A wise old sage of a website is Craigslist. Craigslist has over 700 local sites in 70 countries and an online forum for user discussions and classified listings. Even though many people have switched to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist is still the best place to look for jobs, apartments, and bargains. However, you might come across a dubious listing attempting to defraud someone now and then. There are a few ways to tell if a post is fake on Craigslist and so how to report fraud on craigslist, such as looking for offers that require payment before you can meet. craigslist

Some users also use the site to post phony listings and engage in scams against state and federal law. You have the right to report a scam involving a Craigslist classified ad to federal, state, and local authorities if you have been a victim of the scam by following any of the two methods provided, which are finding and spotting the fake lists or by getting in touch of the local authorities.

Refer to this article to learn different methods of how to report fraud on craigslist easily and get the remedy at the earliest.

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How to Report Fraud on Craigslist

The upcoming PlayStation 5 from Sony will be available on November 12. This user, who does not associate himself with Sony and is posting on Craigslist, is offering customers the chance to preorder the console and deliver it directly to their residence. It can be challenging to spot an internet scam.fraud alert

Although this may or may not be true, the rules for avoiding scams on Craigslist say not to buy anything you haven’t seen that has yet to be released officially or ships to you instead of picked up. So you can create a craigslist scammers report and report them as scams.

Spot Fake Listings

One of the ways how to report fraud on craigslist is to spot the fake lists made. Follow the steps to spot fake listings:

Find out how to spot fake listings

Craigslist’s “about” section is about suspicious requests and how to avoid scams. Be wary of anyone who requests financial information like a credit card or bank account number. In particular, you are advised to only pay people you have met in person, and you should only rent or buy something from Craigslist after seeing it first.craigslist about

Click the flag icon above a post once you have discovered one that you believe is fraudulent. Posts adequately hailed by the local area have been removed from the site. The staff at Craigslist or the automated systems on the website will take down suspicious listings. Using this method, craigslist reporting for scam can be made.

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Check out the rules for using Craigslist

You and the person who posted the false listing on Craigslist have agreed upon these terms. The terms of purpose determine that Craigslist claims all authority to direct utilize and access its site. They may have their account terminated or their IP address blocked if you report the user, and Craigslist has reason to believe they are engaging in fraudulent activity.rules

 If a Craigslist scammer sends you an email, scroll down to the bottom and click the link that says “Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other)” to report them.

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Use the contact form

Use this contact form to send a more in-depth report to Craigslist. Include your name, email address, the reason you believe the post is fraudulent, and the numerical ID of the post. Underneath the post itself is the numerical ID.

Also, You can directly report a fraudulent listing to Craigslist by completing a message form. Visit https://www.craigslist.org/contact?step=form&reqType=abuse_scam to access the Craigslist contact form.form

In addition to a description of the activity and the post’s numerical ID, you must include your name and email address. This also helps craigslist reporting for fraud for the users.

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Getting in Touch with Local Authorities

One of the ways how to report fraud on craigslist is to get in touch with the local authorities as they guide you on how to proceed further. Follow the steps for craigslist report fraud:

Research your state’s regulation

Find the law in your state that applies to criminal fraud and verifies that it applies to your case. Because the police will only investigate activity that violates state criminal law. Specifics vary from state to state, but typically, the individual must have lied or misrepresented a crucial fact to persuade you to give him money or another benefit.regulations

One common Craigslist scam involves creating fraudulent rental listings. The criminal uses his email address to copy the information for a Craigslist advertisement after finding a house for sale on a real estate website. 

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Collect details about the incident

Make copies of any emails or other information useful to the police and prosecutors. Since they are attempting to deceive you, it is likely that they have used a fictitious email address or given you a fictitious name. You should preserve a record of all communications and data you receive throughout the transaction.fake emails

There’s a chance the individual who provided you with the misleading information wasn’t dishonest. Suppose you respond to a Craigslist advertisement in which a person offers to buy her $5,000 Volkswagen Beetle. She states that there are no mechanical issues with the vehicle in the listing. Nonetheless, after buying the vehicle, you take it to a repairer and find the transmission is blown. The seller is not liable for fraud unless it can be shown that she knew the car needed a new transmission and deliberately lied about it to get more money for it from you.

Join forces with the investigators

You may have to provide additional information regarding the listing or your interaction with the individual for investigation. Keep the originals if investigators need to examine documents or electronic files or use them as evidence. You can use the header of the email to trace the location, and you should keep the original files intact if you have emails with the perpetrator.location

There can also be other methods for reporting scammers on craigslist, like reporting to the FBI or filing an FTC complaint.


What kinds of jobs tend to attempt more fraud in Craigslist posting?

For posting job openings in the retail, hospitality, and labor sectors, Craigslist is an excellent choice. But the ones for which this platform is excellent are more prone to fraud than others. Opportunities for high-level executives typically fare much worse than those for construction or bartending jobs.

Can I post jobs on Craigslist for free?

In the mainland a job advertisement on Craigslist will almost always cost between $10 and $75.

How long is a Craigslist job posting active?

Posting jobs on Craigslist last for 30 days. Throughout that period, you can modify your advertisement as essential to draw in more suitable individuals.

How much will you rate Craiglist?

According to us, Craiglist is one of the most trusted sites for posting ads and other material. It also asks for costs to repost on Craigslist but has various frauds also taking place.


There are many reasons you might go to Craigslist: like buying or selling furniture, looking for an apartment, or even finding help loading. Even though these online classifieds can be a great place to do business, marketplace websites can still fall victim to various forms of fraud, deception, and theft. 

Learn to spot a scam before it happens and familiarize yourself with the most common fraud schemes. We hope this article helps you and warns you to be cautious, and thus helps you take the necessary measures to report fraud on craigslist.

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