknote transfer or send messages to unknown people in your name? Scary, right? To protect you from such situations and secure data transfer, Facebook has come up with the code generator feature. So what is a Facebook code, and how to find code generator on Facebook?

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The Facebook code generator is a feature in your Facebook app; you merely have to turn it on from the app itself. The Code generator feature notifies you with a code if someone else is logging in to your account.

This article will cover different ways to turn on the code generator feature on Facebook to keep your account safe. You can also check out 17 Best Online Facebook Video Downloader Tools that will make Facebook easier to navigate.

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How To Find A Code Generator On Facebook

The Facebook code or security code is an inbuilt feature in Facebook that can save you from inauthentic logins in your account. Read further to know more.

For Android And iOS Users 

  1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook account by entering your credentials.
  2. After successfully logging in, click the three-lined option at the bottom of the listed options. 
  3. In this section, search for the security and privacy option and click on them.facebook security and privacy
  4. In the new pop-up, choose Password & Security and select Two-factor Authentication.
  5. After using the two-factor Authentication option, select the security method and click the Auntification app. 
  6. After going through all these steps, a code will generate on your screen. Copy the code and paste it into the text field. You can also use the same device option. facebook code generator
  7. Now go to the google play store and install Google Authenticator. Open the Facebook app in Google Authenticator. 
  8. Cast around to find the Verification Code Setup option. Open Facebook and copy the code into the Verification Code Setup section.fb code set up (1)
  9. You have successfully linked your Facebook app with the Facebook code generator app. 

Visit: Google Authenticator

On The Desktop, Follow The Following Steps To Find The Code Generator On Facebook

  1. Open any web browser, search Facebook, and log in to your existing account. 
  2. After entering the interface of Facebook, in the upper corner, your profile photo must be visible; click on it. facebook code generator dekstop
  3.  After clicking your profile photo, several options will pop up. Choose the settings and privacy > settings
  4. In settings, click on Security and login > Two-factor authenticationdekstop security and login fb
  5. Click on it, and your new Facebook code will be generated.

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Common Issues Related To Facebook’s Code-Generating Tool

Now that you know “how to find code generator on Facebook,” you can make Facebook a safer place for browsing. But if you face issues like ‘facebook code generator not working,’ ‘facebook code missing, etc, then you can refer to the points stated below:

  1. If your Facebook code is not working, make sure you have a stable wifi/internet connection.common issues with code generator
  2. Make sure you have linked the right contact number to the Facebook account.
  3. If your app takes time to load, clear the cache and data from your device. Restart your phone, log in to your account with your id and password, and request a new code.clear cache clear data fb
  4. Try reshuffling the IP address if you are in the offside zone where Facebook service is unavailable. Recheck your messages to see if you have received the Facebook code
  5. Inspect if your sim card is functioning properly. If not, try logging into the Facebook app through another device. 

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What To Do If You Are Unable To Receive Facebook Code SMS On Your Android Device

To receive a Facebook code on your android device, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Message.unable to recieve code (1) 
  2. After you have opened the message section, click on Allow. This will allow your app to receive messages. 

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What To Do If You Are Unable To Receive Facebook Code SMS On Your iPhone

  1. Open Settings > Apps > iMessage
  2. Similarly, verify that the Send as SMS and iMessage options are enabled.
  3. To secure your device from anonymous messages, check that the Filter Unknown Senders option is turned off. iphone facebook code issue
  4. If you can still not get the SMS, restart your device and repeat the steps

Key To Solve Facebook Code Generator Bypass

Unable to get the Facebook code? The Facebook authentication code generator feature is not operating? Mentioned below are some essential last-minute steps:

  1. Facebook is there to assist- Go to the Facebook app and search for the help option. Facebook will put forth a list of queries. Answer the questions and enter your email address, username, and password. Your queries will be presented to Facebook’s support team.facebook support
  2. You can even contact the facebook service and ask for the code. 
  3. Save the Recovery Code- If you have saved the codes you acquired during the two-factor authentication so, use these codes while logging in from a different device. 

Click this: Help Center – Facebook


What is the best way to go around Facebook's two-factor authentication?

Follow some key tools to bypass the authentification code: Firstly, log in to Facebook through another device and provide the required details. ' Now, after setting up the app, you can modify the password.

What does Facebook's two-factor authentication imply?

To prevent unauthorized users from accessing Facebook, you should enable two-factor authentication on all browsers and mobile devices. This will prompt you to input a unique login code to validate your login attempt. Facebook will notify you if an unspecified person is trying to log in.

What exactly is Facebook's code generator?

Facebook's code generator is a feature available on your Facebook, ensuring security if you have turned it on. This allows you to receive a code every time you log in. Enter this code from your device to log in to maintain your authenticity.

What is Facebook's SMS code?

If you want to toggle on the setting in your Facebook app to get notifications even if you are offline, send the text message (SMS) to 32665 (FBOOK).


Now that you know how to find a code generator on Facebook, you can view and download videos on Facebook without worrying about your account being hacked. And if someone does try to log in, the Facebook authentification code will notify you. Active the Facebook generator code for safe and secure browsing. You can also look at the 11 Best Facebook Tips and Tricks to Use in 2022 for a smooth surfing experience.

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