Know How To Quote On Reddit – Complete Guide For 2023

All of us are stuck at home, and it becomes very difficult to solve doubts. However, this does not mean that there is no way that you can get your doubts cleared. For people who have constant doubts and want expert advice for free, Reddit is where you can ask the questions you want expert answers to. Here, this article will show you how to quote on Reddit. It is possible for you not to reveal your name on Reddit if you do not want to, and you can pose anonymous questions. 

One of Reddit’s unique features is that you can even quote a person on your profile. You can do it when you like an answer from any user or if the user’s question is something you want to help with. Although, you can quote comments. Like, if you have to post the entire thread and not just the question.

However, sometimes you might find it a little challenging to do if you have not done it before. It does not mean that it is impossible to do!

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This article will present the methodology you need to follow when you want to know how to quote Reddit. Make it mandatory that you spend enough time getting to know everything before you proceed. 

How To Quote Text On Reddit

When it comes to knowing how to quote on Reddit, you must own an account on this site first. It is not going to ask you for any amount of money to create an account on Reddit. Go on the official site of Reddit and sign in. It will look something like the one that is below.

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  • Enter your username and password properly. You can also choose to log into Reddit using your Google account. 
log in
Log in


  • Go to the post you wish to quote, go and click on the topic.
  • Once that is done, you will have to scroll and then read the comments and choose the one you want to quote. It might take some time for you to look for the exact Comment that you wish to post. And sometimes that comment might have also been deleted. But fortunately, there are ways to access deleted comments on Reddit.
  • After you narrow down to the option of which you want to repost, you need to move your cursor over the comments section and then select the content you wish to post. 
comment section
Comment Section
  • Having that done, you should then copy the quote by pressing Ctrl + C if you own a Windows or Command + C in case you own a MAC. It is the shortcut for copying the quote that you wish to requote.
  • You will then see the quotation icon that will help you resolve how to quote on Reddit. You will see this at the end of the comment section – it will look like a normal quotation mark.
  • To reply to the Comment in this section, there will be an option to reply below the Comment.
quotation icon
Quotation Icon
  • To proceed further with how you quote Reddit, you will have to paste it in the copied section. To do this, you will have to press Ctrl + V on your Windows device or Command + V on your MAC. There will be the quote that you wish to requote in front of you.
  • You can do copying and pasting manually, however, we recommend that you make use of the keyboard shortcut.
  • You cannot post this on your Reddit with the quote formatting present. With the help of the enter and backspace key, you will have to remove the formatting. 
  • Now is the time to put in your response to the text you have just quoted. It is your thoughts that you can express as a response to the quote you have just made. You can do it underneath the quoted text.
  • You will then witness a dark blue button titled Comment. As soon as you have finished entering your views, you can click on that button once you are ready to post.
  • Just in case you want to reply, you will have to hit reply instead of a comment. In that case, it will not quote you.

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It is now clear how to quote on Reddit in an extremely unchallenging manner. Was it not extremely unchallenging to perform? It is not something that will expect you to know every detail about technical stuff. Reddit is a type of social media, and it does not require you to spend a lot of time understanding the features.

For you to comprehend better, some pictures are there to show how to quote on Reddit. So, even if you have not used Reddit in your entire life, you will still find it easy to know how to quote someone on Reddit.

Make sure that you have an account on Reddit when you are trying to quote someone on Reddit. It is only then that this will be possible for you to resolve how to quote Reddit in an extremely easy manner. Once you type your views, too, take care of hitting the right button, or you will not quote the thing you wish to quote. Also, rather than manually copying and pasting stuff, you should use the keyboard shortcut to minimize errors. 

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