How to Find New Crypto Coins | The Ultimate Guide for Hidden Gems!

The key to getting Crypto wealth is discovering new crypto coins before reaching the public market. People who knew the answer to “How to find new crypto coins?”, recognized the correct cryptocurrency at the right moment and are now reaping the benefits of their investment.

We’ll take you through the process of locating brand-new crypto coins in today’s edition before they go viral. Read this article, to know if you can you trade Bitcoin to gain profits in the financial sector. bitcoin cryptocurrency

Stick till the end and walk away with the complete guide on How to find new crypto coins. 

If you have questions like how to spot new coins? How to start with the raging trend of Crypto? This is the only guide you need for all your answers. 

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Finding New Crypto Coins | How to do it?

The first step in discovering new coins is to watch upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs).


Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, gives investors early access to cryptocurrency. Investors can keep an eye on many websites which list these ICOs.

Websites that list IPOs are beneficial to users as the developers list their pre-sale and a public sale on these websites. Investors can use these sites for researching, planning, and deciding where to invest their money. 

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Five years ago, Hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies entered the market due to a large ICO boom.

Sadly, not all initial coin offerings (ICOs) are equal, and while many have gone on to launch new enterprises, there have also been several hoaxes and fraudulent schemes.

Getting to know about the market is essential for an investor to safeguard oneself from scams. Thus, spotting the right ICO is the initial step in our ultimate goal, i.e., how to find new crypto coins.

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Where to spot the latest crypto coins?

Although it is suggested to do your research when choosing the new coins. A few options listed below provide access to new Crypto Coins.

spot new crypto coins

The sites listed below are the answer to the age-old question, “How can I locate new crypto coins?”

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Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCap is a tremendous price-tracking website for crypto assets in the fast-increasing cryptocurrency market.

CoinMarketCap has a plethora of real-time information about the crypto market, and alongside this, they also have a sector for ICOs. In their Complete ICO Calendar, visitors may browse upcoming, existing, and completed ICOs.

Top ICO List 

This website provides you with a list of the top ICOs that are either active or upcoming. Along with their listing feature, they also provide valuable insights to the users about an offering hinting towards its potential.

Top ICO List also offers handpicked white papers and one-pagers for initial coin offerings.


ICO Bench scores ICOs and new crypto coins using a professional evaluation system that considers whitepapers, teams, hard caps, etc. Each project is graded based on its performance in the assessment algorithm, external expert, and legal review.

The maximum score an ICO can receive in this evaluation is 40 points. This tool can assist you in locating new crypto coins to invest in and which forthcoming coins to buy.

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CoinGecko conducts a thorough examination of the digital currency industry. It tracks community growth, open-source code, and significant events in addition to price, volume, and market capitalization.

CoinGecko has come forward as an excellent option for those who wish to be ahead of the market. This website shows the real-time ranking of multiple cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. 

ICO Drops 

ICO drops a database of active, upcoming, and recently completed initial coin offerings.

The database shares only the essential information about each project, including links to the whitepaper, website, private sale, etc.

Buying ICOs on ICO Drops is easy, and listing Crypto on their website is entirely free of cost. 

ICO Listing Online 

ICO Listing Online is an ICO rating and listing platform with a large blockchain community and a strong reputation. Each listing on this platform has its page portraying crucial information about the project. Every project is vetted by the platform with a rating out of 10. 

Bitcoin Buyer 

In the bitcoin world, this platform is a household name. Buploadsuying bitcoin is simple with the official website of Bitcoin Buyer

Points To Consider Of Before You Buy New Crypto Coins

So, you have found your answer to How to find new crypto coins. But the process doesn’t end there; after you’ve found a decent listing to invest in, it’s always a good idea to perform a lot of research before handing over your cash.


It’s good to keep the following points in mind before you invest your money in any listing that piques your interest.

Gather Information About the Uniqueness of the Idea

Unlike ground-breaking crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many coins in the crypto market lack a unique vision or initiative and perform the same functions as others.


It is preferable to invest in currencies with a unique idea rather than those simply following in the footsteps of others. 

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Read the Whitepaper 

It sounds like a hefty task but reading a project’s whitepaper should be a significant part of the research work of the investor. This document contains a complete analysis of the project’s technology and goal and a gauge of its seriousness.

If the Project Has a Community and If They are Active or Not

If the currency is extensively discussed, it is a good indication that it has a lot of potentials. On the other hand, if the coin is making headlines, you’re probably too late to the game. You can check the Communities of these coins on discord and Reddit.

Who is The Team? 

It is good to choose a team consisting of people who have been in the crypto game for a long. research about the team thoroughly, which might hint towards the project’s potential. 

crypto team

People who are in this game for a long, definitely know the answer to “how to find new crypto coins”.

Check the Blockchain Platform the Coin is Built on

Unless they intend to construct their own, new ICOs are usually launched on an existing blockchain.


Knowing which blockchain a coin is created on is essential since it affects which existing cryptocurrencies will engage in the ICO.

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Which new Crypto Coins are launching in 2023?

Many new cryptocurrencies are set to make their debut in 2023. Lucky block, Terra, and PancakeSwap are a few top names.

Which Crypto has the most potential?

In popular opinion, Ethereum stands tall.

Safe amounts of Crypto to possess?

It is advisable to invest 1-5 % of a person's portfolio in Crypto because of its dynamic nature and risk factor

Which Crypto can explode in April?

Solana, Firepit, and Cardano are projected to explode in April 2023.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “crypto is the future.” It’s difficult to disagree when looking at the recent past. Without a doubt, Crypto has a lot to offer in the future.

With new cryptocurrencies regularly launching alongside those already in existence, it is critical for the investor to select one with a promising future.

Getting to the party early, i.e., spotting the right coins before they explode in the market, is a crucial strategy to follow if you want to become Crypto wealthy!

I hope you found today’s guide on How to Find New Crypto Coins helpful and that it answered your questions.

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