How to Remove Credit Card from Xbox one Console | Explained

The world has seen a lot of improvements in the field of technology. This is the reason that all the things are getting much better and faster. Therefore, the same thing goes for the overall PC or console gaming experience. There is no doubt in the fact that games have become an important part of our social life. The gaming industry is widely growing in society with millions of existing players. Also, the new generation is highly motivated to test their skills on various games. Hence, the number of active players is constantly growing that play games on a regular basis. This is the reason that demand for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox is at the peak. These games are not only cheap but also provide some of the best graphics in the industry.

Players tend to spend several dollars to get their hands on the latest released games in the market. Xbox has their own set of console games that are exclusively available on their console modules. Therefore, players can directly purchase them online and enjoy the gameplay while sitting on their couch. Also, the multiplayer mode has significantly increased the fun level while playing on Xbox. You need to individually choose a payment mode while purchasing a single game or the set.

xbox one
Xbox one

No doubt that users will decide on a particular payment mode while setting up the Xbox. However, some users wish to change their existing mode of payment in the later part. Thus, we often come across a query that how to remove credit card from Xbox One console. This guide will have all the major and minor details that you need to proceed with the job. Hence, make sure to read the full article to go through the process without any potential risk.

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How to Remove Credit Card from Xbox One Console?

Most of the users tend to prefer a credit card for billing their purchases on the Xbox once console. However, there might be a situation when you need to update or even remove the credit card details. The users often do mistakes while removing the data as they are not aware of the correct procedure. So for those questioning how to remove a credit card from Xbox, there are two different methods of how to remove credit card from Xbox one console.The first one being from the console directly and the other using the PC. We will discuss both the techniques and you can go with the more convenient for yourself.

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From Console

Therefore, the steps for removing credit card from Xbox live from the console itself are,

Step 1

First, switch on the console device while it is connected to the screen. Then, click on the Xbox button, and the guide page will open.

Step 2

Next, move the page down and look for the “System” configuration.

Step 3

Click on the “Settings” option to open the settings page related to the console.

Step 4

Users will find the “Account” option under which you will get the option of “Payments & Billing”.

console removal
Console removal

Step 5

Also, there will be several other payment options that you might have saved in the past. Find the credit card that you wish to remove from the console.

Step 6

Finally, place the mouse pointer on the details and click the “Remove” button. This will erase all the existing data of the credit card from the device.

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From PC

Users can use any PC or laptop to open an internet browser with an active internet connection, too if you are wondering how to remove credit card from Xbox one console using the following steps:

Step 1

First, go to the official Microsoft website and log in using the correct credentials of your account.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Payments & Billing” option from the home page.

Step 3

You will find the “Payments” option. Click on it.

Step 4

You will get a list of all the payment options connected with the account. Scroll down to the bottom and find the desired credit card.

pc removal
PC removal

Step 5

Finally, press on the Remove button present alongside the credit card. Thus, now you won’t be charged from that specific card for any future purchases.

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How to Remove Payment Method from Xbox One

Some of you might be thinking that you can remove all the payment methods from the console. Well, that’s not exactly the case while using Xbox one. You need to have at least a single payment option to make the purchases. Moreover, if a current plan is active with the help of a credit card, you can’t delete it. You need to either unsubscribe from the plan or choose a different paying option. This will ensure a seamless experience while playing games on the device. Otherwise, the user will not be able to delete the details of the existing credit card on the console.


Therefore, we hope that the following guide you on how to remove credit card from Xbox one console. Moreover, there are several other payment options that a user can choose from for any online purchase. Also, Microsoft accepts all credit and debit cards along with direct bank payments. Hence, you can be assured of the security of your payments while checking out from the store. Also, in case you find any problem, contact the Customer Support team. They will help you to track down all the billing details related to the Xbox one console.

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