How to Mine Cryptocurrency on iPhone | Top 10 Apps

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic these days, and many of us want to try cryptocurrency mining. You might think that cryptocurrency mining requires a series of devices, including GPUs and big monitors, but thanks to up-gradation in technology, you can now do it on your smartphone or iPhone. But the question is, How to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone?


Cryptocurrency mining is not just creating some new coins. It is a lot more than that. Crypto mining is the process of confirming and adding cryptocurrency transactions to a distributed network using the blockchain system. As a digital currency, cryptocurrency mining can easily be manipulated on digital platforms, and this is one of the reasons why the iPhone does not allow its users to do the same. But there is always a catch as tech, and we got it for you. These apps are the solution to the question we asked above: how to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone?

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Learning how to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone is very easy with these apps:


It is a platform in which you can perform crypto mining on iPhone along with crypto investments. ECOS contains all the necessary tools which are required for working with digital assets: cloud bitcoin mining, crypto wallet, exchanger, and cryptocurrency portfolios. It also provides all the required data, which will make your crypto investments quick and easy.

ecos bitcoin mining
ECOS Bitcoin Mining

  2. Crypto Tab

It is one of the fastest, easiest, and most powerful platforms to perform crypto mining. CryptoTab can be set up with just a two-click installation process, and you can start instant mining on it. It provides you with an up-to-date detailed statistics chart that eases your mining process even further. 


 3. NiceHash

It is a tool where you can pay for hash power while you are mining the cloud. It also has a crypto exchange feature, which allows you to trade fiat currency for cryptocurrency or vice versa. With advanced trading options and an API, you can trade live. The app was created with medium-sized and large mining farms in mind, that wish to optimize their connection for maximum performance and earnings.

nicehash browser
NiceHash Browser

Learning how to mine crypto on iPhone is made easier with NiceHash.

 4. SparkPool

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is the world’s second-largest mining pool. It primarily focuses on providing professional mining pool services and ensuring the smooth operation of public pool networks.


Moreover, it is capable of direct square issuance of technique and has this capability. SparkPool enables you to mine major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. You can later check out this Ethereum trader website and put your mined Ethereum to good use!

 5. Quick Miner

It is one of those apps that provide a bag full of features, and you just can’t miss it. It is the world’s leading crypto mining and trading platform. The platform can be used by cryptocurrency miners, crypto traders, and also by buyers of the hash power. Regular rewards, excellent customer service, high-end security, system stability, and the delivery of large amounts of hashing power are just a few of the aspects that improve the crypto-mining experience. 

 6. Miner Stat

It offers a complete set of solutions for crypto miners. If you have any problem then, Miner Stat has a solution for it. For easier optimizations, it includes utilities like BIOS flasher, autotune, Rxboost, and AMD memory modification. All of the prominent pools are supported, including Mining Pool Hub, Zpool, Nanopool, and others.


Aside from system watchdogs, the apps allow you to create custom event-based triggers and hardware watchdogs to improve the speed and stability of your crypto mining.

 7. BSOD Pool

BSOD pool is a growing pool that has been widely popular in a short period. It is a pool that supports the mining of dozens of coins, much like Nanopool, Zpool, and other popular pools.

bsod mining pool
BSOD Mining Pool

The pool does not require any registration and also pays you in the currency you mine. Isn’t that amazing? The platforms also allow you to do solo mining. 

 8. RaveOS

RaveOS is an iOS-only operating system that helps you improve hash rate speed and stability while reducing downtime and power consumption. It’s an operating system for configuring, monitoring, and managing your rigs and ASICs. Regardless of your location, you can get harsh rates, mistakes, power consumption, and much more using the app.


The application also aids in the detection of faults and the overloading of miners. The developers of the app identified the question of how to mine cryptocurrency on the iPhone, and they came up with the best app they could.

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 9. BTC.COM Pool

Are you someone who is intrigued by research? Then this app is for you. Pool is a platform that allows you to research the development of blockchain products and a digital ecosystem that focuses on serving the global digital currency enthusiasts and developers.


The app also has tons of professional miners who are experts in the field of blockchain and digital currency. It is an excellent data service provider for iPhone crypto mining and also has its own wallet.

 10. HashShiny

HashShiny is the place for you if you’re looking for a cloud mining platform that supports cryptocurrency mining operations. It gives you the freedom to decide to mine the pool of your choice, and also it allows you to find the pools where you can earn the maximum profit. In addition, This app provides you with the most advanced technology with the lowest electricity prices and purchasing costs in the cryptocurrency industry.


All these apps will enable you to do crypto mining on iOS-based products. From research to trading to mining, these ios crypto-mining apps are the solutions to all your needs in the cryptocurrency industry. These apps will let you do the cloud mining without any heavy setup. Now you know how to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone.

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps and access crypto-mining apps for iPhone to earn.

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We hope we have shown you how to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone with this article. We also hope we have helped make a good decision regarding your iOS crypto mining app choices.

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