You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking how to run multiple Discords. Let’s review Discord before going through the step-by-step instructions.

How to Create Multiple Discord Accounts is shown here.

  1. Launch Stack.
  2. Enter your Discord login information.
  3. Then Click on the “three dotted” menu in the top-right corner of a new window opened in Stack.
  4. Set the “Private Session” switch
  5. Join your second Discord server! That’s all, then!

Discord is a platform frequently used for text chat, audio/video chats, screen sharing, live streaming, and other forms of communication with friends, followers, and like-minded individuals. It enables users to make many accounts and use each for different purposes. Many Discord users concurrently log onto numerous accounts. The process for using several Discord accounts simultaneously will be covered in this article. So let’s start with how to run multiple Discords

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Ways to run multiple Discords

Let’s review the various ways to run multiple Discord accounts:

Using Discord’s “Switch Account” function

Thanks to the switch account functionality, users may easily manage several accounts on Discord. So how does it function?

  1. First, access your Discord account. Locate your Avatar in the bottom left corner, then touch on it to enter the other account. Choose Switch Account from the available menu options.switch accounts discord
  2. From the resulting overflow menu, choose Manage Accounts.manage accounts
  3. Type in your other accounts’ login information when requested. The maximum number of Discord accounts accessed with this option is 5. All of your current Discord accounts (up to 5) will be available for switching at any time after you have supplied the login information for each one.

Switching to your new account only requires a single press on the Switch Account option, followed by selecting one of the available accounts. So this is how to run multiple Discords

Pro Tip: Changing to another Discord login will result in losing some custom settings. Other members will only be informed if you move to another account. They will still think you’re just using another account and nothing has altered.

Use the app or browser to enter the Discord account

The procedure is as easy as it seems. It was the preferred method for managing multiple accounts on Discord until the Switch Account functionality was released. Here are a few short steps for this approach in multiple Discord instances:

  1. Visit the Discord website and install the desktop application for Discord.discord website
  2. Then, sign into the profile on the desktop.discord login
  3. Following a successful login to your app account (or another one if you’ve got more than one), open a web browser. To complete this, open your preferred browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.), go to the main Discord site, and log in to your Discord
  4. You have completed it. Now, various Discord accounts operate on the same machine in numerous instances. And this is how to run multiple Discords easily. 

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Use several browsers to access Discord.

The main difference between this approach and the last option is that you may access your account using several browsers rather than just one. Here’s the way it goes:

  1. Download and set up many browsers on your computer; you should have at least four. After launching each browser, go to the Discord website and click or press the “Open Discord” icon to log into all the current Discord profiles.discord
  2. After that, you must be able to log into all of the active Discord profiles and change between them.

Pro tip:

  • Individuals who wish to refrain from installing the Discord desktop application on their computers should use this technique of multiple instances of Discord.

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Utilize all three Discord app versions

This guide is for you if you want to utilize many Discord profiles and download different Discord versions. The different versions of Discord are Canary, PTB, and Stable.

The Discord application has several variants, much like all well-used online applications. Specifically, the widely used communication app has three versions: the stable version most users utilize, and the beta version, the PTB. Fortunately, you can access these versions on all widely used computer operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.discord all versions

Once you’ve downloaded all 3, open them up one at a time and sign in to 3 distinct accounts, or enjoy the convenience of having 3 different instances of a single Discord profile on each of the 3 Discord apps. With this, you can use two Discords at once or even more. Check This Out, if you want to know how to Fix Discord Update Failed Error

What happens if you log into more than one Discord account?

Running multiple accounts on the Discord app can consume significant CPU and GPU resources, causing your computer’s performance to slow down or even crash. If the PC is running low on storage, the easiest way to prevent this is to access just a few Discord profiles or choose to use the web version rather than downloading and setting up the application.

If you have installed Discord on your device, uninstall it by searching for “Apps” in the search box at the lower left corner of your taskbar.
discord accounts

To delete an additional Discord app, locate the Add or Uninstall applications option and click on it. 

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What exactly is an Account Switcher?

Thanks to the Account Switcher, multiple-account Discord users may easily access and change between them from their desktops. To access the account switcher click the avatar on the bottom right and select the switch account option.

What are the boundaries of conflict?

You are only allowed to be in a single voice channel on each account on Discord, allowing you to miss out on any activity occurring in other channels. To avoid this restriction, some users prefer creating many accounts; however, managing and maintaining multiple accounts may become tiresome and frustrating.

Would the Account Switcher display my additional Discord accounts to users?

No. The profiles you are moving from are not visible to other people. The Account Switcher makes your ability to switch among different accounts simpler.

Using the Account Switcher, how many profiles can one sign in to?

The Account Switcher makes your ability to switch among different accounts simpler. With the Account Switcher, you may sign in to 5 different accounts.

Will preferences be reset if one switches accounts?

When you transition between accounts, certain preferences will be reset. Notable features include text resizing and aesthetic options. Draft messages won't be kept when you move accounts, either.


The opportunity to manage many Discord accounts has never been more significant. Even if Discord offers a feature that allows easy switching between many accounts, you might still wish to look into alternative possibilities. We have detailed the procedures for each technique in this post on how to run multiple Discords. We hope you found this post to be extremely helpful. Let us know which approach you find most compelling.

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