A bounced email does not get delivered, and it is returned to the sender in marketing. When it comes to email marketing, you have to be cautious about the success of your email marketing campaign, as it may hamper the image of your domain. Today, we’ll guide you on how to reduce the bounce rate of emails.

email bounce

There are different reasons why an email bounces back – your domain may be blocked from the recipient’s server, or the recipient has reached the inbox capacity. However, there are ways to prevent your marketing campaign from getting worse. To Reduce the Bounce Rate Of Emails, TAMI, Neverbounce, Hunter, Zerobounce, Bouncer, etc.

So, you can use tools to prevent yourself from blocking or working on time-consuming ways to avoid it. This blog will explain some handy tools to reduce your email bounce rate and improve pitches

How Do Email Verification Tools Work? 

Email verification improves the odds of your email marketing campaign by improving the bounce rate and sender reputation. It works in the following ways:

Email Address Syntax Check

The syntax checks help to check the structure of the email address by closely analyzing different aspects of its spelling.

syntax check

For example, it checks whether the dots, spaces and special characters are in the right place.

Domain Check

The domain check uses some powerful algorithms to determine the working of email addresses. You can perform a domain check on the list of companies or websites by executing hundreds of emails.

Email Ping

Ping is a way to verify an email address by selecting and sending an email from the list.

email ping

If it bounces back, it is not considered safe to be presumed and non-existent.

Role-Based Detection

Role-based detection can determine role-based email addresses such as @admin, @info, or @sales which may hinder your deliverability since they are not associated with a particular person.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Emails: 7 Tools 

In some cases, bounced emails are unavoidable. However, specific strategies can prevent the results from worsening. Nonetheless, specific tools can help you ease down the entire planning and implementation of strategies. These are as follows:


TAMI is not specifically an email marketing tool but it can solve the issues. It helps the business in identification and lead generation in the SaaS platform. 


Furthermore, unlike other excellent data providers, it downloads, and accesses verified contact data. Here, an email address with a green symbol considers the email confirmed for the next three months.

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Neverbounce is a great tool that helps verify emails before you send them to the recipient. Although it does not offer a domain search function, it does a great job.


It has an active integration with over 80+ CRM for importing emails directly in Neverbounce. Moreover, it does its job in less than 3 minutes which is excellent for busy marketers. 

Hunter (Tool To Reduce Bounce Rate)

Hunter is a great tool to help you identify and validate a company’s email address by copying, pasting, and clicking on verify. It provides a detailed list of valid, accepted, all blocked, and invalid email addresses.

hunter reduce bounce rate

Hunter carefully reiterates your activity and ensures it works only when the verified symbol is in a specific domain. 


It is a widely known email marketing automation tool used by great brands like TripAdvisor and AllState for paid email verification services. It effectively checks for spam and hard bounces at aggressive rates.

zerobounce reduce bounce rate

Moreover, Zerobounce can verify email in bulk in a seamless way. It offers a limit of 100 free verification per month. It also removes misspelled email addresses.

Bouncer (An Answer To How To Reduce Bounce Rate)

Bouncer has a user-friendly format with a responsive team that provides highly detailed results in less time. Its simple yet effective interface offers utility, accuracy, and great pricing.

bouncer email verification software

It also offers free services for up to 1000 emails; after that, you must pay. It is an excellent tool for users who lack time and need something that can boost their email marketing campaign.


Digital marketers of Google, Amazon, and Zoom use Zoominfo. It is a great tool. You can use Zoominfo for management, marketing, and sales to scale up your marketing strategy from the very beginning.

zoominfo tool

It has robust features specifically designed for seamless integration to boost your workflow. Furthermore, it has a customizable payment plan per your business’s requirements.

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Clearout (Tool To Reduce Bounce Rate)

Clearout identifies and removes spam emails and hard bounces easily from temporary emails and sub-accounts. Here, you can pinpoint all the data details to create a list of the leads you want to pitch. 


Adobe and various small and big organizations use their services to run verification with a lead finder. Moreover, it runs on a credit-based system where you only pay for how many times you verify your emails.


How can I improve website load time to reduce bounce rate?

Improving website load time involves optimizing images, reducing server response time, utilizing caching techniques, and minimizing unnecessary code to ensure faster page loading and better user experience.

What role does engaging and relevant content play in reducing bounce rate?

Engaging and relevant content captivates visitors, encourages them to explore more pages, and reduces the likelihood of bouncing. Providing valuable information, straightforward navigation, and compelling visuals can help keep visitors on the website.

Is having a mobile-responsive website essential for reducing bounce rate?

Yes, having a mobile-responsive website is crucial as it ensures an optimal browsing experience across different devices. A mobile-friendly design encourages visitors to stay and navigate the site, reducing the bounce rate.

How can I improve website navigation to reduce bounce rate?

Improving website navigation involves organizing content logically, providing clear menus and search functionality, using intuitive labels and buttons, and ensuring easy access to critical information. A well-structured navigation system helps visitors find what they need and explore more pages.

Can pop-ups and interstitials affect bounce rate?

Yes, intrusive pop-ups and interstitials can frustrate visitors and increase bounce rates. Use them sparingly, ensure they are relevant and valuable, and provide easy ways to dismiss or close them.

How can I make my website more visually appealing to reduce bounce rate?

Making your website visually appealing involves using high-quality images, balanced layouts, attractive color schemes, and straightforward typography. A visually appealing website attracts and engages visitors, encouraging them to stay and explore further.

The Bottom Line (How To Reduce Bounce Rate):

People often neglect your email bounce rate, which might impact email delivery if it is too high. It is preferable to concentrate effectively, as failing to do so could be disastrous to your overall email marketing strategy.

A user often gets trapped in over-analyzing a failed email marketing campaign and can’t precisely determine the leading cause of failure. Therefore, we recommend not wasting time figuring out unsure issues and working on plans to improve your next campaign.

The above are some of the best tools to boost your email marketing objectives by improving bounce rates and converting more leads. Hopefully, you’ve found the answer to “How to reduce the bounce rate of your email marketing campaign.”

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