Are you looking for an easy way to watch live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games on your Kodi device? Then, this guide on how to install Pro Sport on Kodi will show you how to do that. Pro Sport provides access to live sports streams from major leagues.

This guide shows you how to install the Pro Sports Kodi addon through a few simple steps like allowing unknown sources, adding the Fusion repository, using it to install the Podgod repository, finding Pro Sport within it, and clicking install to get live NFL finally, MLB, NHL and NBA streams on your Kodi.

Pro Sport is an addon for Kodi media players, allowing users to watch various live sporting events and recorded matches. With Pro Sport, you can find significant league games from different sports like football, basketball, tennis, and more. It offers channels from different providers globally, so you get matches televised worldwide. Setting up Pro Sport on Kodi is easy – install the addon, and you can browse categories to find games or search for a particular match/team. There is no need to pay for expensive cable or look for dodgy streaming sites. Let us learn more about how to install Pro Sport on Kodi. 

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Is it safe to install Pro Sport on Kodi?

Many Kodi users install sports addons like Pro Sport to easily access live sports streams and recordings. But some wonder – is using Pro Sport safe? Here’s a quick breakdown of why it is safe to install ProSport on Kodi. 

Kodi does not officially support Pro Sport. It’s an unofficial third-party addon. This means Kodi doesn’t test it for security or privacy issues. Third-party addons could put your devices and data at risk.

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Streaming pirated sports content through any Kodi addon is also illegal. Your internet connection could be tracked. You might stream malware or adult content hidden in file names, too.

However, millions use Pro Sport without significant issues, too. Most report it works fine for finding live streams, but links can only work sporadically. Only install the Pro Sport addon Kodi to reduce risks from its official GitHub page. Don’t enable addon updates either.

While a VPN can effectively mask your internet connection when streaming and provide a layer of privacy, it’s important to note that guarantees may be lacking with third-party addons.

For a safer streaming experience, opting for official Kodi addons from its repository, which undergo security screening, is advisable. When installing Smooth Streams on Kodi for Pro Sport streaming convenience, it’s crucial to know that such third-party additions carry inherent risks.

Official apps or paid streaming services offer a more secure and legally confident alternative, making them preferable for those prioritizing privacy and security. However, individuals seeking free access to games may find the minor risks associated with third-party addons acceptable if caution is exercised.

How to Install Pro Sport on Kodi?

Let us follow some easy steps on how to install Pro Sport on Kodi:

  1. The first step to install Pro Sport on Kodi is to allow addon installation from unknown sources. To do this, go to the Kodi home screen and click the “Settings” icon (it looks like a gear).cog icon in kodi for settings
  2. In the settings menu, select “File Manager“.file manager
  3. On the left side, double-click on “Add source.add source
  4. A window will appear. Click on “None“.click on none
  5. Now, enter the URL “” Then click on “Ok“.enter source url for fusion
  6. Now, you need to name the file source. Enter “Fusion” as the name and click “OK“.type the repository name for fusion
  7. Go back to the Kodi home screen and click on “System.” In the system menu, click on “Addons.”select addons from settings
  8. Select “Install from zip file“. Choose “Fusion” from the list.install from zip file for fusion
  9. Click on “XMBC-REPOS.Then select “” (the “x.x” represents the version number). Wait for a notification to pop up saying, “Repo installed.addon notification for podgod
  10. Now go back to the Addons menu and click the “Packages Installer” icon (it looks like an open box).open kodi package installer
  11. Select “Install from Repository.Choose “Podgod repo.podgod repo
  12. Click on “Video addons
  13. Scroll through the list and select “Pro Sport“.podgod addon

Finally, click “Install” and wait for the installation notification. So that is how to install Pro Sport on Kodi easily with a few easy steps. 

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How do I add sports to Kodi?

To add sports to Kodi, you must install addons for sports streaming. Popular addons provide live sports channels and events from around the world.

What is the best Kodi build for sports?

A good Kodi build for sports is Genesis Reborn. It has all major sports leagues easily accessible and regularly updated streams for games and matches.

How do I get Kodi to work?

To get Kodi working, install it on a device like a Firestick, download addons, and then look for live sports or video libraries of past games. Login details may be needed for some streams.

How do I change the settings on Kodi?

You can change Kodi settings by going into the main Settings menu. Here, you can customize appearance, playback behavior, addons, and network and system settings. Test different options to personalize your sports viewing experience.


Once you’ve successfully done how to install Pro Sports on Kodi and are enjoying hassle-free access to live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA games without any subscriptions or payments, you may also want to explore other reliable Kodi addons for an even broader sports streaming experience.

For instance, using the SportsDevil addon on Kodi expands your options, providing additional channels and content to enhance your sports-watching journey. With these versatile Kodi addons, you can ensure comprehensive coverage of top sporting leagues and tournaments from around the globe on your TV.

Say goodbye to dodgy streams and missed matches, and instead, revel in the convenience of following your favorite teams and players on the go. Whether it’s Kodi Pro Sports addon or SportsDevil, we hope you thoroughly enjoy all the live-action on Kodi.

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