How to Get Followers on Tumblr | The Ultimate Guide

The craze of social media is rising each day, especially among the users of the new generation. There are millions and millions of active accounts on various social media platforms on the internet. Apart from uploading posts on a daily basis, everyone wants a large number of followers. Similar to any normal social media platform, Tumblr is an emerging name in the industry. It is a common trend for Tumblr users to have more followers on their accounts. Everyone often wonders how to get followers on Tumblr. More followers lead to better marketing of their posts around the portal.

Also, no doubt that increasing followers requires a lot of dedication from the user’s side. Moreover, you should be able to post regularly to attract more views and ratings on the account.

With all of these things in mind, we have covered some of the important tips on how to get followers on Tumblr. Thus, this guide is suitable for newbies who are looking for some effective methods. Further, this suits well to users looking for a large audience to promote their content. Make sure to read the full post and have some clarity on the topic.

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About Tumblr

The way how to get followers on Tumblr is a topic that needs a lot of attention. First, we need to understand some basics about the platform itself. Tumblr was first introduced in 2007 after David Karp came across this idea. The concept is to promote a new micro-blogging platform on the internet, similar to Twitter.tumblr The users can upload cool selfies and other images on Tumblr. This will lead to more exposure as you can get likes, comments, and shares on the posts. Further, there is an option to follow an account and get regular updates about their activity. Hence, most of the users want more followers on their Tumblr accounts. According to a survey, there are around 50 million visits on the platform each day. Thus, it is a suitable choice for influencers to post their stuff and get more followers.

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How To Get Followers on Tumblr

There are many new users on Tumblr who think that getting more Tumblr followers is quite simple. However, it’s not the case as you have to be specific about your actions on social media. Many users often fail to gain followers on Tumblr. Thus, follow the given methods to have high chances of gaining followers:

Follow More Accounts

There is no rocket science in understanding the fact that you need to follow people to get people following you. Moving further, you need to follow people who comment on your posts or even like them. Moreover, make sure to follow back any connection request on your account.

tumblr followers

Also, you should consider following influencers on Tumblr who have the potential to lure more accounts. The overall motive is to have a social identity that will eventually help you grow your followers.

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Post Interesting Images

Most of the users on Tumblr looking for something extraordinary that will provide a unique post style. Thus, you should post interesting images with beautiful backgrounds to attract more followers. This will lead to more reach within the ecosystem and you will get enough followers on the account. You can also consider uploading GIF, funny images, or even a self-made meme will work.

tumblr images

As you get the headstart, try keeping up with the regular posts for your followers. The only thing that matters will be the creativity level in the post. Some users also prefer to reblog some interesting posts from various other accounts on Tumblr.

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Be Socially Active

There is an estimate of around 500 million accounts currently running on Tumblr. Thus if you are worried that “How to promote my Tumblr account?”, this is the best solution. Moreover, only making a Tumblr account will not automatically increase the number of followers. You have to promote yourself by being more socially active. socially activeFurther, keep commenting on several posts so that people could come to know about you. It will eventually make you popular as thousands of users will read your comment. Sometimes commenting with a target URL of your profile can be productive.

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Timing is the Key

Thousands of posts are uploaded on the platform every day. It is likely to be true that your post might not get much exposure during the day. Also, a survey proves that more than 42% of the Tumblr activity takes place in the evening to late at night. timingMoreover, weekends have a high activity rate of the user for watching new posts. Thus, you should plan an interactive post during peak times. This will bring more views and likes to the images and help you gain Tumblr followers.

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Track Followers Preference

It might be a possibility that your followers are not loyal and they unfollow you after some time. This will make the overall number of followers to be steady. Thus, you should consider building a strong relationship with your existing followers.


Track their preferences and watch what kind of posts are getting more views. For instance, if you are securing more views on memes and funny posts, upload them regularly. Also, consider making new and interesting threads for the followers to enjoy.

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What is the approximate number of followers you can have on Tumblr to be considered famous?

The terms and the numbers that determine success and failure on Tumblr are very different from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While the latter may consider 10k, 12k followers to be lowkey famous, a handful of thousand followers on Tumblr is a potential indication that you are famous on the platform.

Is it possible to check who follows you on Tumblr?

Yes, it is very much possible even if it is not as obviously present as on other sites. All you have to do is click on the tiny person on your screen on the website which is actually leads to the account menu and then scrolls until you come up to followers. If you are using the app, once you have clicked on the tiny human, a gear icon will appear. You will have to select that to view Settings. A follower option will be present and you will click on it to check the total number of followers who follow you and your blog.

What is a foolproof way to gather more followers on my blog?

While there is no perfect formula that works for everyone, the quality of content does matter. And if you really want to go in all guns blazing, you could include hashtags pertaining to the topic of your post which now makes your post searchable. So not only will you now not solely depend upon your content, but you are also singlehandedly ensuring that people can find it on the website. The more relevant hashtags you add, the higher the chances of you getting discovered and your content being read.

Is possible to earn in any capacity from Tumblr?

Technically, it is possible to earn money from Tumblr by monetizing your content. However, there is a slight flaw to the plan here. To make money, you have to take the help of ad networks like Adsense from Google. While on books this seems like a safe idea, actually your content might show an ad for another fierce competitor which renders your content moot. But there is a silver lining, if the person seeing the ad really does click on it, you will eventually end up getting paid for it and you can hence earn money by selling out.

What is the difference between Tumblr and Reddit?

In layman’s words, you could say that Tumblr is the hipster brother lost in his own head while Reddit is the geeky nerd desperate for approval. Tumblr is much less based on user-dictated choices than Reddit. This means that Reddit shows content that is popular and in demand, that is what the users want to see. It dictates its algorithm and what it shows on its main page and even decides which comments and categories are more popular. Tumblr is not so user inclined but even then it has not stopped it from being so popular amongst users.


This was all about how to get followers on Tumbler, especially if you made a new account. Make the most out of the platform and promote your images to users across the globe. Also, along with activities related to Tumblr promoting, your content should be unique and appealing.

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