How to Make Bootable Pendrive? | Complete Guide

Pendrives are a great way to share files and data across different computers and laptops. You can simply plug in the pendrive in your system and copy various files into it. Next, connect it with another system, and you are ready to share the data stored on the pendrive. Some people also use it to install operating systems like Windows into a new computer. However, a regular pendrive is not a dependable way to shift sensitive data and information. For something like this, we need a Bootable Pendrive that is quite reliable to share this information.

how to make bootable pendrive

If you are not sure how to make bootable pendrive, we are here to help you. This complete guide contains various methods that will explain how you can create a bootable pendrive quite easily. Make sure to read the blog till the end and learn through step-wise procedures.

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What is a Bootable Pendrive?

First, you should understand what the actual use of a bootable pendrive is. As the name suggests, it helps to boot the system through files already stored in the pendrive. It will boot the design from the pendrive instead of the hard drive. Apart from sharing normal data, users can turn on specific applications or tools by plugging in the pendrive. Moreover, you can use it to install various operating systems into your PC. Earlier, this feature was only limited to CDs and DVDs, which was not convenient. Therefore, we now have special bootable pen drives that do better than the previous generation models. It is recommended to have a pendrive of 4GB or more for better results. A smaller size pendrive may not properly work while booting the system.

Ways How to Make Bootable Pendrive

Now the question arises, how to make bootable pendrive with the least manual effort. Well, there is no rocket science in converting a regular pendrive into a bootable pendrive. It might seem a bit tedious, but in reality, anyone can do it. Thus, we bring you some effective methods that will help you in the same.

Using Command Prompt

It is the most common method to solve how to make bootable pendrive. It will build a bootable pendrive from your Windows computer. Every user with an operating system after Windows 7 can perform this task. It may not work on some Linux systems. Therefore, you can follow these steps to make a bootable pendrive,

  • Click on the Start Menu and search ‘cmd’ to look for the command prompt option. You can find other different ways to launch command prompt here.
  • Right-click on the icon and select “Run as Administrator” mode.
how to make bootable pendrive
Right Click on Command Prompt
  • Plug the pendrive into the computer through the USB port.
  • Go to your terminal and type diskpart, and hit Enter to activate the command.
Enter diskpart
  • Next, put a list disk command showing the names and details of every available storage disk on the system.
list disk
Enter list disk
  • How to make bootable pendrive after that? So now, you will also see your pendrive in the list, and make sure to select it in the next command. You might get different names depending on the system. Thus, put the select disk_name command in the terminal.
select disk
Select Disk
  • Now you have to format the pendrive that will erase all the data files and folders in it. Therefore, you should not have any important files before formatting pendrive. Type in the clean command to format the disk.
type clean
Type in clean
  • The next step is to make the pendrive ready for booting procedures. Enter the command create partition primary.
create partition
Create Partition Primary
  • You now have a partition ready in the pendrive. To access it, type in the command select partition 1
select partition 1
Select Partition 1
  • Type in the following commands in the respective order for the final stages, format=fs NTFS quick
ntfs format
NTFS Format
  • Finally, you have to leave the directory by entering the exit command. It is better to close the terminal window. The pendrive is now ready to share and install various OS into a new system. And that is one way how to make bootable pendrive.
Type in exit to complete


PowerISO is a reliable and strong image file processing tool available on your computer. So, how to make bootable pendrive using PowerISO? You can use it to build a bootable pendrive through in-built features. Make sure you have the latest OS configurations of Windows 7 or above. The steps for the same are,

  • Download and install the PowerISO tool on your computer.
  • Connect the pendrive that you want to boot into the same system.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select Create bootable USB drive option. If the software asks for any permissions, give them accordingly.
how to make bootable pendrive
Create Bootable Drive
  • Choose the destination of your pendrive by clicking on the location icon. Now for the easiest part of how to make bootable pendrive.
  • There are various writing methods that you can choose for booting the pendrive. However, we recommend using USB-HDD for the best results.
  • Click on Start to initiate the process. Confirm to format the USB drive before booting it.
click on start
Click on Start
  • Finally, wait for some time, and your pendrive is ready to go and you’ve completed how to make bootable pendrive.
how to make bootable pendrive
How to make Bootable Pendrive

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We hope you now have adequate details regarding how to make bootable pendrive through your Windows computer. Some experts believe that you must restart your PC after completing the process. If you still don’t get a bootable pendrive, you can try using various automated software like Rufus, YUMI, Universal USB Installer, etc. These are quite easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. Hence, you can boot the USB drive within no time.

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