When everything can get viral, if it is interesting enough for people’s attention, it is important to remember the creator of that content and give them credits. We hope to show you tools you can use to learn how to put a watermark on a photo without photoshop via this article. 

Why Should You Put a Watermark on a Photo

Especially when the content is in the form of images, it can be easily out under someone else’s name and be misused. This invalidates the original creator and is highly demotivating.

To avoid this lot of digital content creators put a watermark on their photos to retain originality. So watermarking your content has become very crucial today. So if you create content or are a brand owner wanting to learn how to add a signature to photos without photoshop, you have landed at the right place.

Here are our top recommendations:

Photo Watermark

This tool is specifically designed to create a watermark for photos. It helps you make your watermark or edit the previous ones easily and quickly. 

Photo Watermark
Photo Watermark


  • It helps to rotate, edit or move watermarks easily
  • The application does not take a lot of space. 
  • Provides stickers and texts for your watermarks
  • Easy to use


  • It is available only for android users
  • Free only for a limited time, you will have to pay for it.

Visit: Photo Watermark

uMark Online

You have to visit the uMark website, select the photo you want a watermark on, and upload it from your laptop. Then it asks you about the information on your watermark, and you can select all details as per your desire and proceed. 

umark online
uMark Online


  • It is an online website and hence is accessible on all devices 
  • Completely free of cots 
  • Allows you to watermark a bunch of photos together too


  • You will have to manually type and decide the position by choosing the setting and not dragging the watermark here. 
  • You will see the final product after it’s placed and then change the settings accordingly. 

Visit: uMark Online

Nevertheless, this tool is great for beginners figuring out how to put a watermark on a photo without photoshop.

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Initially, when there were not a lot of tools available and people wondered how to put a logo on a picture without photoshop, they resorted to the option of using PowerPoint. Though it has some limitations, it is a great tool.

power point
Power Point


  • You don’t have to download any other extra tool or go to some website since PowerPoint is available on your laptop or PC.
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • You can edit it again anytime.


  • Limited fonts and options 
  • It does not look very professional and can be a bit shabby in terms of the quality of the image

Also, if you wonder how to put a watermark on a photo without photoshop using PowerPoint, it is very simple. 

Just type your text, choose fonts and styles for this text. Place it according to your needs and adjust the transparency of this text. Do this in a way that is visible through your other images but also not too much. This is a very basic and quick to use tool to suggest if someone wants to know how to put watermarks on photos. 

Visit: PowerPoint 


It is also a very popular tool that will help your query of putting a watermark on a photo without photoshop. You have to visit this website and start watermarking your digital content. 



  • It can be used from any device
  • It also helps you watermark any videos 
  • All video formats are supported on this website
  • Free for certain services
  • Fast processing in case of the premium version


  • All services are available only in premium paid version for this website 
  • The basic plan includes editing only one photo at a time and 30 seconds of video at once.
  • Not many font and style options in the free version and cannot remove the background of images.

If you want to know how to put a logo on a picture without photoshop, then the free version of this website can be a great choice for you. Also, if you deal with this regularly, you might even want to consider buying the premium version since it has a lot of advantages.  

Visit: Watermark.ws

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Many people recommend this app to people who are trying to know How to Put a Watermark on a Photo Without Photoshop. It is also beginner-friendly because it has a lot of ready-made templates that you can use. You can easily figure out how to get a watermark using this software.



  • Easy to use with a lot of ready-made templates
  • Compatible with Andriod as well as iOS
  • You can access QR watermarks with this, which has up to 4000 characters


  • The quality of the picture is found to be degraded
  • It does not have good font or styles option

These are some of the highly used tools for watermarking the content. They help you do this without setting up a whole photoshop device or even purchasing one since most of these tools work free of cost too. 

Visit: iWatermark


Why is watermarking content important?

It is extremely important to save your content from theft in this digital world. Every content creator must do this.

Is it possible and safe to watermark photos without photoshop?

Yes, it is possible, and many people do it without a photoshop setup. Online tools are available for the same, and they are free sometimes.

Can I design my watermark?

Yes, you should design your watermark. Still, many templates, fonts, styles are available to help you design.

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Watermarking content has become extremely important in 2022 since the theft of such images continues to increase. This invalidates someone who has put many hours of effort into it. If you are a digital content creator knowing this is crucial for you. If you also know someone into such content, make sure you share these simple and easy-to-use tools with them. 

Cropping out or removing watermarks from someone’s content is illegal and a legit crime. So in a way, by watermarking them, you are protecting your content and saving your efforts. This ensures your copyright and gives you credit for all the work. I hope this blog introduced you to simple tools that you can use easily without using a photoshop application on your device. 

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