How can you make browsing your Kodi library easier with thumbnail images? Follow quick steps on how to get thumbnails on Kodi to enable these previews for movies, TV shows, and more. Setting up Kodi further enhances your experience—customize settings, organize your media library, and optimize the interface for a seamless and enjoyable streaming environment.

Open Kodi settings, turn on thumbnails, choose a scraper like TheMovieDB, and save changes. Go home; thumbnails load gradually beside movie titles as Kodi finds images online. A few simple taps are all it takes to see nice peeks of your library. To learn more about Kodi, visit the official site.

Turning on thumbnail views simplifies content browsing by providing previews of movies and shows, cover art, clips, and photos. This feature makes it easier to choose what to watch and enhances the appearance of your library. Thumbnails are quick to set up, allowing users to enjoy the views. Additionally, enhance your Kodi experience by incorporating Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) on Kodi for seamless recording and playback of TV programs and movies. To know more, keep on reading to start with how to get thumbnails on Kodi.

Steps to get Kodi Thumbnails

Here are the steps to get Kodi thumbnails showing up correctly in a simple, easy-to-follow format:

  1. Open up Kodi and go to Settings. You’ll find this under the gear icon on the top left of the home screen.system settings
  2. Select “Interface” from the menu on the left side.
  3. Scroll down to “Thumbnail View.” Make sure this box is checked.
  4. Return to the main Settings menu and select “Media” this time. Find the option for “scrapers” and select it.
  5. Choose the scraper you want to use for thumbnails on Kodi. We usually go with TheMovieDB because it has the most filled-out data. Select it and click “OK.”
  6. Now go back to your home screen where your movies, TV shows, etc., are on the list. You should start to see thumbnail images popping up beside each title.
  7. Give it a few minutes to load – Kodi has to retrieve the images online, so it may take a bit for them all to appear. But they should gradually start showing up one by one.kodi system

And that’s it for getting thumbnails on Kodi! So, a few steps are all it takes to get those excellent thumbnail images showing up in Kodi. Also, let me know if any don’t appear or if you have trouble with a particular source – sometimes, a different scraper works better.

Enjoy browsing your library with pictures.

Thus by exploring additional add-ons like installing a release hub on Kodi, the Release hub extensions broaden your choices in anime, music, shows, sports, and movies, seamlessly integrating with Kodi’s thumbnail feature for a comprehensive media browsing experience.

So that is how to get thumbnails.

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How do I get rid of Thumbnails on Kodi?

To remove thumbnails go to the GUI settings and turn off the auto-play of thumbnails option.

Where are Kodi thumbnails stored?

Kodi thumbnails are stored in your library database folder, along with the info about your shows/movies. This helps Kodi load artwork faster.

How do I stop thumbnails from playing?

To stop thumbnails from playing automatically, open Kodi settings>player>videos and turn off the option to play trailers, teasers, and previews.

Can I clean up the thumbnails?

You can clean up unused thumbnails to free up space. Go to library settings, select a content type, tools, and clean library. This will remove art missing from files.


Kodi thumbnails are one of the subtle but impactful elements that make navigating your media better and more enjoyable.

So, with some care, organize your library properly with accompanying images; you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous previews that help spotlight your content.

Whether browsing shows with friends or spending a lazy Sunday exploring new movies to watch, thumbnails make all the difference. So that those starting with Kodi can ensure a smooth setup by installing Kodi on Windows.

This fundamental step also lays the groundwork for an enhanced experience with organized libraries and visually appealing thumbnails. This simple guide on how to get thumbnails on Kodi helped you get thumb satisfaction!

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