The only survival kit for most of us out there in this pandemic is the television. At the stage of the lockdown, the only connection to the outer world was through the television. 

We have also seen the evolution of televisions from being black and white to a Smart TV today. From a box TV to a flat-screen TV, everything has changed.   

One of the most ancient brands selling out televisions is LG. A wide range of styles of televisions has been brought to the market by this company. LG has gained the trust of millions of people by now.

lg smart tv
LG Smart TV

Nevertheless, there might be instances where your LG television might cause trouble for you. You might be compelled to take the step of resetting LG TV to factory settings as a consequence.

If you are hunting for a method to perform the LG Smart TV Factory Reset, this article is the one that will help you! 

This article will throw light upon the query of how to reset LG television. It is suggested that you completely read the article to brush up on your knowledge. Read this article properly to avoid any mistakes that can arise. If your LG G4 won’t turn on, click here to fix it.

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How To Factory Reset LG Smart TV Easily?

Seldomly there is a situation where you install random applications on your Smart TV. This causes a lag in the TV’s functions. Merely deleting the application would not erase its data. You would have to perform the LG TV factory reset. 

It is vital to note that once you have reset your LG Smart TV, the applications from your TV will be gone. 

Having said that, here is the procedure how to reset LG television in a simple manner. Note that the method below is one that will result in a hard reset.

Make sure that your television is plugged into power and is switched on. Once you verify that, go to the ‘Home’ button that is present on the TV’s remote. You then must go to the menu option of the TV. Hunt for the Settings option of your TV. As soon as you get that, move onto the General options. Here, you will have to move right to the below of this option and fetch for the tag that says Reset to initial settings. Before you can reset, you mandatorily must Confirm Reset.

tv settings
TV settings

To complete the process of how to reset LG television, you would have to enter the TV reset credentials. Subsequently, you will have to confirm the reset. When you witness that your television is restarting, you can state that you know how to reset LG TV.

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Is There Any Alternative To This?

Well, you can certainly opt for a soft reset too. Here are three alternatives that will help you to resolve the problem of how to reset LG television using the soft method.

The first thing that could be performed is the pressing and holding of the OK button that is on your LG TV remote and panel. Hold press it for a few seconds. Once you do that, the TV will initiate the process of the factory reset. 

lg remote
LG Remote

You can also try to tap and hold the option that says Menu. This will be present on your Smart TV remote. Press and hold it for some time. You will then see a four-digit password on your screen. You must then enter the LG service menu passcode to complete the reset. Once you press OK, you have initiated the reset. 


You have complete knowledge about how to reset LG television. There is no expectation for you to possess any knowledge with respect to coding. As a matter of fact, you are not even expected to know anything technical too.

If you wish to reset your television remote for the belief that it is the reason for the problems, you can certainly try this out. You need to press and hold the Back and Home button. Do this for not more than five seconds only. This is an important step to unregister the remote from the device. A bright red LED indicator light will flash onto you once you do this. As soon as you see that, you can comprehend that you are just one step away from setting your remote to factory settings. After you press OK, the remote will get unregistered. You will then have to register it again to the Smart TV. This is to make it function.

The only thing you need to do is to follow the steps in the same order that it has been presented in. Apart from that, you have alternative methods to perform the same thing! In case you feel that the first method is complicated, you can choose the other one. Just remember that there are two types of resets that you know – the soft reset and the hard reset. Depending on your need, you can choose the type. 

If there is a situation where your television refuses to turn on, then you need not worry. There is still a technique that you can follow. Unplug the television from the plug socket, and then turn your TV off. Have patience for approximately 30 seconds only. Then, you can plugin the wire into the socket. This will cause a soft reset to your television. You can then turn on your device and check if it is functioning or not. 

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