How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Android [Complete Guide]

Cryptocurrency mining is a way of solving high-quality mathematical equations by utilizing a computer’s hardware and software. It gives a product of encrypted strings or, in simpler terms, coins and tokens which can be sold in exchange for US dollars. This process is expensive as it uses specialized machines with distinct features for the said work. In this post, we will answer the question, ‘How to mine cryptocurrency on android?’

mine cryptocurrency on android

Today, mobile phones have become more efficient and handier than PCs. Therefore, people prefer to work with android phones. Mining cryptocurrency can also be done with the help of android phones, where the system uses its powerful processor to complete the task.

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How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Android?

The process of mining cryptocurrency needs a lot of powerful processors and, at some point, can be an expensive method. So, to make the work easier, many android apps have been developed so that people can experience the benefit of making money at their leisure. 

how to mine cryptocurrency on android

A simple registering yourself will allow you to enjoy the world of cryptocurrency. You’ll get a bunch of applications from the Google Play Store like MinerGate or WazirX. These apps include a very effortless process before beginning with the actual process of trading. With these apps, you can learn how to mine cryptocurrency on android.

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This app provides its coins named WRX which can be bought using Indian currency. You can invest in INR, US dollars, BTC, etc.


They also allow the users to win coins by participating in various contests available in the application itself. The account security is also top-notch as it has a system of passcodes to keep the account safe. It charges a fee of 0.2 percent.

Visit: WazirX

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Another app in this section has gained a lot of recognition. With a capacity to trade up to 200+ coins, it has become a very user-friendly application. The registration process is also simple as it needs you to enter the OTP sent on the registered mobile number.


You can trade crypto using INR. The security system is also very unique. It requires a Google authentication to start selling. Also, the user needs to verify a password before withdrawing. This app charges a minimum fee of 0.1 percent.

Visit: CoinDCX


This app provides a more designed and more brilliant interface for the users. Trading through this app is not a completed process. Users will find it much more straightforward and understanding. To begin with, your crypto mining experience, register yourself on this trading platform. How to mine cryptocurrency on android efficiently? Use BitcoinPrime.

bitcoin prime

For trading cryptocurrency, the users need to make a minimum deposit. After the process of deposition is done, the live trading sessions begin. These processes are real-time and fully automated. The nature and built of this app help users to access it directly with their smartphones.

Visit: Bitcoin Prime


This app is very versatile as it allows users to exchange with almost more than 100 cryptocurrencies. It also allows a global exchange of cryptocurrency.

bit bns

Indian users can access many features of priority access to new coins/tokens, newer trading pairs, etc.

Visit: Bitbns

CoinSwitch Kuber

This app has gained its popularity recently and has gained a lot of attention from big firms too. This app promises its users the best experience in trading as it supports over 100+ cryptocurrencies.

coinswitch kuber

If you want to know how to mine cryptocurrency on Android easily, this is the perfect app. To begin with, all you need to do s create an account and complete the KYC process. Your account is secured using a 4-digit pin. Although this app still lacks some features, its marketing skills have brought it to popularity amongst users.

Visit: CoinSwitch Kuber


Unocoin is known for its user-friendly interface. To register yourself, create an account by providing details of your KYC. The users have to pay a fee of minimum of 0.7 percent, which reduces to 0.5 after 60days, and you get an upgrade to gold membership too.


You can secure your account using a fingerprint or passcode. So, be careful while logging into your account, as one wrong move can log you out from the app.

Visit: Unocoin

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MinerGAte is also a user-friendly platform that allows you to mine altcoins as well. Some of which are QuazarCoin, DigitalNote, etc. The app also provides an in-built wallet in-store the coins.


Visit: Minergate

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Is crypto mining allowed in India?

There is no ban on bitcoin or crypto in India till now. Therefore, it is safe to say that it’s still legal.

Is EasyMiner safe?

EasyMiner uses military-grade security empowered by SSD servers to make sure no one can hack the account. Therefore, it is safe.

Which country has the most bitcoin?

The United States leads with the largest share in the global mining network.

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Mining crypto using a smartphone is instead a straightforward process. The thing required to start the trading process is just a mobile phone. You can sit in your convenient environment and at any convenient time to mine cryptocurrency. The apps listed above are very user-friendly and compatible with android phones as well. Hence, we hope that next time you think about what to do for mining cryptocurrency, these apps will be helpful for you.

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