GIFs are not only fun, but they often help convey stronger messages and emotions than written responses. Undoubtedly, GIFs are one of the greatest inventions the Internet has produced. You can find GIFs on social networking platforms, landing pages, email marketing, and instant messaging. They can represent all emotions and sentiments. Therefore, finding them at the right time and sending them helps. Therefore, here are ways how to find gifs on an iphone.

This article, therefore, provides you with several different but easy ways how to find GIFs on an iphone and also how you can make your GIFs from the videos. You can use several methods like the messaging app, finding from the website or social media platforms, and selecting from the saved photos for GIFs. Use the iPhone Messages app to find the perfect GIF to send.

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What Do You Mean By GIF?

A GIF is a continually repeating animated series of still photos or silent videos. GIF was invented in 1987 and stood for “Graphic Interchange Format.” Unlike a video where you have to click the play button, GIF files always load instantly, but the question comes, “where are gifs on iphone or android?”.


There was a time when GIFs on the Internet were a little scary. GIFs have returned due to social media’s popularity, emojis, and memes. A great way to convey your thoughts, feelings, or emotions in just a few seconds.

Most mobile operating systems and messaging services come with his GIF library, but you might wonder how to create your GIF of him. Whether you want to turn YouTube clips or personal photos and videos into web art, you have some tools.

Find Gifs On iPhone

Some of the easy and fast ways how to find GIFs on iphone are:

Using the Messages App

The messaging app is the most efficient way to transmit a GIF. Using the options in your Messages app is the simplest way to send a GIF. Search and select GIFs without leaving the application. Follow the steps to learn how to text gifs on an iphone:

  1. Open the Messages application on your iPhone.
  2. Start another message or select the current string.
  3. Tap the red intensifying glass icon in the bottom-left corner of the Messages application images in message (If the toolbar isn’t visible, quickly tap the icon next to the Snippets panel to show it.)messages in iphone
  4. The GIFs below the request box are your most recently used or currently popular GIFs.find image or videos in messages
  5. Tap the Find Images search box and type your search term to look for a certain GIF or point of him. To include a GIF in your Message, touch it from the list of available things.send dog gifs
  6. Now, enter the iphone gifs text and send it.

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Select And Find A GIF Saved On Your iPhone

It becomes easier to find the GIF when it is saved on your device. Follow the steps to find a GIF that is saved on your iphone:

  1. Go to the Message where you want to add a GIF to.
  2. From the Messages toolbar, tap the Photos application icon iphone
  3. Tap on “All Photos.”all phones iphone
  4. Tap on the GIF you want to add to your Message.animated gifs in photos
  5. iPhones with iOS 11 and later come with an animated envelope containing saved GIF. Tap Select to add the GIF to your Message.
  6. Complete and send your Message.

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Select A GIF From A Website 

Do you have a popular GIF site like GIPHY, or do you use Google to search for GIFThe most effective method to select a GIF from a website is to use gifs on an iPhone? You can also learn how to find gifs on an iphone and add these to your Message. Follow the steps to find and select the GIF from the website:

    1. Search for GIFs on the Internet. Search on Google or use the website Giphy for searching GIFs.gify website
    2. You may want to find an option to clone a GIF nearby. Press and hold the GIF to bring up the menu and select Copy. Tap Copy.copy gify gifs
    3. GIFs can be found in the Photos application when you store them on your phone by tapping store Image. Tap the message path bar in the Message where you wish to add a GIF.paste in text box in messages
    4. Press the message bar and tap Insert to add the cloned GIF to your Message. Complete and send your Message.send gify images
    5. Successfully, you have sent GIFs for iPhone.

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Add A GIF From The Images

Use images in your Messages app to find and share GIFs with your contacts. The method how to find gifs on an iphone is as follows.

  1. Open Messages, select Compose Message, enter a contact, or select a conversation already in progress.message task bar
  2. Click the photos icon.images in chat box
  3. To search for a specific GIF of her, tap Search Images and enter keywords such as images
  4. Include a GIF in your Message; tap on it.send happy birthday gif
  5. To send, tap the send icon.

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Find From Social Media Platforms

You can explore many GIFs on GIPHY, but if you want to get inventive. You could post the GIF to your social stream and share it with your contacts via iMessage. Here are steps on how to find GIFs from the social media platform.


  1. Launch the Camera app and tap the circle in the top right corner to enable Live photo option
  2. Take a live photo of the thing, person, or scene you wish to transform into a GIF with your iPhone.
  3. Scroll down in the Photos app to see Live photos
  4. Choose the pictures you wish to turn into GIFs.effects to live photos
  5.  Tap Live in the upper left corner to get to the dropdown menu iOS15. If you’re on iOS 14 or earlier, swipe up for menu options.
  6. Choose loop or bounce to convert the photo to GIF.
  7. Now you can also send GIFs can over iMessage or AirDrop.
  8. Upload the GIF you’ve made for social media sharing to a website like GIPHY.

That way, it’s easier for more viewers to see and share your new creations.

Visit: GIFHY

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Can android users also follow these steps?

No, these steps can only be used by IOS users. For Android users, there is a different method to find the GIF.

What are GIFs?

A GIF is a continually repeating animated series of still photos or silent videos.

How to Add More GIFs to Your Keyboard?

Many applications in the Appstore provide you with a GIF keyboard and are easily used. These applications are free to use and provide you with new and creative gifs, which are updated daily.


You can download the app with more options if you’re looking for a rich collection of GIFs. It does not replace the default keyboard in your phone’s Messages app. To add a GIF, open your newly downloaded keyboard, select your favorite GIF and send it via your favorite messaging app, making finding a GIF easier.

To accomplish this feeling, we have provided you with different and new steps to use on your iPhone. We hope following these convenient methods has easily helped you find a GIF on your iPhone.

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