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The amount of data produced in the world each minute is quite massive and difficult to manage. Moreover, saving this data is an enormous challenge for users who are constantly dealing with it. Hard drives and pendrives are quite dependable devices to store and share data from one PC to another. However, there are many instances when the Pendrive is lost or gets stolen with essential files. Anyone could easily misuse the data by just plugging in the Pendrive in a computer. So, it is important to protect pendrive with password.

Thus, you should have proper security features to safeguard confidential data in them. It will ask for a password for anyone who tries to open the Pendrive. Hence, we are here to answer how to protect pendrive with a password and other similar safety measures. Make sure to read the complete guide and choose the most appropriate method.

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How to Protect Pendrive With Password using SecurStick

The first method on our journey of password-protecting a flash drive is using the Securstick application. This particular one is a German-developed software that can directly work and does not require any administration permissions. Hence, you can start creating secure areas for essential files in Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. Moreover, users only need to open the .exe file in the pendrive. Further, you have to provide all the information that is present on the installation page. Despite being created in German, you will find all the instructions in English accordingly.


The last step to encrypt the pendrive is by selecting a strong password. No other user could access the storage device without the correct sequence of credentials. Hence, the entire database is quite safe, and you can only format the pendrive to remove it. The software is readily available online, and you need not pay anything to utilize the service.

How to Protect Pendrive With Password using  Cryptsetup

The application is genuinely the best flash drive lock in the industry that works on Linux computers. The users have to install the special software to encrypt the pendrive with Cryptsetup. However, you should avoid installing it if the pen drive is also put in operating systems other than Linux.

how to protect pen drive with password
protect pendrive with password using cryptsetup

Moreover, it is also helpful for Ubuntu users who need to safeguard data on removable drives. The only way to remove encryption is by formatting the entire drive while losing the stored data. Hence, you should have a backup in case there is a need to format the pendrive.

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Encrypt with Rohos to Protect the Pendrive

Moving further on discovering how to protect pendrive with a password, we come across Rohos Mini Drive. It does not require any specific administration rights to encrypt the files.

 protect pen drive with password with rohos
protect pendrive with a password with rohos

Therefore, you can easily start using it on any given device to create around 8 gigabytes of protected data. The environment is quite secure as you get complete protection with AES 256- encryption. Just copy the executable file on the flash drive, activate it, and you are good to go. Just initiate the program and set a new password, followed by clicking on the Create disk option. Users can disconnect the application and remove all the passwords accordingly.

How to Protect your Pendrive Using

  • A Veracrypt for Flash Drive Lock
  • An Individual Encryption of Files

A Veracrypt for Flash Drive Lock

If you are still not able to learn how to protect a pendrive with a password, the next program will help you out. The users can either download the free version (2 GB storage) or the paid version (unlimited storage). The software will generate a separate virtual disk in the system that contains the crucial files.


Moreover, users have the option to select a particular area that needs to be encrypted. You only need to start the program and select the name of the pendrive. Finally, select the Create Volume option, and the Veracrypt wizard will appear on the screen. Then choose between Standard and Hidden encryption where hidden is less risky. Generate a new password along with determining the encryption strength.

An Individual Encryption of Files

For a fact, it is essential to password protect the thumb drive to avoid any accidental misuse. Well, an alternative for the same is to individually add a USB password on the important files only. Further, it will save you a lot of time that drains in encrypting the entire pendrive. Microsoft has this feature installed for the users in their Excel and Word applications. The feature is present in the File menu, followed by selecting the Info tab. You can select to Encrypt with Password after finishing the file. Set up the desired password and save the document like normal. Thus, while opening the document next time, you will need to fill in the password.

Encrypt Pendrive on Mac OS

For anyone who is looking for how to password protect flash drive on Mac, we have a simple solution. However, you need to first format the entire drive through the HFS+ system in the Mac. Next, you can easily encrypt the pendrive along with adding a strong password. Once the process starts, you need to wait a couple of minutes until the drive is ready. Thus, if you plug it into any other device, the prompt will ask for the correct password.


We hope that your queries related to how to protect pendrive with password are resolved. Also, don’t share the password with anyone suspicious, and try to remember it yourself. In case you forget it, the only way out is to format the pendrive. Thus, you will end up losing everything stored on the drive, including the credentials. Hence, make sure that you have a backup stored somewhere safe in case of an emergency.

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