If you want to know how to install Metalkettle on Kodi, Then we have got you some easy and helpful guides to installing and completing the process quickly.

Launch Kodi and select the “Video” option from the home screen. Next, navigate to the “Addons” section and choose the already installed Metal Kettle.

To install a Metal kettle on Kodi, follow the procedure: Adding the metal kettle source is the first step. Navigate to System – File Management on Kodi’s main menu. The MetalKettle Repository can be installed by double-clicking Add source; by doing so, a dialogue box appears where you may instruct Kodi where to find and what to call, enter the path, and name MetalKettle for the source you want to install. http://kodi.metalkettle.co. and you will receive the notification further. You can obtain more helpful details about the approach in the following article. Now let’s get started and examine it thoroughly.

Steps for Setting Up MetalKettle Repo on Kodi

Enjoy the free installation of the Metalkettle Repository on Kodi by following the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. On your device, launch Kodi as a first step. Choose “System Settings”system-settings-2
  2. Locate the file manager by going to the system menu. Choose File Manager by Clicking.file manager
  3. Double-click the Add Source button to add the file link. After that, click twice on The field states. Copy the Metalkettle URL from the list below, paste it where it says to, click Done, And then click OK. Give the media source a name you’ll remember for reference in the future, such as MetalKettle, and press the “done” button. Now click the OK button.add source
  4. Return to Kodi’s home screen and choose System Settings. Now select the addons menu item. Choose Install from the zip file from the menu.addon
  5.  Choose “MetalKettle” as the media source you want to install.

Now, Your Kodi will receive the MetalKettle installation.

Installing the Metal Kettle Repository

This is a list of the steps you must do to know how to install Metalkettle on Kodi.

  1. Adding the MetalKettle source is the first step. Press on file management.settings
  2. The MetalKettle Repository can be installed by double-clicking Add Source.add source
  3. Doing so, a dialogue box appears where you may instruct Kodi where to find and what to call the source you want to install—type in the name MetalKettle and the path.

Configure the Metalkettle Repository Source

Follow the step given below to choose the Metalkettle repository source:

  1. Include the data in the dialogue box. After that, click Yes to add the Metalkettle source to Kodi.metalkettle
  2. After entering all required information, click OK. You can now install the MetalKettle Repository. Go to the primary menu. System – Settings – Addons> Install from the zip file is the option to select.zip file
  3. You’ll see a pop-up listing all Kodi-installed sources and system locations. Look up MetalKettle and select it.

Install the MetalKettle Repository on Kodi 17 Krypton or a later version.

Given below are the steps for knowing how to install Metalkettle on Kodi 17 krypton version:

  1. Navigate to File Manager from your home screen. After choosing the Add Source option, click None.file manager
  2. Include this URL precisely in the space provided. Put “Fusion” as the source underneath. To confirm and preserve the modification, press OK. Choose Addons from the Main Menu by navigating there. As you descend the list, pick the package installer. Install from the zip file by clicking. Choose Kodi Repos, then Fusion. Choose the Repository and “English” as the language. metalkettle-x.x.x.zip.install from repository
  3. A pop-up notice indicating that the Metalkettle addon Repository has been enabled will appear on the home screen. Choose the Metalkettle Repository by tapping the “Install from Repository” option.

Location of the Metalkettle Addon Repository

To find the Metalkettle addon repository follow the following steps:

  1. To continue with the installation, choose the Metalkettle source that you added. The source’s contents will be visible. You must click the.zip File in the list to install the MetalKettle Repository. By doing this, the Metal Kettle Kodi zip download will begin.metalkettle source
  2. The Metalkettle Repository will install on the Kodi Android device after you tap the the.Zip File. Once you select the download option, a notification window will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen to indicate that the installation process has begun.
  3. You have successfully installed the MetalKettle Kodi addon repository, as evidenced by this notification.

All there is to it is that! You can now install add-ons to access all the best movies using the Metalkettle for Kodi plugin.

The MetalKettle Repository on Kodi Krypton [All Versions]: How to Use

How to install Metalkettle on Kodi Krypton all versions, step-by-step process is given below:

  1. On your devices, open the Kodi home screen and select Videos. Select the Addons menu, and then select the Metal Kettle Repository.video addon
  2. After performing the previous steps, use your remote to access the Context Menu-C, then right-click on the Menu Option. Go to General after selecting the Addons options.addon
  3. At this point, you must enable the Download Modules on Boot option. Click the run option after enabling the Download Modules on Boot option. Please copy and paste this URL below to where it says <none> and press done. Then confirm it by clicking the OK button. 

And you are done!

Using Kodi Addons Following Installation of the MetalKettle Repository

Follow these simple instructions to make the most of the tools that have so happily and conveniently appeared in your hands.

  1. Choose “Video” from the Kodi home screen’s menu. Choose the Metal Kettle Repository already installed as a source by going to the “Addons” section now.kod vid
  2. Right-click the “Menu” option in the context menu on your remote control. Choose “Addons settings” from the drop-down menu, then “General.” Activate the “Download Modules on Boot” checkbox here. From the drop-down option, select “Run.”video addon
  3. You see a familiar window with the word “none” on it—the address bar is with http://bit.ly/allparsers. Press OK to confirm this action. Remember that the most excellent VPN is required for Kodi, a high-end entertainment system, to get the most out of it.


Which Kodi repository is the best?

Some of the top Kodi addons, including Asgard, Rogue 1, Q Continuum, Black Lightning, and Q Sports, can be found in the Narcacist Repository. Under the Program addons, you might find a few good Kodi builds like cMan Wizard, Narcacist Wizard, and BreezzWizard.

Is Kodi the best available platform?

Plex is yet another excellent Kodi substitute. The real power of Plex is its client-server design, which lets you access all of your media on all your devices from a single server location. Plex enables you to build your own media server, so you aren't dependent on others. Plex runs fundamentally.

In 2023, will Kodi still function?

As of 2023, there are the finest official Kodi addons. While some feature content is only available in certain regions, you may unblock them using a VPN like NordVPN from any location. The top Kodi addon is Pluto. More than 200 channels can be streamed live using the free addon tv.

What is the Kodi repository's official name?

Both Kodi.tv Addons and Kodi.tv PVR Addons, both maintained by Team Kodi, are two official repositories that come pre-installed with Kodi.

Can two Kodi versions be installed?

Installing a Kodi branch on a supported device will allow you to set up and utilize various builds. After experimenting with several methods, I'll explain how to install various Kodi builds on supported devices like the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube in this article.


You have benefited from our instructions to install Metalkettle on Kodi. The previous tips make it straightforward how to install Metalkettle on Kodi. There has been a more thorough explanation of the entire guide and procedure. We hope you like it.

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