How To Remove Followers On Twitter [Complete Guide]

Social media platforms are now being used at an extremely large amount. The dependency is extremely high when compared to any other thing. Every moment that we capture in our lives, the first thing we do is post it on our social media. In this article, you will know how to remove followers on Twitter without any hassle. Make it a point to read the article properly before you proceed.

One of the highly used social media platforms nowadays is Twitter. Twitter was introduced in America by Jack Dorsey in 2015, and since then, people use what is called ‘tweets’ to interact with one another. 

People use Twitter to voice out their opinion about a lot of things. Sometimes, you may not want some people to view your tweets on posts. The best option here would be to remove these followers from your list. 

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How To Remove Followers On Twitter Easily

Even when you have used Twitter only for a short period of time, you can easily perform this. The best part is that they will not get notified once you remove them from your list. So, do not get worried about whether those followers will get to know about the removal. 

If you are wondering for a technique that will tell you how to remove followers on Twitter, well, we won’t tell you how to do that! Because there is no way that you can find an option that will help you to remove your unwanted Twitter followers.

how to remove followers on twitter
How to remove followers on twitter

So, what are we exactly going to tell you to do, and why should you keep on reading? Is there a way that exists to remove your unwanted followers?

Yes, you can do this by blocking them permanently, or you can quickly block them and then immediately unblock them. The former will remove them from your followers, but they can still view your posts when they visit your profile. Choose what you feel would be the correct way to deal with it.

You will have to do it differently once you use a laptop and when you use a mobile phone. We have mentioned both of the methods in the subsequent parts of this article. 

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Method 1: Know How To Remove Followers On Twitter With The Help Of Your Phone

It is extremely simple to perform this technique if you stick to the steps.

First, download the official Twitter application on your mobile phone. The icon will be blue, and there will be a white bird on it.

open twitter
Open Twitter

Log into your account after the application is launched. You will see that your profile picture will be in the top right corner. Once you click on that, you will be able to see your followers and following in the menu tab.

tap on your profile picture
Tap on your profile picture

Since you want to know how to remove followers on Twitter, go to the Followers option and locate the person that needs to be removed.

tap a follower you wish to block
Tap a follower you wish to block

After you pick the person to remove, head on to their profile, there will be a ‘’ button that is present on the right-hand side of the application.

tap the ⋮ button
Tap the ⋮ button

Scroll down a little, and you will see something that says ‘Block.’ Twitter will ask you again if you want to block that particular user. Once you hit the block, that Twitter user will be blocked for you.

tap the block option
Tap the Block option

If you want to unblock them quickly, click on the red button that says ‘Blocked.’ The user will then be unblocked for you.

tap the red blocked option
Tap the red Blocked option

This is how to remove followers on Twitter with the help of your mobile phone.

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Method 2: Solving How To Remove Followers On Twitter With The Help Of Desktop

What you can do is, log into your Twitter account via the official Twitter site.

login to your twitter
Login to your Twitter

The option that leads to your profile will be on the left side of the screen, above ‘More.’

click on the profile option
Click on the Profile option

Even here, you will see your followers and following below your bio. Hunt for the person you wish to remove from your Twitter list.

click on a follower you wish to block
Click on a follower you wish to block

Land on their profile by clicking on their username. There will be a button with three dots on it that you have to click.

click on the ⋯ button
Click on the ⋯ button

After clicking this, you will see the option that allows you to block this user. You will get another pop-up where you will have to confirm about blocking that person. Only after you hit the block button again, the person will be blocked from your account.

select block
Select Block

There will be a red button with ‘Blocked’ written on it. Immediately click on that button to unblock the Twitter user.

click the red blocked button
Click the red Blocked button

This is how to remove followers on Twitter with the help of your laptop or desktop. Both of the methods above will certainly work if you perform them properly. Doing it on a mobile phone is quicker and easier. There is not much difference between the 

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You now know how to remove followers on Twitter without the person being notified about it! The only things that you require are going to be a Twitter account and a good internet connection. Well, now the only thing you need to do is follow the steps in the given order to remove your unwanted followers!

You do not have to be apt with any technical stuff when it comes to knowing how to remove followers on Twitter. Your removed followers will only notice that they no longer follow you when they stalk your account. Otherwise, Twitter as an entity does not send out such notifications. 

One more thing to know is that you can only remove one follower at a time. There is no ‘Select All’ option that you can use. So, if you have a bunch of people to remove, you will have to be patient.

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