How To Make A Chromebook Faster 7 Ways To Fix

When a device gets slower, it becomes a headache to use such devices. As even 10 minutes of work gets over in an hour. Therefore people don’t tend to use the device when it gets slower. But there are several ways to make a Chromebook faster or a Mac OS or Windows OS laptop faster.

The question of why my Chromebook is so slow is one that many users face, according to online searches. For several reasons, a Chromebook or other digital gadget could become slow. Some of the best practical and effective ways to speed them up is to clear the cache memory. And end useless applications from the task manager. And remove unnecessary extensions or use ad blockers.

Read this article and learn how to make a Chromebook faster.

What Is a Chromebook?

Google created Chromebook to be used as a tablet, laptop, or detachable. Its name is Chrome OS, an adequate operating system produced by Google that is quick, easy, and safe. Chromebooks include all the standard features of conventional computers, but they differ from typical laptops. However, every Chromebook runs a different operating system from Windows and macOS. You can operate one without an internet connection.

what is a chromebook

The lightweight Chrome OS can run Linux and Android apps in containers. It is just a web browser without them. Therefore, any Chromebook can operate more efficiently by using fewer containers and sticking to the Chrome Browser or web apps. The main question revolves around whether it slows down. How to make a Chromebook faster? Consider utilizing fewer programs, extensions, and tabs simultaneously to improve your experience.

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Ways To Make Chromebook Faster

There are several ways to make a Chromebook faster if running slowly. A few of the methods of how to make Chromebook run faster are:

Use Ad Blocker

This is one of the ways to speed up Chromebook. It is often found that Chromebook shows several ads. Either when you are permitted to get those or while visiting the website or opening new tabs. It leads to the opening of useless ads and lagging. Moreover, When these ads open up, they consume a lot of resources and even your internet bandwidth, which poses difficulty for the user to handle.

use ad blocker

Therefore to avoid this lagging, the best solution is to use an ad blocker on your Chromebook like AdBlock Plus. Which also helps you to organize your web pages. There are also several free ad blockers that you can use to make your it faster.

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Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Laptops and computers come in specific sizes; therefore, if your system consists of unwanted and useless applications. It would, at last, consume space, which would lag your system. Chromebook is said to use the maximum RAM of the system. Hence, if your it is filled with applications and no RAM is available for the system, it will hang and make it slower.

uninstall unwanted applications

Therefore, look at your applications in the system, and if there are any unwanted applications, uninstall them.

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Don’t Open Up Too Many New Tabs

Adding new tabs to your browser can also hang it. Try to open only a few tabs on the browser, as adding more tabs consumes more resources and bandwidth.

don’t open up too many new tabs

Open only those tabs required to be worked upon at that particular time to avoid lagging, which also helps increase Chromebook performance.

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Remove Extensions

Having too many extensions installed is a common reason for sluggish performance. As a result, you should go through the extensions and eliminate any that are excessive and unnecessary.

Follow these steps to remove the extensions and therefore know how to speed up a Chromebook:

  1. Activate your browser.activate browser
  2.  Look for the menu option in the top-right corner. menu
  3. Next, click More Tools. From that, select Extensions, or type in the address bar- chrome://extensions and then press enter to continue.more tools
  4. You will get a list of all the installed extensions that you have downloaded.
  5. You can disable or uninstall them by going and switching off extensions or removing the extension you don’t require.disable extensions

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Check Your Task Manager

Similar to a Windows computer, it has a built-in Task Manager. It displays open programs and tells you how much memory, CPU, network, and other resources are currently being used. Follow the steps to check your task manager and get rid of slow Chromebooks. And get rid of the question of how to make a Chromebook faster.

  1. In the top corner of the window of the Chrome browser, click the Chrome menu button. menu
  2. Select Task manager from the More tools drop-down menu. You may also open Task Manager by pressing Search + Esc from your keyboard. select task manager
  3. Examine the running programs and processes to see which ones consume the most bandwidth and could be closed.task manager process
  4. To exit or remove an application from the task manager. Please select it and click the End Process button in the lower right corner.remove an application from the task manager

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Update Your Chromebook

Sometimes, it slows down when your browser is not up-to-date. It is mandatory to keep your browser updated, and your system must stay updated to avoid this situation. In order to determine whether it is up to date or you have to update it, follow these steps:

  1. Select the status tray from the lower right. status tray from the lower right
  2.  At the top of the little pop-up window, click the Settings icon (gear symbol).
  3. The About Chrome OS option is in the left column; scroll to the bottom of that section.
  4. Click the Check for updates link. On the Google Chrome OS website. check for updates
  5. Afterward, download the most recent update or downgrade your system.updates
  6. You should consider returning to an earlier version of Chrome OS if your Chromebook functions effectively. If it says “Update available,” download and then restart it.
  7. You cannot update if it says, Your Chromebook is up to date.” your chromebook is up to date

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Power wash Chromebook

Consider performing a factory reset if none of the other fixes work, and it continues to run slowly. How to make a Chromebook faster by doing it. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Sign on to your Chromebook usual. sign in
  2.  Select the option of Settings from the bottom right corner of the window.
  3. Have a look at the advanced settings, and click Advanced.advanced settings
  4. Find Powerwash in the Reset settings section.powerwash
  5. In the pop-up box, click Reset, followed by Restart.reset
  6. Please select Powerwash from the Reset this menu.
  7. Then press the Continue button and wait.


Does Linux run on Chromebook?

Yes, Linux runs on Chromebook. It is just that the user has to first install a virtual box on the system, and through it, the user can run any OS they want to.

Are Chromebooks available online?

Yes. Even though they are new digital devices that have come up after laptops and computers with windows and macOS. They are also available in online stores like the other operating system laptops.

Can we purchase a Chromebook on EMI?

Having an option of purchasing a Chromebook on Emi depends on where you are purchasing and whether that store offers you an option of EMI. You can ask for this option’s availability before purchasing the product.


Suppose your Chromebook is running slowly. If you experience the same problem, we hope this post has helped you find a solution. Therefore, through this article, one learns the uniqueness and main features and several ways to make Chromebook faster.

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